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Finding and choosing the best hardtop gazebo does require a little research and some planning.

In these gazebo reviews our experts are going to help you with both.

First we’re going to walk through examples of brilliant backyard gazebos then we’ll look at planning out your purchase because a clear vision of where your patio gazebo will sit in your outdoor space, and what its main job will be are obvious things to consider.

Then we’ll take a look at what to look for to match the gazebo design and construction materials to your state. 

This will help you sort through all the best gazebo kits from trusted manufacturers with real pedigrees of quality and customer support.

Let’s dive straight in….

Alexander Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo

In a line up of excellent hardtop gazebos our experts chose the Kozyard Alexander as their best overall patio gazebo. Owner experience, material quality, price ratio and customer support were all judged excellent.

It’s pretty darn good looking too!!


Image Courtesy of

Our Top 10′ x 12′ Hardtop Gazebos

3 Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Gazebo 10 x 12

Alexander Aluminum Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

Your backyard may not have a river running past, but this brilliant hardtop gazebo looks good in pretty much any location.  

Top of the class? Well  this patio gazebo is certainly right up their.

Elegant; but tough as they come, this is a gazebo built to last. A steel and aluminum gazebo mix manufactured from very high quality materials. 

The rustproof triangular aluminium frame is finished in understated dark brown and the triangular shape of the poles resist twisting or deforming.

The generous air vent and galvanised steel hardtop roof means it’s able to withstand quite sever winter weather ( wind speeds of 40 mph ) and heavy snowfalls

Roof rated up to 2500 lb capacity.

Rainwater and snow melt is taken care of by a gutter system that runs the water from the roof to the ground down the leg interiors. Nice!  

A double track rail runs around the gazebo to allow mosquito netting and a privacy curtain to be hung.

These are both included with the purchase, as well as bug netting to fit below the roof vent. A really nice, thoughtful, attention to detail.

Kozyard the manufacturer, have become a bench mark in build quality and elegance.


9.1 x 11.2 ft.

Canopy Size:

10 x 12 ft.

Cupola Ht:

9. 6 ft.

Max Arch:

6. 6 ft

Additional Size Options:

12 x 12 ft 12 x 16 ft 12 x 20 ft


Purple Leaf Wood Finish Gazebo

Purple Leaf Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

If you are looking for a gazebo with the beautiful visual impact of wood but without the maintenance then this Purple Leaf Gazebo could be ideal.

This unique Hardtop Gazebo is finished with a beautifully authentic teak look powder coat over a robust aluminium frame.

The elegant structure is protected by a fade resistant galvanised steel roof. Roof design incorporates a generously sized vent that blends harmoniously with the overall aesthetic of the gazebo.

A neat gutter system takes care of winter rain water runoff.

There are a well tailored heavy duty bug net curtains included with the purchase, but if you need privacy curtains they can be purchased from the manufacturer.

A quality gazebo from a well trusted source. Purple Leaf is a customer centric company with a pedigree and great customer service.


9.3 x 11.4 ft.

Canopy Size:

9.8 x 11.9 ft.

Vent Ht:

9.5 ft.

Max Arch:

6. 8 ft

Additional Size Options:

12 x 16 ft. 12 x 18ft 12 x 20 ft


Kozyard 10ftx12ft Ceasar Hard top Sun Shelter

Kozyard Caesar Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

An interesting design statement, this hardtop gazebo will add an element of instant sophistication to your outdoor space.

Because of it’s elegant good looks in needs just a little space around the gazebo,  that’s as important as the gazebo itself. It’s best appreciated when allowed space to breath, and probably not shoehorned into a corner.

The frame is built from rustproof aluminium and the galvanised steel roof has a weight capacity of 2500 lbs for those folks concerned about winter snow loading. The gazebo is finished off with a wonderful, understated dark grey powder coating for extra protection.

It’s a rather appealing sight we have to say.

Constructed with aluminum legs and topped with a steel roof. This gazebo is built for stability and longevity. Elegant and strong, it’s able to handle up to 600 lbs of snow and 35 mph winds.

As we expect from Kozyard it comes with both bug netting and privacy curtains included in the ticket price.


9.0 x 11.0

Canopy Size:

9.9″ x 11.0 ft.

Cupola Ht:

 9′ 1″

Max Arch:

6′. 5″


SunJoy Bridgeport Wooden Gazebo

Sunjoy Bridgeport Wooden Gazebo

At a Glance 

 Enjoy the timeless elegance of Cedar wood. This beautifully imposing hardtop gazebo is supplied and manufactured by the Sunjoy Outdoor Furnishing Company.

The frame is entirely constructed from pre-drilled and pre-treated premium Cedar and the excellent manual makes build a pleasure not a chore.

As you can see day or night it’s a real stunner.

Topped by a stylish vented roof that’s powder coated and rust resistant, The generous vent allows a nice airflow in the hot summer months, while effectively sealing the roof space in the winter. 

Dual rails are included for hanging privacy curtains and mosquito netting if required and there’s a hanging hook in the center for a little lighting drama for your evening soirees!!

We like the column roof support details, they elevate the design from the mundane to a sturdy and visually pleasing gazebo on your patio or in your backyard.

You’re in very safe hands with Sunjoy.  They’ve a solid reputation of build quality and great after sales support.


9′ 2″ x 11′ 1″

Canopy Size:

12.9′ x 11.0

Column Size:



6′. 5″


Erommy 10x13ft Outdoor Double Roof

EROMMY Hardtop Patio Gazebo

At a Glance 

The popular Erommy outdoor furniture range offers this nice lightweight hardtop aluminum gazebo 10 x 13 with a pleasant minimalist design.

Manufactured in rust free, powder coated aluminium and topped off with a polycarbonate roof. It could be an ideal gazebo for deck where weight loading is an issue.  It looks great just about anywhere though.

Its’ polycarbonate roof reduces the heat below,  it does allow some light through but filters out 99% of UV rays. It’s UV fade resistant and although it’s sold as an all weather gazebo it’s probably not suitable for extreme winter conditions and winter snow loads.

Despite its light weight when assembled it is rigid and sturdy and owners are pleasantly surprised at the quality to price ratio.

It comes with mosquito bug nets and privacy curtains but be aware there is no gutters to control rainwater runoff with this gazebo, so straight from roof to floor with the water.


9′ 6″ x 11′ 6″

Canopy Size:

13.0′ x 10.0

Overall Ht:


Max Arch:

6′. 5″


Our Top 10′ x 10′ Hardtop Gazebos

Yardistry 10' x 10' Wooden Gazebo

Yardistry Wood Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

If you’re looking for a more traditional look for your 10 x 10 hardtop gazebo then Yardistry might just have the answer.

It’s a beautifully finished product made from ready to assemble pre-cut cedar wood components topped off by an elegant graphite coloured aluminium roof. It’s quite an appealing sight we think.

With sturdy 6 inch square legs and extensive interior roof bracing this gazebo is built to last. It’s been pre-coated with an environmentally friendly cedar stain to bring out the natural beauty of the wood as well as to protect it from the elements.

No curtains or bug netting options with this gazebo though which is a tad disappointing, but for many this wont be much of an issue.  


9.2 x 9.2 ft.

Canopy Size:

 9 11″ x 9 11″

Overall Ht:


Max Arch:

6′. 11″

Additional Size Options:

12 x 12ft. 12 x 14 ft


Sojag 10' x 10' Dakota Hardtop Gazebo

Sojag Dakota Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

Not bristling with fussy design details the Sojag sun shelter just offers a high quality product with out any visual bells and whistles.

A simple powder coated aluminium frame is topped by a galvanised steel roof. The understated dark brown colour blends easily into pretty much any outdoor location.

The visual simplicity of the hardtop gazebo can be enhanced by hanging and tying back of the mosquito nets which are included in the list price. A double curtain rail is built into the construction, but privacy curtains will need to be bought separately if they’re required.

Sojag Accessories 10' x 10' Universal Winter
Winter Cover

Quite a light gazebo so it could be suited to weight sensitive locations. No roof air vent and light weight means it does need to be well secured to its’ base.

We particularly like the useful winter covers that Sojag offers as an extra for their hardtop gazebos. Really handy to turn the interior space into exterior winter storage. Who doesn’t need that ?

Sojag is a company with a long pedigree of excellence so you’re in very safe hands with them. Great after sales too


9′ 5″ x 9′ 5″

Canopy Size:

9′.11″ x 9′ 11″

Overall Ht:


Max Arch:

6′. 7″


Outsunny 10' x 10' Steel Hardtop Sun Shelter

Outsunny Steel Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

We particularly like this rather elegant all 10 x 10 steel gazebo from Outsunny.

The interestingly styled galvanised steel roof sits on top of a steel frame and legs. Everything has been rust proofed with a powder coated black and brown finish.

This gazebo comes with everything included for building and fixing. Ground stakes and expansion screws are bundled in with the purchase which is rather exceptional.

It’s really the complete gazebo package form Outsunny because zippered bug nets and weather proof curtains are bundled in too.

A compelling choice from a first class manufacturer.


9′ 2″ x 9′ 2″

Canopy Size:

9′.8″ x 9′ 8″

Overall Ht:


Max Arch:

6′. 6″


Christopher Knight Home Sun Shelter

Christopher Knight Patio Gazebo

At a Glance 

A surprisingly economical gazebo from Christopher Knight Home. Lightweight, but it still packs plenty of quality for the ticket price.

The structural elements are built from aluminium and the roof is a robust semi transparent polycarbonate.

If you’re thinking of building this aluminum gazebo yourself then you’ll be pleased to know owners found it lightweight, easy and fast to erect. When it’s built it is stable and waterproof, just as you should expect !

Water resistant curtains and bugs net are both bundled in with this purchase. Color wise they do complement the brown and black livery of the frame and roof quite nicely.


9′ 6″ x 9′ 6″

Canopy Size:

9′.10″ x 9′ 10″

Overall Ht:


Max Arch:

6′. 6″


Best Large Backyard Hardtop Gazebos

Erommy 12 x 20 Hardtop Gazebo

EROMMY 14′ x 12′ Large Patio Gazebo

At a Glance 

Enjoy the look of wooden gazebo without the maintenance hassle and upkeep. This is a rather affordable large hardtop gazebo from EROMMY, it’s aluminium framed and powder coated in a nice wood grain finish.

We like the understated elegance of this backyard gazebo. The low profile roof vent doesn’t dominate the visual impact of the design as it does in some other large patio gazebos. The galvanised steel powder-coated roof is rust-resistant and is able to carry a 2500 lbs snow load and despite its low profile vent it’s still able to withstand winds of up to 40 mph. There’s a double-track system to hang the bug netting and curtains so they are easy to deploy independently.. The EROMMY gazebo has a range of hooks (rated to 25 lbs) along the underside of the roof ridge, perfect for hanging planters, fans or lighting. The owner review experiences with all the EROMMY gazebo range and their knowledgable support team are overwhelmingly positive. Hassle free wooden look, large dimensions, great reviews and an affordable price for the large size of the gazebo.


13.2 x 19.0 ft.

Canopy Size:

14.0 x 20.00 ft.

Total Ht:

10. 3 ft.

Max Arch:

6. 8 ft

Additional Size Options:

12 x 14 ft – 12 x 16 ft – 12 x 20 ft


Sunjoy Large Hardtop Gazebo

Sunjoy Cedar Large Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

A substantial visual statement. The Sunjoy 12 x 20 ft Cedar Framed Wooden Gazebo will add a real element of quality to your backyard space. Framed in natural wood this large hardtop gazebo has a real feel of solid permanence to it.

Standing on sturdy 5.5 inch square wooden posts topped off with an aluminium vented roof, it’s a nice mix of traditional and modern materials. The aluminium dark brown powder-coated roof is obviously rust-resistant and is topped with a substantial air vent. We find the vent a tad dominating from a design point of view but hey that’s just personal preference. Features a built-in dual rail system that allows you to easily suspend mosquito netting and privacy curtains. Unfortunately they are sold separately. Two hooks are fitted the underside of the roof ridge to customise the gazebo interior with hanging planters or lighting. You’re in safe hands with Sunjoy products they’re real professionals in the outdoor living space.


10.99 x 18.86 ft.

Canopy Size:

11.81 x 19.68 ft.

Total Ht:

10. 23 ft.

Max Arch:

6. 51 ft

Additional Size Options:

12 x 16 ft


Domi Outdoor Living Gazebo

Domi Outdoor Large Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

This large 14 x 20 foot hardtop gazebo manages to offer a massive shade area but also maintains an elegant profile, and structural stability.

Big and strong doesn’t have to mean unrefined. . It stands on hefty 4.7 x 4.7 inch triangular aluminium leg posts which we find reassuring given the generous size of the gazebo. It’s topped off with a ventilated double-layer galvanised steel roof, and all the components have been powder coated in a pleasing shade of brown. This large backyard gazebo has an ample gutter system that runs the rain water and snow melt off the roof via the posts to the ground. If you do live in an area where snow loading is an issue this gazebo’s roof and legs are rated at being able to hold up to 2500 lbs of accumulated snow. We like the good sized roof air vent, it means it will remain stable even in very windy condition. Of course it’s also great if you’re planning to barbecue anytime under the canopy. Another feature we like are the 8 hooks that run along the underside of the roof ridge to allow owners to customise the gazebo interior with hanging planters or lighting. The owner reviews with the Domi Outdoor Living gazebo overwhelmingly positive. Easy on the eye and durable in all weather conditions. If you’re looking for patio shade or even a car port this large hardtop gazebo definitely deserves a place on your short list.


13.2 x 18.8 ft.

Canopy Size:

13.8 x 19.48 ft.

Total Ht:

10. 53 ft.

Max Arch:

6. 4 ft

Additional Size Options:

12 x 14 ft – 12 x 16 ft – 12 x 18 ft


Best Octagonal Hardtop Gazebos

Sunjoy 13′ x 13′ Octagonal Gazebo

At a Glance 

A brilliant example of a wooden octagonal gazebo. Generosity and quality of materials is a real signature of all Sunjoy gazebos.

This gazebo is anchored with sturdy 5.7 inch wooden posts made from premium cedar wood. The whole structure is pre-drilled and pre-cut for easy installation.

It’s all topped off by a rust-resistant, powder-coated steel vented rooftop to encourage air flow in the summer heat.

The generous air vent and galvanised steel hardtop roof means it’s able to withstand quite sever winter weather ( wind speeds of 40 mph ) and heavy snowfalls (roof rated up to 2500 lb capacity).

In the winter months it can carry a comforting 22.5 lbs per square foot of snow load. Strong and elegant a winning combination. 

There is a dual rail around the gazebo to hang bug nets and privacy curtains. Unfortunately these have to be purchased separately. 

A useful center ceiling hook lets you hang lighting of your choice for evening summer dining.

If you’re looking for an octagonal gazebo for your outdoor space then this one should be high on your list of candidates.

Great customer care and excellent build quality. A gazebo that will stand the test of time.  Nothing not to like here.

Between Post:

4.3 ft.

Canopy Size:

13 x 13 ft.

Cupola Ht:

10. 0 ft.

Max Arch:

6. 8 ft


red cedar hardtop gazebo

Red Cedar Octagonal Hardtop Gazebo

At a Glance 

A splendid example of a traditional hardtop garden gazebo. Red cedar wood topped with contrasting black shingles makes a stunning visual statement.

In our highlighted example the owner has chosen Rustic Black shingles but there are 14 other fiber and asphalt shingle colors to pick from. If you want a slate look to the roof that’s available too.

The rubber slates are durable, long lasting and according to the manufacturer capable of withstanding winds of 100 mph. Wowser !

Many owners choose not to include the railing fencing to the gazebo. It becomes a little less formal without it, of course that’s a matter of taste.

We think the elegant posts and octagonal roof are brilliant without the rail fencing. The visual impact is still stunning just in a lighter more informal way.

Option sizes range from 8 foot through to 30 feet for commercial installations or folks with large gardens!

Additional feature choices are many, very many, certainly enough for even the most demanding home owner.


Customisable Hardtop Gazebos

If you’re looking for something a little special there are some really customisable hardtop gazebos available to you.

The buyer has a massive choice of sizes and exterior finishes. Even the roof interior can be personalised as the gazebo will be pre-fabricated to the buyers specification in the factory.

Add a cupola, pick a metal or shingle roof, style your decking, ceiling or columns it’s all up to you. These are really bespoke products where the customer is only really constrained by their imagination and check book of course.

Let’s take a look at an example…..

Fifthroom Vinyl hardtop gazebo

FifthRoom Hardtop Gazebo with Cupola

At a Glance 

Cool elegance!  This gazebo elevates garden shade into a stunning visual statement. More than a just a gazebo we think.  This is an example of craftsmanship and good taste. 

From the amazing FifthRoom tool kit of options the highlighted gazebo has been styled with a cupola and round tapered columns but there’s an amazing array of other styling features to choose from.

But this gazebo is certainly not just style over substance. All the columns, beams and braces are made from premier quality southern yellow pine covered in a durable, easy maintenance vinyl.

The  substantial 2 x 6 inch hip rafter combined with tongue and groove boarding takes care of the structural integrity and overall strength of the gazebo. 

There’s a choice of nine colours for the roof shingles.

They’re tough as they come, in fact they’re called. “30 Year Shingles”.  That’s how long they are expected to last !

We think Fifthrooms’ brilliant range of the hardtop gazebos can quickly turn a simple garden focal point into a garden talking point.  It’s such a pleasure to look at.

It’s hard to overemphasise the options, sizes and features available if you want to create your own piece of architectural garden art in too.

An elite garden gazebo for connoisseurs.


How To Choose A Hardtop Gazebo

Most often hardtop gazebos are bought simply just on looks and price.

Natural enough, but you need to be sure that the elegant good looks of the gazebo kit you fancy has a rugged and durable gazebo build quality underneath. Make sure you’re not just buying a short term illusion, a short lived lemon!!

Hardtop gazebos are pretty much permanent structures and require substantial financial, and if you’re planning to build it yourself, time investment.

Naturally you want to get it right, and you want your gazebo to give many years of service. 

Now buying a budget hardtop gazebo may suit some folks. Just remember it will take the same investment in time and effort to build it but it just won’t last as long. 

For some folks living in states with warmer, drier winters a cheaper gazebo might well be a great option, but in general we always advise on spending a tad more if you can.

With the right annual maintenance and a quality product you’ll enjoy your hardtop patio gazebo for very many years. Enjoying its shade in the summer and shelter in the winter months.

So price is generally an indication of quality.  Cheap materials and poor build quality might produce a good looking temporary gazebo solution. 

But we do strongly recommend resisting that temptation if you’re looking past just a season or two.

Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo

Planning Your Gazebo

You may be planning to buy your patio gazebo for a single specific use but remember this will be a permanent outdoor shade structure in your garden or on your patio.

The best hardtop gazebos should easily last ten years or more, so it’s a good idea when you buy to think of your future and try to make full use of the gazebo in the future.

The additional outdoor space a gazebo offers whole range of potential uses and future activities.

  • Focal Seating Area.
  • Outdoor Cooking.
  • BBQ Space.
  • Covered Gym.
  • Meditation.
  • Yoga Practice.
  • Hot Tub Canopy.
  • Play Corral.
  • Quite Space.

As the years roll by a gazebo should really be able to be anything you want to turn it into.  A family focal point, or a quiet place for contemplation and relaxation. 

What Material Should You Choose?

Steel or Aluminium Gazebo

These are easily the most popular type of hardtop gazebos.

There are some very smart models available, and they can be sourced with powder coated steel or aluminium frames.

In our reviews we’ve chosen to highlight both types and two types of roofing options, galvanised steel or polycarbonate.

The harshness of the winter in your state might dictate which one you choose.

If you have a weight issue where the gazebo is being placed then an aluminum gazebo with a polycarbonate hardtop could be your perfect solution.

These steel / aluminum gazebo mixes require just minor winter maintenance.

Wooden Gazebo

For a more traditional look many folks choose a wooden gazebo to fit into their outdoor decor schemes or decking.

They’re a great choice, but obviously they do require a little more maintenance than steel and aluminium  gazebos.

They should come pre-coated with a weather proofing stain and of course that’s going to need re-applying periodically.

Pretty much all wooden gazebo kits are topped with a galvanised steel roof which should require little or no maintenance during the year.

These gazebos do have a slightly higher price tag than their steel cousins but they certainly do make a really commanding visual statement in your backyard.

Weather Conditions

Of course a gazebo will mostly be used as shade over a seating area.

It not only protects friends and family from the sun, but also reduces sun fade on expensive garden furniture and cushions.

You may be planning to buy your gazebo for a single specific use, but remember this will be a permanent year round addition to your garden or patio.

Since a hard top gazebo will have to withstand the winter elements it’s important choose one suited to your state.

Particularly harsh winters require a vented hard top gazebo to withstand high winds, and it should be able to cope with snow loading on the roof too.  We’ve written more on these subjects further on in the article.

Erected over a hot tub a gazebo will protect and prolong the life of the tub.  Especially in the case of inflatable tubs where the fabric can quickly deteriorate exposed to months of full hot sun.

Best Hardtop Gazebo For High Winds

Most hardtop gazebos are going to face damaging and windy conditions at some time. So all the gazebos we have included in these reviews are certainly well able to withstand normal high wind conditions.

If you live in a location that suffers excessively windy or gale force conditions then you need to take a little extra care when choosing your gazebo. The best hardtop gazebo for you is one with a well vented roof because this allows free flow of air through the roof canopy. A gazebo without a vent might suffer a roof or a complete lift off in gale force conditions.

In high wind this can be caused when the air pressure above the roof surface is lower than underneath in the roof space.

Some gazebos have a rather exaggerated roof vents that dominate the roof aesthetics, that’s not what we’re looking for. We need a more discrete vent that’s going to hunker down in the wind and not actually get blown away by it.

Hardtop Gazebo For Hot Tubs

Can you put a gazebo over a hot tub? Sure you can. 

It’s a great idea. In fact we positively recommend it. It has a number of real benefits, and if you choose the right hot tub gazebo it’s going to look brilliant too.

We prefer square gazebos for hot tubs like the Outsunny reviewed above, but hey that’s just personal taste.

It’s obvious that a hot tub left out in the elements will degrade and age faster than one that is protected from the hot summer sun and the freeze, melt, freeze winter conditions in some states.

If you own an inflatable hot tub then a curtained gazebo and a small greenhouse heater can turn outdoor winter hot tubbing from a dream into an enjoyable reality.

Plug and play hot tubs are generally made to live out doors year round, but they can still benefit from being protected by a hardtop gazebo especially if you live in a snowy state.

A curtained hot tub gazebo in the winter has the extra benefit of helping to cut down heat loss from the tub caused by wind chill.

It will help your energy costs during the colder winter months. Some owners also add a small greenhouse style heater inside the gazebo to keep the ambient temperature around the tub above freezing.

Best Hardtop Gazebo For Snow

All gazebo manufactures recommend regular snow removal from the roof to reduce loading.

Obviously most owners won’t relish the prospect of climbing up and down a ladder brushing snow off the gazebo roof, so we’re looking for a gazebo with a high roof load rating to minimise that rather unpleasant chore.

A metal roof is a given but the contour and fall of the roof can play part too. Gazebo manufacturers in general are a little coy in specifying a maximum snow loading on their products, the exception is Kozyard who publish a 2500 lb maximum roof loading value.

We are particularly impressed by their Kozyard Caesar . It’s roof contour and load specification ticks all our boxes.

Top Hardtop Gazebo For Decks

If you’ve got a strong, well built deck with solid foundations then it should be fine for any type of gazebo.

If you don’t then consider strengthening it.  But if you’re still concerned about the integrity of your deck then the best gazebo in that case is going to lightweight, manufactured from aluminium with a polycarbonate roof and an air vent.

The Erommy gazebo we’ve reviewed above. is a perfect example

This type of aluminum gazebo should minimise any potential weight damage to the decking timber and substructure. The air vent will stop it lifting off in high winds and taking the deck with it.

A flying gazebo is a scary sight, but a flying gazebo attached to a deck well that’s on a whole other level!!

Stay Safe Folks

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