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Guide To Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Top tips on choosing the right fragrance and product

Take your inflatable hot tub to the next level of luxury with aromatherapy oils or crystals.  As they combine with the warm water bubbles, the aromatherapy oils will infuse the air with exotic or healing scents. Indulge yourself a little with some essential essences and fragrances to help you relax in your hot tub.

Practitioners of aromatherapy claim that it can help stress, depression, insomnia and even anxiety. Most of us are probably just looking for a pleasurable spa experience. Aromatherapy can certainly deliver that.

Aromatic essential oils are not the only way to scent your hot tub water of course.  There are many brands offering liquid or crystal additives to fragrance your spa. But is your looking for something that might offer some therapeutic value the essential oils are the way to go.

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It may surprise you to know that it takes around 60,000 roses to produce one ounce of oil. And 8 million jasmine blossoms are picked to make one kilo of oil. Considering that it takes a lot of raw materials and manual work to produce a very small amounts of essential oil they are surprisingly cheap to buy.

If you do choose pure essential oils to add to your bath do not add a carrier oil to it as it will after repeated uses start to clog the spa plumbing. Use just five to ten drops directly from the bottle into the spa. The volatile nature of essential oil means it will evaporate off quite quickly.

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It is important to pick a fragrance product that does not change the chemical values in your hot tub.

None of the essential oil products listed above do.

If you are thinking of using spa aromatherapy crystals they generally do contain elements of epsom salts.  There is much discussion about the dangers of using epsom salt based products in your tub. Whilst it is true that epsom salts would certainly be damaging to a tub if used at therapeutic concentrations  (around 200,00ppm)  The very small quantity in fragrance crystals should not be cause for concern.

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