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There is something quite satisfying to see a colourful outdoor chaise lounge set around a pool or on your patio.

When they’re pulled from winter storage and dusted off it’s a signal that summer is coming and brighter, longer days are ahead.

And since you’ll be looking at a your poolside chaise lounge when the cushions are off as well as on a pleasing colour and form is as important as the material it’s made from.

In fact some chaise lounge styles can even add an almost architectural quality of cool elegance to your poolside. Co-ordinated with a great umbrella or two they’re like a finishing sentence to your outdoor decor statement.

Our experts have curated a review of this seasons best chaise lounge for pool or patio settings. They’ve also included some senior friendly chaise lounges too. They’re all great products from trusted manufactures in a variety of interesting styles. 

You’ll surly find some interesting outdoor chaise lounge inspirations here for your pool or patio. 

Let’s take a closer look……


Polywood Outdoor Chaise Lounge

POLYWOOD Nautical Arms Chaise Lounge

Eco Friendly Polywood Nautical Chaise Lounge  

  • ECO FRIENDLY: MADE IN THE USA An in house recycling plant turns plastic containers into beautiful outdoor furniture. How great is that ??
  • POLYWOOD: With 30 years of experience transforming ocean bound plastic into durable outdoor furniture. On-site plastic recycling center enhances its eco-friendly credentials.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Robust and super durable, this all season chaise lounge withstands year round elements. It won’t crack, chip, peel or rot. It’s also resistant to stains, fading and salt spray. Fitted with Stainless Steel hardware means no rust spotting on your patio or decking. This is a real quality product with no cutting corners. As far a quality outdoor chaise lounge goes it’s hard to see past the Polywood range.
  • COLOR CHOICES: A nice array of six beautiful colors to suit your taste and outdoor decor plans.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS:  78.5 L x 27.0 W x 39.0 H. when back is upright
  • CUSHIONS: NOT INCLUDED manufacturer recommended purchasing a size 74.0 L x 20.0 W x 2.5 H.
  • RANGE OPTIONS: The Polywood range includes casual, foldaway and rocking chairs, tables and leg rest. Great for a fully co-ordinated patio or poolside space.
  • WARRANTY: 20 YEARS on residential use. 3 years on commercial.


What Owners Like

  • Great after sales service desk. This is a customer centric company that really stands behind their products.
  • A little assembly required, but easy to follow instructions make it a breeze, a quite satisfying experience in fact.  An electric screw driver would be an asset but not a necessity.
  • Super easy to clean and maintain.
  • High quality, high end pool chaise lounge at a great price.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Cushions have to be bought separately.
  • A tad on the narrow side for wider beamed folks.

Keter Pacific Sun Poolside Chaise Lounge

Keter Set of 2 Pacific Sun Lounge Outdoor Chaise Pool Chairs

Set of Two Ratan Finish Chaise Lounge Pool Chairs

  • CONSTRUCTION: An easy maintenance pair of pool loungers. Textured open weave rattan design in durable, solid polypropylene resin. UV protected to minimise fade and bleaching. A great outdoor chaise choice.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Three nice color options either our favorite the highlighted Oasis White or Charcoal Grey and lastly Brown.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: Backrest can be set to four different heights including flat.
  • MOBILITY: A tad cumbersome to move about, no wheels or other aides. It weighs in at 32 lbs so easily adjusted by one but best moved with two.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 300 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: A really generous 77.6 L x 29.5 W x 15.9 H. This is the most spacious option in these Chaise Lounge reviews
  • WARRANTY: Two years.


What Owners Like

  • The pair of pool loungers come ready to use, no assembly required. A real plus for some buyers.
  • Legs fold underneath so they can be easily stacked or stood up for storage.
  • Great size for larger folks, nice and wide and high enough to easily get on and off.
  • Unbelievable price for the quality and style. Real value for money.
  • Sturdy build quality and heavy enough not to be troubled by wind.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Legs can flip up when trying to move them.  Some owners even use tie wraps to stop this.

Giantex Folding Lounger Chaise Chair on Wheels

Giantex Folding Lounger Chaise Chair

The Brilliant Multi Use Giantex Lounger Chaise Chair 

  • MULTI-USE: A chair and a chaise lounge for pool all in one. The clever design allows the leg rest to be easily folded under to transform the lounger into a chair.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Made from polypropylene this versatile pool lounger is as robust and tough as they come. It’s able to withstand all kinds of weather, as well as years of poolside service and punishment.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: From upright to pretty well flat in four increment options.
  • MOBILITY: Built in wheels on the back legs makes moving or repositioning the lounger is a breeze..
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 330 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: The Chaise Lounge when laid flat measures 73.5 L x 30.0 W x 22.00 H.
  • CHAIR DIMENSIONS: With an upright back it measures 29.0 L x 30.0 W x 41.00 H.
  • STORAGE DIMENSIONS: It stands upright and folds away leaving a really small storage footprint just 12.5 D x 30.0 W x 38.00 H.


What Owners Like

  • Slightly curved design makes it comfortable with or without  cushions.
  • Really strong construction but still easy to move and manoeuvre.
  • Excellent after sales support if required.
  • Great quality finish to the product.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Some senior owners found it a tad difficult to get up from the chaise due to the arms slightly restricting exit.
  • No other meaningful criticism of this product. This is a great all round chaise lounge for pool or patio.

Best Choice Wooden Chaise Lounge

 Wooden Chaise Lounge by pool

An Elegant Poolside Chaise Lounge With Pullout Table 

  • CONSTRUCTION: Made from dense Acacia wood. Comes with the well padded water resistant cushion included.
  • TABLE: A useful pull out table can be extracted from either side of the base.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: There are four backrest adjustments.From flat to almost upright.
  • MOBILITY: Matching wooden wheels at the back of the chaise add to the elegant visual impact of the product. They have a rubberised tread to reduce noise and increase wheel life.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 350 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: When laid flat it measures 79.0 L x 29.75 W x 22.50 H.


What Owners Like

  • Reasonably easily assembled, good instructions and everything lines up just as it should. It should take less than an hour to get it ready for use.
  • Cushions are quite well tailored and padded. Comfortingly they’re also not subject to sun bleaching so should give many seasons of use.
  • The wood stays cool even in the hottest sun. The manufacturer does recommend covering them though when not in use to prolong product life.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Some splitting issues were encountered by some owner when assembling.
  • No other meaningful criticism of this product. It does add a real touch of class and elegance to a swimming pool.

Chaise Lounge With Canopy

Chaise Lounge with canopy

Abba Patio Chaise Lounge With Canopy  

  • CONSTRUCTION: A nice combination of elegance and strength. The frame is built from tubular rust resistant powder coated steel. It’s also fitted with a pair of wheels for easy manoeuvring around the pool or patio. The textiline fabric is quick drying and weather-resistant.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Just the understate cream as shown above.
  • MOBILITY: Easily moved by one person
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 440 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: Comfortably sized, generous dimensions 78 in L x 78 in W .
  • WARRANTY: One year.


What Owners Like

  • Super simple to move.
  • Very comfortable for napping or lounging.
  • Easy to clean the fast drying fabric.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Can be prone to shifting in blustery conditions.
  • Can fade during the course of the season.
  • Assembly can be a tad challenging.

Adjustable Poolside Chaise Lounge Chair

Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair with Headrest

Modern Pool Chaise With Multiple Color Choices

  • CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum built frame so no rust issues. Various color options of paint finishes are available to match cushions.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: The chaise lounge frame is available in black or white finish and you can choose from several cushion colors to suit your poolside decor.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: Backrest has 5 height settings and the cushions are adjusted with strong elastic cords.
  • MOBILITY: No built in mobility features but given that the product only weighs 12.7 lbs it’s pretty easy to handle.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Not given by manufacturer.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: With the backrest up it’s 72.0 L x 23.00 W x 35.50 H.


What Owners Like

  • Super lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Simple assembly, it takes less than half an hour per chaise.
  • Very good after sales support.
  • The main material matrix of the chair is made of easy to clean breathable material.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • A number of owners thought the chaise would not be capable of holding heavier folks. Manufacturer does not publish maximum weight value.
  • The backrest tilt mechanism a little flimsy.

FifthRoom Luxury Oak Chaise Lounge

Oak Chaise Lounge for pool

High End Oak Outdoor Chaise Lounge By Pool

  • CONSTRUCTION: This poolside chaise lounge oozes quality, it’s made from the best grade kiln dried Appalachian White Oak. This genus of oak wood is virtually impenetrable to water.  When it’s crafted using mortise and tenon joints its a clear sign that this pool side chaise lounge is a cut above the rest of the herd.
  • HARDWARE: Fitted with rust resistant zinc plated screws, washers and bolts. Comforting to know that zinc nickel plating is an equal or better corrosion resister than cadmium plate.
  • WOOD OILS: Coated and protected with a blend of oils, originally formulated in Australia. It’ a translucent oil treatment that penetrates deep into wood to accentuate the oaks’ natural patina. A complex of translucent iron-oxide pigments are also added. This gives a lasting UV absorbing surface beautifully rich with color, patina and dimension.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: A simple system with five adjustments as well as being able to lay flat.
  • MOBILITY: This is quite a heavy chaise given it’s made from solid oak so it has a pair of wheels fitted for easy mobility.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Up to an amazing 650 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: 72.0 L x 24.0 W x 28.0 H.
  • WARRANTY: One year.


What Owners Like

  • Incredible build quality and craftsmanship.  A really high end product with an elegant visual impact.
  • Comes partially assembled so only takes 30 minutes to construct.
  • Perfectly comfortable without cushions. The included headrest is all you need for a really restful lounge by the pool.
  • Not too heavy despite its solid wood construction. Wheels make manoeuvring and moving a breeze.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Not easily stackable.
  • Not much else in the negative column with this product.

 3 Piece Wicker Chaise Lounge Set

Outsunny Wicker Pool Chaise Lounge with wheelswith

The Sharp Outsunny Pool or Patio  Chaise Lounge Set

  • CONSTRUCTION: This nice set of patio chaise lounges and drinks table are made from faux rattan laid over a rust resistant galvanised steel frame.
  • MOBILITY: Fitted with wheels at the back so easy adjustments or moves.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: A couple of colors to choose from either the highlighted black or a dark brown.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: From flat though sitting up in five simple settings.
  • COVERS: Well made and easily removable for cleaning.  They’re 2 inches thick and tailored from a water resistant polyester cloth.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: A hefty 350 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: The Chaise Lounge measures in at 78.75 L x 28.75 W x 40.5 H with the backrest up.
  • TABLE DIMENSIONS: 15.75 L x 15.75 W x 15.75 H topped off with tempered glass.


What Owners Like

  • Excellent value for money given you get two chaise lounge and a table in the set.
  • The rattan wrap on the chaise is tough, comfortable and easy to maintain.
  • Well stitched good quality cushion fabric.  Although just 2 inches thick the cushion is still super comfortable.
  • Plenty of tilt options.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Assembly instructions could be better. Some folks found them a tad confusing with no text as such only drawings.
  • Best assembled with two people and it’s a quite time consuming process. Owners thought the end result was well worth the effort though

PURPLE LEAF Poolside Chaise Lounge Set

Purple leaf chaise lounge table set

2 x Chaise Lounge Plus Table Set – Multiple Color Choices

  • CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum powder coated. Lightweight and rust resistant.
  • FABRIC: Breathable textilene fabric. It’s UV-resistant, quick-drying, water-repellent.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Plenty of color choices. GREY, BLACK, BLUE, RED BEIGE and TURQUOISE.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: 4 backrest height settings and included adjustable cushions. .
  • MOBILITY: No wheels but still quite easy to manoeuvre around the pool.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 265 lb.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: With the backrest down 69.3 L x 25.20 W x 13.0 H ( Lowest setting ).
  • TABLE DIMENSIONS: 18.1 x 13.8 x 11.00


What Owners Like

  • Sturdy and well made.
  • Tough easy to clean fabric.
  • Stackable and easy to move around.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Assembly easy but instructions could be a lot better
  • Can be a tad narrow for wider beamed folks.

Christopher Knight  Wood Chaise Lounger

Christopher Knight Home Pool Lounger

Classy Christopher Knight Outdoor Patio Loungers 

  • CONSTRUCTION: Easy on the eye and able to complement pretty much any outdoor decor scheme. The pair of chaise lounge come pre-assembled. They’re made from acacia and eucalyptus wood and hinged along the middle so they fold on themselves to neatly store away or transport.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: No adjustments with this model, but the serpentine shape is super comfortable even without a cushion.
  • MOBILITY: They have to be lifted or pulled into place there are no hidden wheels to help manoeuvring this model. When folded there is a carry handle to lift them to desired location rather than have to drag them.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: Maximum 250 lbs.
  • CHAISE DIMENSIONS: The overall measurements are 70.25 L x 20.75 W x 26.25 H.


What Owners Like

  • They look much more expensive than they really are. A touch of class around the pool.
  • Generally exceeded buyers expectations as far as quality / price ratio goes.
  • Long enough for taller folks to enjoy. Can probably accommodate up to 6′ 6″.
  • No real assembly required on arrival they’re pretty much good to go.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • They sit a little low to the ground for some folks. Seniors in particular could find it difficult to get in and out of them.
  • Quite a low maximum allowable weight of just 250 lbs..

Christopher Knight Poolside Loungers

Christopher Knight Adjustable Chaise Lounge

A Pair of Christopher Knight Adjustable Chaise Lounge

  • MATERIALS: Pre-assembled and ready to use, they are made of a steel frame wrapped in plastic wicker. These chaise stand approximately 14 inches of the deck and the legs are foldable for easy stacking and storage.
  • ADJUSTMENTS: Easily set into five reclining positions including flat for simple storage.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: The manufacturer rates these chairs at 300 lbs. They are steel framed so quite robust.
  • DIMENSIONS: Quite generous, they measure around 13.75 H x 27.5 W x 79.5 L.


What Owners Like

  • Owners particularly like that they come pre-assembled. They also stack away tidily when not in use.
  • Sturdy and well built. They’re comfortable for both shorter and tall folks.
  • Elegant design and good value for the price.
  • Easy to operate tilt function

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Folding legs don’t lock in place so they can be awkward when moving the chaise.
  • A number of  owners reported steel frame rusting and spotting on the deck or patio.

Tangkula Wicker Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Tangkula Chaise Lounge for seniors

A Wheeled Chaise Lounge From Tangkula

  • SENIOR FRIENDLY: Sits high off the ground and is easily wheeled into position. The arms will help senior to climb aboard and assist get back up. Non-slip foot pads at the legs enhance overall stability.
  • MATERIALS: This chaise has a metal framework finished in PE wicker. Resistant to sun, rain and the suns heat.
  • BACK ADJUSTMENTS: Can lay pretty much flat or choose from six additional adjustment options.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: The chairs are rated at 400 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: Measure 79.00 L x 27.5 W x 40.5 H.
  • CUSHIONS: Comes with a thick cushion and extra headrest for a little extra comfort. The polyester cloth cushions are zippered and easily removed for washing.


What Owners Like

  • Look fabulous and at a great price.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Great height off the ground for seniors

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Cushions could be thicker.
  • Some owners reported rust problems.

Best Chaise Lounge For Seniors

Super Patio Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Super Patio Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair Set

  • CONSTRUCTION: Powder coated rust resistant steel frame. Wrapped in commercial grade weather and UV resistant PE rattan wicker. Graduated shades of brown on the wicker creates a a very pleasing effect indeed.
  • RECLINE ADJUSTMENTS: Six settings from flat though to upright .
  • CUSHIONS: Generous 4-inch sponge cushions with a 220g polyester zippered cover. They’re easily removed for cleaning. and they’re machine washable too.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: They stand quite high off the ground so they’re perfect for seniors.  Chaise Lounge measures 78.0 L x 25.6 W x 32.7 H when in the upright position.


What Owners Like

  • Fast and easy construction, expect to take 15 -30 minutes per chaise.
  • Super comfortable deep cushioning thats nicely co-ordinated nicely with the rattan color. Overall visual effect is quality.
  • Tilt assembly well made and easy to engage and enough options.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Cushion only attaches at the top so can slip a little or get blown off by wind.
  • Nothing else negative to report. These pool loungers just ooze quality.


Resin and Polywood Chaise

Pool Loungers made from 100% polypropylene resin or the amazing Polywood are certainly the easiest to maintain. They are rust free, durable and whilst UV fade is not totally eliminated it’s minimised.

If they are used with a cushion then they simply require daily wiping or hosing down with fresh water to keep them looking sharp. But depending on the texture finish of the resin or polywood both will periodically need a through deep cleaning too.

Rattan effect finish on your outdoor chaise lounge tends to build up wind blown dust fast and will appreciate a regular light scrubbing with a soft brush and a mild cleaner. There’s plenty to choose from but we recommend

Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus
3,893 Reviews
Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus
  • From front patio furniture to the back deck, tackle outdoor cleaning with Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Multi Purpose Formula—your everyday, ready-to-spray cleaner designed to keep surfaces looking fresh and free of dirt and grime
  • Powered by its unique fast-foaming action, the multipurpose cleaner lifts dirt and grime on contact

Or if you prefer some folks use a homemade solution of 1 cup of white vinegar with 5-6 quarts of water. This works quite well too and given the low vinegar content your chaise doesn’t end up smelling like French salad dressing either.

Polywood suggests using soapy water to clean their products or astonishingly a strong bleach solution for a deeper clean. It may not affect the colour of their great products but using something as corrosive as bleach is definitely not on our list of cleaning solutions.

Metal Framed Chaise Lounge

Many chaise models are metal framed with some kind of wrap, typically a synthetic rattan. Whilst the rattan isn’t really a problem for cleaning the metal frame can present rust problems over time.

Most owners are going to use the garden hose to wash down the chaise and that means the frame is being soaked as well, Not a problem on good quality products but with cheaper chaise lounge models the time from new to rust can be incredibly short.

One solution for products that don’t come pre-assembled is to invest in a good rust inhibitor spray and coat all the metal components prior to final assembly. A $10 spray and a little time can save you annoying patio and decking damage due to rust spotting.

Wooden Chaise Lounge Maintenance

Wood looks just naturally brilliant in an outdoor setting, after all that’s where it comes from. But unlike synthetic materials it does need a little more love and attention to keep it looking its glorious best.

All wood including hard woods are susceptible to sun damage and bleaching. Softer woods are also prone to cracking and splitting. A bit of easy preventative maintenance will help to protect your investment and with the right care a wooden outdoor chaise lounge should give many seasons of service and enjoyment.

The first product we particularly like is a clear UV protector spray that’s simply applied and easily reapplied when required.

SUNGUARD UV Protectant Spray for Outdoor Furniture
1,308 Reviews
SUNGUARD UV Protectant Spray for Outdoor Furniture
  • Superior UV inhibitors protect against color fading, peeling and cracking caused by the sun on Outdoor Garden and Décor
  • Extend the life of your outdoor Garden Décor, designed for products made from resin, wood, cement, metal, plastic, fiberglass, composite, ceramic, acrylic, stone, and more

The spray will protect the wood from the sun but doesn’t nourish it if it has been damaged or badly bleached.

That’s where a wax comes in. Wax and wood are made for each other and many chaise owners choose to use wax products for nourishment and UV protection. The wax we use combines UV inhibitors along with blended carnauba, beeswax and orange oil.

Howard SunShield Outdoor Furniture Wax
3,704 Reviews
Howard SunShield Outdoor Furniture Wax
  • Prevents further drying and fading of wood finishes due to sun exposure, temperature variations, and moisture both indoors and outdoors
  • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain as it protects your wood furniture

The wax does impart a light color to the wood so we recommend testing it first on part of the chaise lounge that is hidden from view to be sure it suits your product

Cushion Advice

Colored fabrics all tend to fade in the sun. Cheap fabric can fade at an alarming rate turning your beautiful red cushions pink in weeks.

The best outdoor chaise lounge cushions are tailored using the brilliant Sunbrella fabrics. These fabrics are UV stable and extremely fade resistant, they’re the best money can buy, not cheap but what is that is real quality?

If your pool side chaise lounge comes with a cushion or you want to purchase a color to match your decor plan then no matter what seller claims about the fabric protect it yourself..

There are plenty of easy UV fabric sprays to choose from,  it’s well worth investing in one rather than having to replace multiple cushions every season.

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