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 SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet side view

Bestway have produced the SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet PRO for people who are looking for more than just a pleasant bubble spa experience.

This top of the range flagship model, features eight powerful hydrotherapy jets, as well as a ring of 114 soothing bubble jets.  

On offer here is as near a built in jacuzzi experience as you can find in a portable inflatable hot tub.

The Saluspa Hawaii PRO has plenty of other premium built in features, and we are going to look at them all in our in depth and critical review. 

This is a visually striking hot tub, but the square design is not just pleasing on the eye, it also has the benefit of giving users the sensation of a much more spacious spa experience.

We think the Hawaii hot tub looks way more grown up than its round cousins. It looks like what it is, a high end, sophisticated hot tub.  

It stands out in the the portable hot tub market, not just for its good looks, but also for the inventory of premium features it carries on board.

We are going to see if this is all style over substance. Of course as always, it costs a little extra to travel first class and the Saluspa Hawaii Pro is no exception.

Our experts are going to look at the extra features and functions that are built into the high end Hawaii hot tub. We’ll see if they all stack up, and justify the premium ticket that Bestway has attached to this beauty.

At the moment the Hawaii does appear to to be the top in class, but lets take a closer look……

At a Glance

Product:     Hawaii HydroJet  Pro
Brand: Bestway
Type:   Inflatable
Seats:   4 – 6 people
Jet Count 1: 8 x Hydro Jets
Jet Count 2: 114 x Air jets
Capacity: 210 Gallons
Dimensions: H 28in. W 71in. L 71in.
Filled Weight: 1938 lbs
  • 114 Bubble jets
  • 8 Hydrotherapy jets
  • I Beam Construction
  • ChemConnect treatment system
  • TriTech puncture resistant carcass
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Built in timer
  • Thick insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor


Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Inflatable Hot Tub

SALUSPA Hawaii HydroJet Pro Hot Tub

Fully Reviewed

We are most used to seeing round inflatable hot tubs, of course the first thing that strikes you about the SaluSpa Hawaii tub is it’s shape.

Square has a lot of advantages in jet placement and user comfort. We do think it also gives the tub a more impressive footprint, and a very grown up, elegant look.

Although the hot tub is more spacious than many, it certainly won’t comfortably carry six people as the manufactures claim.

Unless they weigh 50 lbs, and stand 5’ 00” tall. Then they would all fit quite comfortable of course.

In the real world, four adults are plenty. With all tubs, less is always more. So the less people on board the more bubbling spa you’ve got to yourself.

The SaluSpa Hawaii hot tub PRO is one of the very few portable hot tubs available that offers both bubble, and hydro-massage jets and it is the only inflatable tub that offers eight hydro jets.   

Two directional hydro-jets jets are built in to each corner of the tub. This means ease of body positioning when you are needing a little hydro-therapy.

Hawaii Hot Tub Heater

Heating is fundamental to the enjoyment of a hot tub. A poor heating element, and what we’ve got is a warm bath, not a hot tub.

That’s not what we’re signing up for !!!

This package includes a very efficient heating unit. The main complaint about other inflatable hot tubs is that the heater takes too long to build water temperature to the desirable 104ºF.

Not the case with the SaluSpa Hawaii hot tub, it should raise the tub temperature 2 to 3º per hour, given a reasonable surrounding ambient temperature.

This might appears to be a slow temperature build, but is faster than most other inflatable hot tubs. In fact most other tubs claim a 1-2º/hr heating rate. The SaluSpa Hawaii could be as much as 30% faster.

We always recommend using a solar blanket to speed up the heating process and minimising heat loss once you have your tub up to temperature.  

If you use one, it will be quicker and cheaper to keep up to temperature. Just check out our guide.

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Bubbles

Built In Timer

The SaluSpa Hawaii has a programmable heater function. It allows you to control when the heater comes on. It can be programmed up to 99 hours in advance.

The heater can be set to stay on for a maximum of 48 hours. Or any lesser duration you choose in hourly units. This is a great convenience. The hot tub is waiting for you, not you waiting for the hot tub.

This might seem like an obvious feature to include in a portable spa, but many other spa manufacturers currently don’t offer this.

Massage System

8 HydroJets plus 114 AirJets

The SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet PRO has the choice of two jet systems.

A pair of adjustable hydro-jets are located in each corner of the tub. These give a powerful and directional therapeutic massage.

They can be run individually or combined with the bubble jets as the bather wishes.

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJets

The 114 airjets, located around the base perimeter. They  provide the invigorating massage element of the spa experience.  

We’re impressed that they can be run simultaneously with the high powered hydro-jets. So everybody in the tub can enjoy either or both. Nice!!

Water Treatment

The SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet PRO is equipped with the the neat new Bestway ChemConnect system .

It replaces the old style chemical floater that’s been used across the range for years. The ChemConnect system is built into the tub interior. Like the tub filter it’s screws off and you place your water treatment tablets inside.

SaluSpa - ChemConnect

The chemical release is adjustable just dial in what you want before replacing it back in the tub.

Chemical treatment runs in conjunction with the e filtration system. It does take a little trial and error to find the best chemical release setting for the tub but once it’s up and running it works well. A nice improvement.

See our simple  easy step guide for tub chemical treatment.


Made using what Bestway call their TriTech system. That’s a puncture resistant 3-ply PVC material. The outer and inner skins encase a strong polyester mesh. Meaning the Hawaii should give years of service, if it’s properly looked after.

The base of the tub is pretty soft and well insulated. Although many spa users like to purchase a separate spa cushion for extra comfort.

Pump Noise

The hot tub pump and heater unit is close to you when you are enjoying your soak. So it’s obviously important that the unit you choose does not sound like a 747 on take off.  The Hawaii pump has a very low audible impact. The main “noise” comes from the bubble jets when they are running.

But hey no bubble jets, no spa!

SaluSpa Hawaii HydroJet Pro Cover

What We Like

Everyone buys a tub to enjoy an invigorating soak !!   Some folks enjoy the extra punch of hydro-jets, a little hydro-therapy mixed into an end of the day soak.

The Hawaii hot tub offers the best of both worlds, the power of the hydro-jets and the gentle bubble jets. For aches, pains and for post work out this is a killer tub.  

The 8 hydro-jets are really well placed in the corners of the tub. They make body positioning easy. You don’t need to be an advanced yoga practitioner to offer up an aching muscle to them. 

The SaluSpa Hawaii is great for family fun too.  Whether in the backyard, or around the pool this tub will be an instant hit with family and friends. 

For romantic summer evening?  Well hey, that’s just a given.

What We Don’t Like

Well it’s hard to fault this tub. It pretty well has everything covered, and to a very, very high standard.  After sales support could do with getting better. It can only be classed as just OK.

Which is a pity for such a classy piece of equipment.

Editors Notes

Well this is a hot tub with a lot of possibilities,

It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a dual purpose tub with hydro-therapy and rejuvenating air-jet massage they’re are both on offer here.

And at the time of writing the Hawaii hot tub has more hydro-jets than any other inflatable hot tub on the market.

So if you’re looking for the top gun in the hydro department the look no further.

It’s a full on spa experience for a fraction of the price of a traditional hot tub, it has a ton of great features on offer and a brilliant build quality too.

Having a such a super quiet pump is an often overlooked factor when choosing a tub, but it is a major plus for this tub especially as it runs the powerful hydro-jets.

The main distraction with this spa is the bubble noise itself. But hey no bubbles, no hot tub!!  

The SaluSpa Hawaii Hot Tub PRO is close as you are going to get to a fully built in jacuzzi experience in an inflatable hot tub.

In fact portable tubs don’t get much better than this. 


Alternative HydroJet Models

PureSpa Octagonal hot tub

Intex Saltwater Inflatable Hot Tub with HYDRO JETS

  • SIZE: 79 X 28 inches.
  • SEATING: Easily seats up to six people.
  • BUILD:  Fast and easy build with no special tools required.
  • JETS:  Fitted with 4 x Hydro Jets and 140 bubble jets.
  • TIMER:  You can schedule your hot tub session with the built in automatic timer.



The Brilliant MSPA Baikal with 4 HYDRO JETS and 118 BUBBLE JETS

  • SIZE: 71 X 28 inches.
  • SEATING: Can seat up to four people.
  • HEATER/PUMP: Integrated into the hot tub body so it keeps its beautifully elegant and striking good looks.JETS:  118 x Air Jets.
  • HYDRO JETS:  Fitted with 4 x Powerful Hydro Jets.
  • CONTROL PRESSURE:  3 x levels of jet pressure settings to choose from.
  • SECURITY:  Zipped thermal cover with digital lock included.


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