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The Intex Simple Spa is an interesting addition to the brilliant Intex inflatable hot tub range.

The clue is in the name, it’s a simple, no frills inflatable hot tub and it’s priced accordingly.

The budget price attached to the Simple Spa shouldn’t mean corners have been cut, and quality of materials have been compromised.

There’s an increasing number of “budget” inflatable hot tubs on the market from lesser known manufacturers and suppliers.

With the Simple Spa we hope Intex haven’t joined this race to the bottom. We’re anticipating their same quality of materials, and some new innovations with this hot tub.

A company with the pedigree of Intex has a reputation to maintain. We start our reviews with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper.

But we have to admit we’ve been looking forward to reviewing this Intex Simple Spa and are expecting good things.

Let’s dive straight in and take a closer look ……

At a Glance

Product:     Simple Spa
Brand: INTEX
Type:   Inflatable
Seats:   people
Jet Count: 100 x Air jets
Capacity: 210 Gallons
Dimensions: H 26in. W 77in. L 77in.
Filled Weight: 1750 lbs
  • 100 Bubble jets
  • 110 – 120V
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Max Temp 104º
  • Puncture resistant carcass
  • 1300W Heater
  • Insulated Ground Cover
  • Insulated top cover
  • Cushioned Floor


INTEX Simple Spa Hot Tub


Intex have used a new design approach with their Simple Spa. It has a quite different visual impact when compared to other hot tubs in the Intex range.

With it’s understated grey livery and snugly fitting cover gives an impression of real solidity and build quality, and having huge 10 inch side walls just adds to the overall effect.

We do like it a lot but it might not suit everybody’s taste.

The exterior horizontal styling grooves in the shell are something we’ve not seen before on Intex inflatable tubs or the fine external mesh covering the Simple Tub has around the exterior. Again we do quite like this, it’s definitely a touch of high end class but is it style over substance?

What the tub does lack the the absence of any contrast of color between the interior and exterior elements of the tub when it’s got it’s top cover off.

We got used to that on other Intex tubs and we kinda miss it here. But hey that’s probably just old fashioned nit picking.

Let’s face it it’s a pretty majestic looking beast when all said and done.

INTEX Simple Spa Pool Side

Features Of The Intex Simple Spa

Let’s take a look at what the on board features of the Intex Simple Spa  have to offer. Like we’ve said this is a “no frills” tub but that doesn’t mean the heater and blower shouldn’t be as good or even better than other inflatable tubs.

After all without a great heater and pump what we’ve got is a disappointing warm tub not the invigorating hot tub we’re looking to buy. 


Despite not being the largest tub in the Intex range Intex have still fitted their most powerful heater to the Simple Spa . The benefits are obvious, a faster build to your desired temperature prior to enjoying the tub, and a rapid heat maintenance when your done.

Most folks like a number and the manufacturer quotes a temperature build rate of 2 -3ª/ hour. It doesn’t sound much but it equals or exceeds the industry standard. Remember this is a large volume of water being heated from a 13A plug.

There’s a simple and inexpensive way to make the heating process more efficient by simply adding a thermal blanket on top of the water to hold the heat in and reduce evaporation.

The bottom line is with this tub you’re getting as good or better a heater than any equivalent model inflatable hot tub on the market.

INTEX Simple Spa Mesh covering
Detail of the exterior mesh covering

The Simple Spa Pump 

Another plus for this tub. A much more than a just adequate pump has been fitted. It has an output of 460 gallons per hour which means it can turn over the entire volume of the hot tub 2.2 times every hour it’s running, which is great,.

That not only speeds heating but also speeds up filtration and chemical dispersal. Nice!

Pump Noise

Enjoying a pleasant hot tub experience can be pretty much spoiled if the tub pump sounds like an F15 on take off. The pump is fitted right next to the tub so that means right next to your ears when you’re enjoying your soak.

The Simple Spa pump does have quite a low noise profile, it can hardly be heard above the sound of the bubble jets when they are running.

  • To reduce pump noise it’s a good idea to set it up on a rubberised mat. This virtually eliminates the pump noise being reflected off the floor. Particularly important if the tub is set up on wooden decking.


The hot tub carcass is tailored with a heavy duty laminate PVC. It’s as tough as they come. No inflatable hot tub is 100% puncture-proof but a 300lb gorilla stepping into this tub wearing stiletto heeled shoes would hardly cause a dent.

The internal architecture of the tub carcass uses what Intex call a “Horizontal Beam Construction” To our knowledge this is a new build concept, at least for the Intex hot tub range.

Other tubs in the range use a vertical beam construction which is why they have the pleasant pleated effect around the outside.

The Intex Simple Spa Cover

Another first for the Intex Simple Spa. Now this one we do like a lot. Most inflatable hot tubs have a just adequate cover. It does what is says on the box just covers, there’s no real thermal insulation.

The Simple Spa cover has two elements to it, an inflated bladder that fits snugly inside the top of the tub and a further PVC cover that secures the bladder in place.

This is a welcome step ahead of other inflatable hot tubs in terms of thermal efficiency.

Bubble Jet Placement And Power

This hot tubs carries 100 bubble jets set around the internal periphery, and that’s plenty. The water volume combined with the 800W blower means there is an abundance of power to ensure a really invigorating hot tub experience. The jets are either on or off.

No adjustment is available, but that is quite normal for this type of hot tub.  


Control Panel

As you’d expect from a “no frills” tub the Intex Simple Spa control panel is simple and easy to understand which is good. However there is room for improvement in the accessibility of the panel. It sits on top of the redesigned pump and heater case, it’s now a much more compact, shorter unit.

This means that the control panel can’t be easily accessed from inside the tub, using it from outside of the tub is a tad awkward too. Not a deal breaker but worth noting.

Filtration System

The screw in filters are easily installed inside the tub near its base. They’re an inexpensive pleated design and replacements can be found on line when it comes time to replace them.

Building the INTEX Simple Spa

INTEX Simple Spa BOX

Everything you’re going to need to get you hot tubbing except the water!

Weighing in at 93Ibs this isn’t a box easily manoeuvred by one person. But if you’re building on your own then just unbox where it’s been delivered an take individual parts to the assembly site.

Prior to setting up the tub ensure the site is level and free of debris that might damage the tub bottom when it’s filled with water. It’s going to weigh about a little north of 2000 lbs when full of water and hot tubbers.

That sounds a lot but it’s only around 112 lbs per square foot but if it going to live on a wooden deck it’s worth checking it will take the load and strengthen if your not sure.

Included In The Box

  • Hot tub Carcass
  • Insulating Bladder
  • Pump Heater Combo
  • 2 x Filters
  • Ground Blanket
  • Chemical Floater
  • Chemical Test Strips
  • Simple Spa Manual
  • Securing Cover

Really the hardest part of the hot tub build is getting the box onto location. If you watched the video above you’ll see the Intex Simple Spa virtually builds itself.

Just connect a single hose to the tub, press one button and watch the magic happen. From an empty carcass to a fully inflated hot tub in minutes.

No special tools or knowledge required, nothing complicated here!!!

Editors Notes On The Intex Simple Spa

There’s a lot to like about this hot tub. It’s one of the newer generation hot tubs that Intex has rolled out and there is a lot to admire.

With the Simple Spa Intex haven’t exactly thrown away the rule book and created something radical it’s more of an incremental change, a step ahead not a leap.

That’s great, they’re still using tried and tested materials and hardware but in a rather more innovative way particularly with the design concept of this tub and the user interface.

Although it’s marketed as a four person hot tub and it will definitely seat four adults, but not in real comfort. Three is better and two is perfect. As a family tub though it works really well, easily housing two adults and two smaller children.

Really more than just an entry level inflatable hot tub the Intex Simple Spa has a build quality and sophistication to impress even experienced hot tubbers.

So everything you need for a great inflatable hot tub experience at an affordable price. Nothing not to like here.

The Intex Simple Spa is a great little hot tub option added to the best selling Intex range.


Alternative Models

Intex PureSpa

The Brilliant 85″ 6 Person INTEX Greywood Hot Tub

  • SIZE: 85 X 25 inches.
  • SEATING: Seat up to SIX people.
  • HARD WATER TREATMENT: Integrated system for silkier water.
  • JETS:  170 x Bubble Jets.
  • INSULATED COVER:  2 cover system. An insulating bladder and a lock down cover.
  • HEADRESTS:  Comes bundled with 2 headrests.
  • POWER:  110 – 120V.



Coleman Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub 

  • SIZE: 71 x 71 x 28 inches.
  • SEATING: Seats four people.
  • BUILD:  Fast and easy build with no special tools required.
  • JETS:  Set with 114 bubble jets
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Durable TriTech 3 ply laminate PVC


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