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The SaluSpa Paris hot tub was launched by Bestway back in 2016 and it’s still one of their best selling hot tubs.

Of course it’s been updated and much improved since then, a timer and a rapid heating function has been added as well as an new chemical dispersal system.

So now the Saluspa Paris carries all the best features of the Bestway range but unlike the other tubs it has lighting bundled in too.

The LED light strip is a super cool feature that really does set the SaluSpa Paris apart from the rest of the range.  It can cycle through seven soothing pastel colours to make your hot tub a real nightime garden or patio feature.

Plenty of jets and a powerful pump make the Salsa Paris quiet a compelling hot tub especially at its budget price tag.

It’s definitely an example of an inflatable hot tub where a cheaper price doesn’t have to mean cheaper quality.

Let’s take a deeper dive into all the on-board features.….

Saluspa Paris At a Glance

Product:     SaluSpa Paris
Type:   Inflatable
Seats:   4-6 adults
Jet Count: 87
Capacity: 210 Gallons
Dimensions: H 26in. W 77in. L 77in.
Filled Weight: 1740 lbs
  • 87 Air jets
  • 110 – 120V
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Max Temp 104º
  • 3-ply Laminate PVC Body
  • Plan Ahead Timer
  • I Beam Construction
  • LED light show
  • 2 x Filters


Bestway Paris Lay Z SPA 54148*** English

SaluSpa Paris Inflatable Hot Tub

Fully Reviewed

SaluSpa Paris Hot Tub Features 

Let’s drill down a little more on what this Paris Portable Hot Tub has to offer. 

It’s certainly a fine looking tub, the mellow light grey livery is definitely easy on the eye. It’s surely a bonus having a good looking tub, but it’s what’s under the hood that counts.

So let’s take a look at what makes the Saluspa Paris tick. When you’re buying a hot tub it’s heat, pump power and jets that make a great bathing experience not pretty colors. 

Rapid Heating System 

Bestway have introduced what they call a rapid heating system into the SaluSpa Paris hot tub, it should build temperature at 2-3º per hour. In reality it’s not all that rapid, but it’s not that slow either it’s what most other hot tub models manage to achieve.

Most owners keep the tub temperature up to or near operating temperature, so it only takes a couple of hours to build back any lost heat.

Some inflatable hot tub owners are disappointed with the speed the water heats to the comfortable spa temperature of 104º F.  When you think of the quantity of water to be heated, then it is not really surprising that it may take a while to reach full operating temperature. It’s running off a 13A circuit after all.The Paris holds a smaller volume of water than other tubs so will build to your desired temperature quite quickly and a swiftly re-heat when your done.

Saluspa Paris Pump Blower Combo

Sitting right by the tub is the “power tower” housing the pump, heater and turbo blower for the air jets. Everything on board is plenty powerful enough for this tub , in fact it’s the same unit that powers the larger tubs in the range.

It’s quiet power too. With the pump so close to you when you’re enjoying a relaxing soak a quiet pump is important.

Sitting in your tub wearing ear protectors is’n’t what you signed up for.

SALUSPA Paris by pool

Paris Hot Tub Timer

It does have a timer, and it works well, but it’s just not the most intuitive thing. Instead of dialling in a time to start the tub it works by programming in how many hours ahead you want the tub to turn on. .

So if it’s 8.00 am in the morning  and you want a soak at 8.00 PM  you’d dial in10 hours. So the tub will start warming up the water 2 hours before you want to use it.  Not the most elegant timing solution but it’s feature that even some of the best inflatable hot tubs don’t have,.

Build Quality 

Despite it’s elegant good looks the Paris hot tub is a tough as they come. It’s made from a 3 ply laminate hung off an internal I-Beam architecture. That’s where it gets it strength from. No bending or buckling here.  

The tub body and cover are super durable and of course puncture resistant. They have a high UV resistance too although it’s always best to shade the tub from really fierce sun where possible.

Saluspa Hot Tub Infographics
I-Beam Construction Method

AirJet Count

There’s eighty plus air jets set around the base perimeter, and we’ve done the math for you.  That means there’s roughly one jet per inch all around the tub base, and that’s plenty enough for a nice hot tub experience. Like nearly all inflatable hot tubs the jets are not directional and aren’t adjustable for power. Only the rare hydro jet models have this feature.

Filters & Chemicals 

There’s two filters bundled into the Paris hot tub box to get you started. They’re easy to install even when the tub is filled with water and cheap to buy.

Bestway have built in the new Chemconnect filter into this model so theoretically no floating chemical dispensers are needed.  Call us old fashioned but we like the old floaters better.

LED Light Show

We have to admit having a pool or hot tub lit up at night is awesome. There’s something a little magical when color reflects through water.  Well the Saluspa Paris can take you to that magic kingdom with it’s LED light show.  

As part of the purchase Bestway have bundled in a lighting strip with this tub. It’s actually pretty, cool giving the owners seven different mood colors to pick from. An easy battery powered install-

SALUSPA Paris Nightime

Editors Notes

The Saluspa Paris is nice sized tub for four people. The manufacturers claims it’s a four to six tub person tub but trust us it just isn’t.  

You won’t be disappointed with this portable hot tub though, It’s got all the elements and features you need for a pleasant hot tub experience. Plenty of jets and jet power here with the added bonus it all run from a quiet pump. Nothing not to like in fact!.

Not quite as extravagant looking as some of it’s competitor tubs but the Saluspa Paris hot tub will certainly add a touch of understated elegance to your poolside, garden or patio. We like it a lot.

Water volume versus the heater size gives good temperature build times too so it’s quite frugal to run.

Obviously the light show is great. It certainly does give a brilliant visual impact. The water proof remote control for the colour selection means you can jazz things up, or cool things down without leaving the tub. Luxury Indeed !!!

A cool tub at a hot price. We like it a lot.


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