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An automatic chlorine tablet feeder is a handy addition to your pool pad. It’s a really “nice to have” extra that’s good for the pool, and good for you too, and it’s not going to break the bank either.

You’re probably thinking do I really need one. and the simple answer is no. But installing one will it make pool water maintenance quicker, easier and more effective because consistent, uniform chlorine dispersal is much better for pool hygiene.

Can you live without one ? Sure you can, you probably are right now. Should you buy one?  Well they’re inexpensive, easy to fit and an automatic pool chlorine feeder will cross one chore off your pool maintenance list. 

With an automatic pool chlorinator chlorine dispersal to your pool will run on autopilot all season long. So less time worrying and fussing about the pool and more time enjoying it. Now that’s just the kind of little helper we’re looking for !!

Let’s dive in and look at your options.

Types Of Automatic Pool Chlorine Feeder

Despite it’s fancy name the automatic pool chlorinator is a simple and comfortingly lo-tech piece of kit. There’s no wiring involved with it. and a choice of two types of plumbing installations.

Both design types require minimal plumbing skills. Depending on the model purchased we rate the job of fitting one very easy or even easier on our difficulty scale.

So there’s two types available, both with the same end result just installed in a slightly different way.

Offline Chlorine Tablet Feeder

This is the easiest and least disruptive system. No pipe cutting required, just two small holes need drilling into the existing plumbing and hooking up to the chlorine feeder via a couple of thin hoses. It’s a 15 – 30 minute job. 

The feeder can really be situated anywhere convenient on your pool pad, so it’s the perfect solution for space restricted installations. The inlet hose to the chlorine feeder can should ideally be connected between the pump and filter and the outlet on the last clear run of the return line before it enters the pool.

Hayward CL220 Off-line Automatic Chemical Feeder
1,749 Reviews
Hayward CL220 Off-line Automatic Chemical Feeder
  • Uses large or small, slow dissolving tablets
  • Dial control valve allows for easy feed rate adjustment
  • Easy-Lok threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets
  • Unique finger-release catch provides extra security

Inline Chlorine Tablet Feeder

These models are fully plumbed in to the system. They’re still easy enough to install but do require cutting out a section of pipe to fit them. Again the inline chlorine feeder model needs to be placed last on the return line so as equipment like heaters aren’t hit with concentrated un-dispersed chlorine..

Once installed both systems have a simple manual control to adjust the amount of chlorine sent to the pool. Nothing complicated here, just a simple dial to help you find the sweet spot for your particular installation..

Pentair Rainbow 320C Automatic In-Line Chlorine Feeder
388 Reviews
Pentair Rainbow 320C Automatic In-Line Chlorine Feeder
  • Rainbow 320 (cylinder) automatic chlorine/bromine in-line pool and spa feeder
  • Holds 11 large or 98 small bromine or slow dissolving trichlor tablets
  • Treats 6500 to 27000 gallons in a bottom feed configuration and 18000 to 70000 gallons in a top feed configuration with see-through amber body
  • Completely enclosed system, no special venting required

Above Ground Pool Chlorinators

There are plenty of models available for above ground pool owners. They’re best suited to larger above ground installations and some plumbing modifications may be required.

Fitting an off line chlorine feeder can be a tad tricky to fit between the pump and filter on some above ground pool setups.

An inline setup is probably the way to go if your pool pump has the power to effectively push the water through the feeder and erode the tablets. Before you buy check the chlorine feeder hooks up to your pipe size and is compatible with the type of chlorine you’re planning to use.

The one below comes with the fittings to install in a 1½ inch return pipe but your pool may be different.

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Chlorine Feeder
51 Reviews
Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Chlorine Feeder
  • In-Line design compatible with above ground pools and small in-ground pools
  • Large capacity 9 lb. tank
  • Accepts chlorine sticks, 1 in. or 3 in. tablets (not included)
  • Regulator to adjust amount of chlorine dispersed

How Many Chlorine Tablets For A Pool

We always recommend using 3 inch chlorine tablets with whether you’re using a chlorine feeder or not. The reason is it’s easy to work out how many to use.

One 3 inch tablet will effectively sanitise 5000 gallons of pool water so the math is simple. If you’re not sure of your pool volume just use the simple formulas below to help you.

It’s unlikely that your pool is an exact multiple of 5000 so always round the quantity required up with a chlorine feeder you can then adjust dispersal down a tad if required.




L x W x Av Depth x 7.5


D x D x Av Depth x 5.9


L x W x Av Depth x 6.0

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