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In this review of the Intex Greywood Deluxe 6 person Spa we’re going to take a deep dive into all the features and specifications that make this inflatable hot tub such a popular and compelling buy.

It’s not all good of course, nothing’s perfect, so we’ll be looking at the positives and the negatives of this flagship Intex Hot Tub, the negatives are a pretty short list though!

In our Best Inflatable Hot Tub Guide of 2022 we rated the smaller four seater Intex Greywood Deluxe Hot Tub as the years best buy.

We’re taking a look at it’s big brother to see how the 6 person stands up in comparison.

Intex have thrown everything at this tub all their newest technology, that’s probably why they have called it the Greywood Deluxe. 

It’s is packed with pretty well all the high end features Intex offers with the exception of a saltwater system. The absence of a salt system won’t be a deal breaker for most folks though.

Let’s take an in depth look how they all stack up. Is this really a Deluxe tub ?.

We’re going to find out…

At a Glance

Product:    Greywood Delux
Type:  Inflatable
Seats:  4 – 6 people
Flow Rate:460 gal/hr
Capacity:290 Gallons
Dimensions:H 28in. D 85in.
Filled Weight:2210 lbs
  • 170 Bubble jets
  • Hardwater System
  • I Beam Construction
  • ChemConnect treatment system
  • TriTech puncture resistant carcass
  • Removable Control Panel
  • Built in timer
  • Thick insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor Mat
  • Two Headrests
  • LED Lighting


Intex® PureSpa™ Greywood Deluxe

INTEX Greywood Deluxe 6 Person Tub


The Intex Greywood Deluxe 6 person Spa is quite an impressive sight in it’s soft grey livery. It looks pretty posh in fact.

Our Greywood hot tub is a tad over 7 foot in diameter, so it does take a fair amount of physical outdoor real estate so it needs a good visual impact.

It’s grey faux wood pattern didn’t disappoint us.

The tub is elegant enough to elevate the tub to an outdoor focal point, centre piece to your outdoor decor.

But it’s understated enough to be tucked away in a corner not noticed too if that’s how you want it placed.

 Intex Greywood Deluxe 6 person Spa Fabric

Detail Of The Greywood Fabric Print

Features of the Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe


This inflatable tub is a true six seater. 

We mean an adult six seater. It has an internal diameter of 65 inches and holds 290 gallons of water.

That gives an more than adequate amount of 50 gallons per person to enjoy when six folks are on board. 

Of course a lot of water needs a lot of initial heating. The Greywood has a 1300W heater that takes care of heating quite well. How well depends on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the initial fill water. 

Intex quotes an expected initial temperature build rate of 2 – 3º per hour. That’s our experience too, it’s a good number and well within and even a little above industry standards.

In most case expect to wait between 18 and 24 hours before your tub is up to 104º and ready to comfortably use. 

Reheating after use is pretty rapid though, generally just an hour or two.

Both the initial water heat and reheat times can be reduced by investing in a thermal blanket to lay over the water.


A powerful pump is important when building as well as reheating the water. Water chemical treatment times are reduced too with a well matched pump.

The Greywood six seater model hot tub has the same pump as the smaller four person tub but it’s still plenty powerful enough for the water volume.

With a flow rate of 460 gallon per hour it can complete a full circulation of the tub’s water volume in around 40 minutes.

Pump Noise

An often overlooked part of inflatable hot tubbing is pump noise. The pump stands right next to the tub and the bathers, so a loud, whining pump can definitely affect the relaxation and enjoyment of the folks in the tub. 

You should step out of your hot tub feeling refreshed and invigorated not sporting a mild headache.

The Greywood Deluxe is fitted with the newest version of Intex hot tub pumps. It’s not silent but it’s not loud either. It’s has virtually no audible impact on your hot tub session. In fact it can barely be heard above the sound of the bubbles.

We always recommend laying a rubberised mat beneath the pump to further reduce pump noise through vibration.

INTEX PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Construction

The pleasing looking external pleating around most inflatable hot tubs are in fact a necessary part of the internal architecture that gives inflatable tub walls their rigidity.

Intex Purespa Greywood Deluxe tub Fiber Tech

The Intex Greywood Tub has 54 of them. 

Manufactured and machined from a tough and super durable three ply material that Intex calls Fibre-Tech. Unless you bust a few disco moves wearing stiletto heels inside the tub these modern tubs are virtually puncture proof.

Built In Timer

The Greywood does have a built in timer.  Like all timers in all current makes and models it’s a little clunky but it does work. 

For some reason both giants of the industry Intex and Bestway have been unable to build a really user friendly timing function into their hot tub software.

 Intex Pure Spa Greywood deluxe Remote Control

However some tubs including the Greywood can be controlled remotely via a smart phone app, which is great. Brilliant in fact if the tub can be hooked up to a wi-fi system (more of that later )

If not on wi-fi you’ll need to manually command the tub using the control panel. Let’s look at how it works.

It’s basically a one time “plan ahead” timer. It’s just a matter of setting how many hours in advance to want the the tub heater to turn on and how long you want it to run. Bestway and Intex both use the same system

It’s not repeatable so needs to be activated again when you’ve finished enjoying your soak.

The wi-fi app is a much more polished solution though, let’s take a look at how that works

Hard Water Treatment System

A nice feature this. It conditions the water by reducing the water’s mineral content. If you live in a hard water area and 85% of us in the United States do then you’ and you hot tub will definitely benefit from this feature.

You’ll feel the water noticeably silkier and pleasant to bath in and when you’re finished your skin wont feel dried out and and look like a desiccated prune !!

Your hot tub will feel the benefit too. Softer water means less internal mineral build up so it’s going to last longer and work more efficiently. Of course a more efficient tub will reflect in your energy bills.

A “win, win, win” feature this one.

Intex hardwater treatment system

It runs in the background without the need to turn on or program it. Nice!

Bubble Jet Count

A powerful pump and a high bubble jet count makes for a great hot tub experience. The Greywood has both. 

This six person model has 170 spaced around the internal diameter of the the tub. That’s roughly 10 per foot, so the average sized bather has around twenty jets all to themselves. 

An abundance of bubbles is what we’re looking for and this tub has that in spades.

Water Chemical Treatment

The Purespa Greywood uses the tried and tested chemical floater to sanitise the hot tub water.  The dispenser is bundled in with the purchase.

Whilst competitor Bestway have rolled out their more efficient Chemconnect method of tub sanitation Intex have till now at least stayed with the “ old style “ floating chemical dispenser.

Old style doesn’t mean it’s obsolete or doesn’t work, it works well and has done for very many years.

INTEX Link Spa Management App

Link Spa Management App for Intex® Spas

As you can see if you watched the video as a user interface this is a huge step forward. The Intex Spa Management app allows complete monitoring and control of your Greywood Hot Tub whether you’re in your kitchen or on the other side of the country. 

Catching the “red eye” from New York and want your tub ready when you get home in LA this neat app will take care of business for you.

It’s a simple enough operation to pair your mobile to the tub and the tub to your home wi-fi system.

Downloads are available for Apple or Android devices so easy to install and easy to set up. A QR code is included in the Greywood manual if you prefer to use that method.

What’s in the Box

Everything you’re going to need to get your tub up and running is in the box. It’s a pretty hefty box too weighing in at 110 lbs. 

To make handling a little easier you’ll find there are two smaller boxes inside the main delivery box  ( as pictured below ) 

One contains the hot tub liner and the other every thing else. That makes handling to storage or where the tub is going to be set up much easier.

Box Contents

  • Top cover
  • Hot tub liner
  • Top Cover Bladder
  • Heater Pump Tower
  • LED Lights
  • 2 x Starter Filters
  • 2 x Headrests
  • Ground Cloth

Once you’ve got everything laid out building this baby is a breeze. Just connect the inflation hose and tighten the two connectors from the heater pump tower to the hot tub liner and your basically done.  

The hardest part is waiting for the water to heat up once you’ve got it filled !!

 Intex PureSpa Greywood Tub by Pool

Greywood Hot Tub Key Features

  • Jet Count: 170 Bubble Jets. Plenty for a good hot tub experience.
  • Pump: High flow rate means fast chemical treatment
  • Built-in Timer: Does the job but isn’t a repeater.
  • Link Spa App: Brilliant. Complete control of tub functions from your phone.
  • Hardwater System: A major reason to buy the tub. This really enhances your hot tub experience.
  • Weight: At 2200 lbs not too heavy but worth noting if you have a weight restricted location.
  • Cover: The inflatable bladder adds an element of thermal insulation.i
  • Fiber-Tech Fabric: Tried and tested, super durable and highly resistant to damage.

Reviewers Notes

The Intex Greywood Deluxe 6 person Spa certainly impressed us with it’s inventory of high end features.

It’s one of the few hot tubs that can actually fit six people in reasonable comfort. It’s a really generous tub for four, and downright indulgent tub for two.

In terms of user experience the two most outstanding are the hard water system and the Link Spa Management App

The hard water system is kind of a stealth feature that you’ll not actually notice. It runs in the background insuring the hot tub bathers a wrinkle free soak by stripping out the undesirable minerals from the water. So silkier water and a better after tub outcome.

The Link Spa Management App that Intex offers with the Greywood Deluxe is a feature you certainly will notice, and use a lot.  It is a leap ahead in technology. A hand held command centre allowing owners to monitor and control the hot tub from anywhere in the house or from any where in the country. Nice !!

Of course the caveat to that is it does need the tub to be close enough to the house to pick up a wi-fi signal. 

If not then the manual control panel is perfectly adequate. Pretty good in fact.  It’s detachable from the tower, and the user interface is really easy to understand and use.

All in all the Intex Purespa Greywood Deluxe stacks up into a really quite appealing proposition. It offers a great blend of tried and tested materials and brand new cutting edge technology. 

By some alchemy Intex have matched the old and new into a compelling inflatable hot tub package that should certainly be on any serious buyers list.

As far a six seater inflatable hot tubs go it’s hard to see past this one.


Alternative Six Seater Inflatable Hot Tubs

PureSpa Bubble Jet 85 inch

Intex PureSpa Bubble Jet Tub

  • DIMENSIONS: 85 X 28 inches.
  • SEATING: Real six person tub
  • BUILD:  Quick. No special expert knowledge required.
  • JETS:  Fitted with 140 bubble jets.
  • TIMER:  Yes. Non-repeater


Saluspa helsinki 6 person hot tub

SaluSpa Helsinki Bubble Jet Tub

  • SIZE: 71 X 26 inches.
  • SEATING: Can easily seat six people.
  • FREEZE SHIELD: Can function in cold temperatures.
  • JETS:  Fitted with 180 x Bubble Jets.
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: Thin side walls means high water volume with less garden real estate needed.
  • CHEMCONNECT:  Has the Bestway automatic chemical dispersal system fitted.


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