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As far as robotic pool cleaners go the Dolphin Naulilus CC Plus has to be the simplest of all to manage. It’s so simple because it’s so smart.

All the owner has to do is drop in the pool and press the start button, the robot does the rest. Nothing complicated here, no complex set up programming to understand. The robot has got you covered. Its on board navigation technology takes care of everything.

As a hassle free pool clearer the Dolphin Nautilus is hard to see past.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what else it offers…..

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner Features

Precise Navigation

The on board CleverClean™ software calculates a smart path to make sure that the entire pool is efficiently cleaned. That’s not just the floor but up to the waterline too, If the robot runs into anything in its path it simply steers around it and continues back cleaning and scrubbing. No random patterns either this smart robot maps the best path and sticks to it

Tangle Free Cable

Maytronics have pretty much solved one of the irritations of a robotic pool cleaner. The Dolphin Nautilus is fitted with a anti-tangle system that actually works. It allows the cleaner to navigate even the most complex pools without the cable twisting and knotting. This swivel cable system makes fishing the robot and returning it to your pool shack fast and easy.

Top Loading Filters

Simple and quick to pull, inspect and rinse.. This model comes with fine filters and ultra-fine filters which will be perfect for most pool owners.

Simple Programming

This is a smart guy, the CleverClean™ software self programs the robot so basically all you have to do is drop it in the pool and turn it on. There are options to clean the pool every 24, 48 or 72 hours if your planning to leave the robot in the pool for a few days. That’s it, it couldn’t get much simpler than that !!

Power Miser

Like most truly robotic pool cleaners this one is really power efficient compared to traditional suction cleaners, in fact the manufacturer claims it to be eight time more efficient than traditional cleaners. Since it doesn’t use the pool pump it’s a no brainer really

Dolphin Nautilus CC PLUS Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Dolphin Naulilus CC Plus
The Dolphin CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner At A Glance
13,645 Reviews
The Dolphin CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner At A Glance

  • SELF PROGRAMMING: Nothing complicated here, this cleaner scans your pool size and shape and plots the best most economical way to clean your pool.
  • TIMED CLEANING: The only real decision the owner has to make is to choose if the robot should clean every one, two or three days.
  • NICE FEATURE:  The patented Dolphin anti-tangle swivel has effectively solved cord tangling issues that many lesser makes suffer from.
  • FILTERS:  The top loading filter cartridge system makes filter extraction and rinsing a breeze.
  • SALT WATER POOLS: Can be used in saltwater pools up to 5000 ppm which is way above normal salt concentrations.
  • WARRANTY: 2.5 Years


Additional Specification

  • Pool Type: In-Ground.
  • Pool Finish: All.
  • Filter:  2 x Top Loading
  • Brush Count: 2 x Rotating.
  • Cable Length: 60 ft.
  • Wall Climber: Yes. 
  • Cleaning Cycles: 2 hours.
  • Dry Weight: 19.5 lbs. 

Additional Specification

  • Pool Type: In-Ground.
  • Pool Finish: All.
  • Filter:  2 x Top Loading
  • Brush Count: 2 x Rotating.
  • Cable Length: 60 ft.
  • Wall Climber: Yes. 
  • Cleaning Cycles: 2 hours.
  • Dry Weight: 19.5 lbs. 

What Owners Like

  • Great customer service if required. Attentive and knowledgable support team..
  • Works well on uneven pool floors.
  • It is a step climbing robot but certainly not all step styles. It depends on riser height, width etc.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Surprisingly the users manual is poor but the set up is so super easy it’s not a show stopper.
  • Can struggle with large leaf drifts.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Pool Navigation System

So there are plenty of time saving, and state of the art features on board the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. 

But perhaps the smart CleverClean software it uses to map out its cleaning route is the most intriguing. In fact it makes it stand out from the other robotic pool cleaners reviewed.

Regardless of the shape or size of your pool the Nautilus robotic cleaner scans as it goes about its cleaning chores using the CleverClean technology, and as it learns the pool shape and dimensions it works out in 3D the most effective and efficient method of cleaning it.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner

This technology helps it maximise the area of coverage, and minimise the time it needs to complete the hoovering and scrubbing processes.

This robot takes care of the complete pool including the walls right up to the water line.   It really does take all drudgery out of pool cleaning.

In fact the only real work owners have to do is get the robot to the pool.

But wait a minute!! 

Maytronics have even taken care of that by offering an electric caddy to transport the Dolphin Nautilus Plus to and from the poolside.

So not much physical energy required to keep the pool sparkling, and not much electrical energy expended either by the pool cleaning robot.

It should typically cost around 0.15 cents to complete its cleaning chores on a good sized pool.

The top loading cartridge filter system is something that does need taking care of but it’s a breeze to pop them out and rinse them off.

Really the only thing this Dolphin Nautilus CC doesn’t do is brew a cup of coffee and hand it to you when you fish it out of the water. 

But maybe those clever folks down at Maytronics will include a new coffee making feature in their next Dolphin CC software update!!


Option Cleaners and Caddy

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