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We think the Intex PureSpa Octagonal spa is easily the coolest looking inflatable hot tubs on the market.

But is it just style over substance?

We’re going to take a close look at what it’s got to offer behind its cool, elegant exterior.

The shape is not just a visual master stroke, it also has very practical benefits for the hot tubber.

If you like to entertain or share a tub with friends or family, the PureSpa Octagonal tub will give a much more spacious, less cramped hot tub experience.

Most other inflatable tubs being round tend to give a more intimate user experience. Less room in other words. 

This is a rare inflatable hot tub with a saltwater option. So in addition to all the normal Intex features the PureSpa Octagonal hot tub has brilliant built in hard water and saltwater treatment systems too.

Let’s take a closer look at this beauty ……..

At a Glance

Product:     Octagonal
Brand: INTEX
Model:   28461E
Seats:   4- 6 persons
Bubble Jets: 140 AirJets
Massage Jets: 4
Capacity: 290 gallons
Dimensions: H – 28in. D – 86in.
Filled Weight: 2413 lbs
  • 140 Bubble jets
  • 4 Hydro jets
  • 3-ply puncture resistant carcass
  • Wireless Control Panel
  • Hard water treatment
  • Saltwater treatment
  • Insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor



Intex Octagonal Hot Tub

Fully Reviewed


As you would expect from a tub in this price range, the PureSpa Octagonal Hot Tub is pretty well fully loaded with all the features, and functionality you’re ever going to need for a great hot tub experience.

A built in jacuzzi it’s not, but it is one of the very few portable hot tubs than can offer near jacuzzi spa experience at a fraction of the price.

Being an inflatable hot tub with a saltwater option just adds to it’s desirability.

Bubbles Jets

They are set around the perimeter of the the tub base. There’s 140 bubble jets, That’s plenty. Each bather can enjoy 22 or 35 of them around their torso depending on the number of bathers.

Massage Jets

There’s four adjustable massage jets individually set in opposing sides of the tub. We would have liked to have seen more but there is a limit to the features a 120v hot tub can run.

Adding more massage jets would have required more power to run them effectively. Four is a compromise we’re willing to accept given the brilliant specification of Intex Octagonal hot tub.

If you are looking for more then the Saluspa Hawaii Inflatable Tub has eight.



Heating is fundamental to your enjoyment of the hot tub. The PureSpa Octagonal Spa is fitted with a 1,300 Watt heater unit. Given an ambient temperature of 20º this should be able to raise the tub water temperature at 1.5 – 2.5º/hour.

This may seem a slow temperature build but it’s pretty much common to all inflatable hot tubs. We recommend using a solar blanket to speed up the process by helping to minimise heat loss. Once you have your tub up to temperature it’s easier and cheaper to keep it there too. 

Seating Capacity

The shape helps to make the PureSpa Octagonal tub a really comfortable six seater. That means six well fed adults, not six vertically challenged folks that some other hot tub manufacturers must use when they claim a six seater hot tub.

An interior diameter of 66 inches, and an 90% fill up capacity of 290 gallons give plenty of space and plenty of water per bather.



The Intex Octagonal Spa uses the I – Beam system of interior architecture construction which makes it very rigid and durable indeed. ( see below ) It’s strong enough if fact for an adult to sit comfortably on the side walls without them flexing.

Water Softener

We really like the built-in water softening system, it makes a tremendous difference to your hot tub experience. A high end feature that really does help to leave the bather refreshed and invigorated on exit.  

Top Cover

The inflatable top cover is foil lined for an extra element of thermal insulation.  It can can be secured to the tub when it’s going through the heat up phase, or when not in use. What we do like are the child safety locks built into the securing straps. An important touch.

Salt Water System

A salt water system is hard to find inflatable hot tub option these days. If a saltwater system is a box you need to tick before purchasing then this will be the inflatable hot tub for you. At the time of writing this is the only tub we know about that actually offers this feature built-in.

Adding chlorine tablets should be a thing of the past if you choose to run the salt chlorination system. We much prefer salt chlorination over tablets in our tubs and pools. A tub of this size will need just 3-4 pound of tub salt to maintain a sparkling, quality water.


Control Panel

An innovative removable wireless control panel is integrated into the pump / heater stack. There’s 48 hours of operation on a single charge and it conveniently attaches to the top of the tub wall.


A Well really the only criticism we have of the hot tub. Just like its competitors this Intex tub has a timer of sorts. It allows the owner to select how many hours in advance to activate the hot tub, and the duration of the activation.

There’s no option for setting recurring times, or setting up a weekly schedule..

It doesn’t seem much to ask, but at the time of writing no major manufacturer has been able to offer this pretty basic owners requirement.

Intex Link App

As long as the tub is within distance of a wi-fi signal from your home then the Intex Octagonal tub can be controlled via a cool, easy to use smart phone app.

Amazingly all functions can be controlled.

Options to set temperature and program the heater, as well as program maintenance schedules for water filtration and chlorination. This really is the ultimate fingertip remote control. By remote we mean anywhere!! We love it.

Intex® PureSpa™ Jet & Bubble Deluxe

Editors Notes

Intex has thrown everything at this Purespa Octagonal Hot Tub. They’ve integrated all the best of the range into one brilliant inflatable hot tub.. 

Is it the best portable hot tub on the market today?  

Well it’s certainly hard to see past this hot tub if you’re looking to soak in a saltwater system. At the time of writing this inflatable tub is the only one offering this feature built – in to the tub. 

A great jet configuration, it offers four hydro-therapy massage jets as well as an ample array of soothing bubble jets.

Definitely nice having four massage jets included, but the Purespa Octagonal is outgunned here by the Saluspa Hawaii which has eight adjustable jets, two in each corner.  

What We Like

We particularly like the shape.

Not just for the extra room but it is more convenient for positioning the corner mounted massage jets at the precise point you need them.

A therapeutic massage from the power hydro-jets, or just use the bubble jet feature to soak and enjoy yourself at the end of the day.

What We Don’t Like

There’s nothing not to like about this hot tub. The timer could be a lot better but at least it does have a rudimentary one. If you are a really organised person or family then the built in ( plan ahead ) timer will be just fine.

If your lifestyle is a little more unpredictable or spontaneous then the Intex Link App will allow the Purespa Octagonal tub to be fired up whenever the mood or time slot suites you.

Wrapping Things Up

Easy on the eye, an absolutely stunning design in fact. In our opinion an object lesson of understated elegance.

The Intex Octagonal hot tub isn’t just a pretty face though. It’s tough as they come and smart too. It has every conceivable feature that any inflatable hot tubber could wish for.

Should you short list this hot tub or just go ahead and buy it ?

Well if you’re looking for an inflatable saltwater hot tub then just go ahead and buy this one. Currently at the time of writing there aren’t any others.

You’ll not be disappointed with the water sanitation from the salt chlorinator, it works great.

If you are looking for a strong element of massage jets on board, this is also a good choice, but the Hawaii has twice as many hydro-jets, eight in fact.

This is the Intex flagship inflatable hot tub, so you’d expect something good. Intex has surpassed just good with this tub though, this is a great one.

It’s raised the bar and now lucky owners can really experience the best that inflatable hot tubbing can offer.

Would we buy the new Intex PureSpa Octagonal Hot Tub ??

We already have !!


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