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When companies like Bestway and Coleman collaborate it’s hardly surprising that the Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub is such a benchmark of quality and durability.

The original ColemanTub has been such a success story that a number of other tubs have been added to the Coleman range.

They’re all smaller capacity tubs, so buyers can choose a tub with the same pedigree as the familiar classic Coleman green and white original but to suit their outdoor space and color preference.

There’s even an elegant square tub in the range if you’re looking for that kind of visual impact.

We’ve reviewed the whole Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub Range with a guide to all the on board features.

There’s a lot to go through so let’s dive straight in…..

Coleman Saluspa Hot Tubs At A Glance


Coleman Hot tub Green

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 77" x 77" x 28"
SEATS: 4 -6 Persons
CAPACITY: 254Gallons
114 x Air Jets
Coleman Saluspa Havana

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 26"
SEATS: 2 - 4 Persons
CAPACITY: 177 Gallons
60 x Air Jets
Coleman Saluspa Miami

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 26"
SEATS: 2 - 4 Persons
CAPACITY: 177 Gallons
120 x Air Jets
Coleman Saluspa Tahiti

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 26"
SEATS: 2 - 4 Persons
CAPACITY: 177 Gallons
60 x Air Jets
Coleman Saluspa Hawaii

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 28"
SEATS: 4 - 6BPersons
CAPACITY: 210 Gallons
114 x Air Jets

Colman Hot Tub Range Reviews

Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub : Classic 


Coleman Hot Tub GREEN

The classic Colman Saluspa Hot Tub it’s the standout tub of the range. With its distinctive green livery it’’s a visual standout too.

America’s best selling inflatable hot tub with thousands of happy owners. This Coleman inflatable hot tub really started the affordable home hot tub boom. There’s nothing not to like here it’s just a brilliant basic portable hot tub.

  • JETS: 114 Air Jets placed evenly around the interior edge of the tub for complete bather coverage.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Uses an I-Beam internal architecture for extra wall firmness. Tri-Tech 3 ply PVC with UV protection. Doesn’t deform when deflated for winter storage.
  • CHEMICALS:  This model is fitted with the excellent Chemconnect system to help defuse chemicals evenly and quickly through the water
  • TIMER: This great feature lets you set tub activation up to 99 hours in advance. A real step ahead of other manufacturers.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 77″ L x 77″ W x 28″ H with a water capacity of 242 gallons.
  • SEATING: 4 – 6 adults at a push, four in real comfort.


Coleman Saluspa Havana

Coleman Hot Tub HAVANA on Patio

A a budget priced tub with high end features.

Remote controls, event timer and the Chemconnect dispersal system are all included in the affordable ticket price.

Technology and elegance all combined in one small package. The Coleman Saluspa Havana Hot Tub is beautifully finished in understated faux wicker livery.

  • JETS: 60 Air jet slots that release an abundant amount of bubbles around the bathers.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: The temperature and air jet massage system can be controlled from a distance.
  • TIMER:  An automatic start/stop timer control for the heating system.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Built with Bestways triple laminate PVC. Tough, durable and virtually puncture proof.
  • COLOR FINISH: Not easily seen in the product image but the Saluspa Havana has an elegant grey wicker finish.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 71″ W x 26″ H.   It holds 177 gallons of water at 80 percent full-
  • SEATING: 2 – 4 people.  A young family will fit fine but four regular sized adults might be a tad cramped.


Coleman Saluspa Miami 

Coleman Hot Tub ORANGE

Another great Coleman Saluspa hot tub. It’s a smaller capacity tub best for couples or couples with small children.

It carries an impressive 120 jets on board to ensure a really brilliant hot tub experience. Being a smaller tub means less water volume so fast heating and lower energy bills.

A brilliant tub at an affordable price.

  • JETS: 120 Air jets. That’s a lot of jet power for a small tub like this. Invigorating hot tubbing? You bet.
  • START/STOP TIMER : This neat function allows the owner to pre-program when the heater fires up.
  • COVER & FLOOR:  A nice lightly cushioned floor and a lockdown reinforced cover.
  • MATERIAL: Made from durable, puncture-resistant fabric. It’s UV-resistant too. The Tritech material is also resistant to damage when folded for winter storage.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Available in the striking orange as shown or black.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 71″ W x 26″ H.  At 80% capacity it holds 177 gallons of water so pretty rapid heating.
  • SEATING: Best for two, works for three, four people!! Well it can hold four at a push.


Coleman Saluspa Tahiti Spa

The last of the Saluspa round hot tubs. It’s built using the same quality components found in the rest of the Coleman SaluSpa range.

There is an LED lighting strip bundled with this tub to add elegance or a little drama when you’re using the tub in the evenings. The Saluspa Tahiti can add a nice visual effect to nighttime barbecues or patio parties.

  • JETS: 60 bubble jets arrayed around the base perimeter.
  • PROGRAMABLE TIMER : Plan your hot tub bath in advance so the tub is waiting for you not you waiting for the tub.
  • LED LIGHTING:  For added ambiance, this Coleman hot tub is bundled with a battery-powered LED light strip with seven color choices.
  • MATERIAL: Manufactured from the excellent PVC laminate used on all the Coleman portable spa products. Robust and resistant to punctures fabric as well as being UV resistant.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Just comes in the understated dove grey as shown above.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 71″ W x 26″ H.  Capacity 177 gallons.
  • SEATING: 2 – 4 adults. Best bought for regular use of two people and occasional four person occupancy.


Coleman Saluspa Hawaii

Coleman Hawaii Portable Hot Tub

There’s only one square tub in the Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub  range, and it’s a good one.

Another best seller in fact.

Looking like the more expensive “plug and play” cousins, this inflatable tub has real cool a visual patio presence.

Being square shaped doesn’t just means it just looks great i also feels much more roomy inside for the bathers.

As far as square portable hot tubs go this one is hard to see past.

  • JETS:  The Hawaii Hot Tub has 114 bubble jets set around it’s base.
  • ON/OFF TIMER: A simple timer is available to start the heater warming the water up to 48 hours in advance.
  • LED LIGHTING:  At the time of writing this Coleman hot tub is bundled with a battery-powered LED light strip with seven color choices.
  • MATERIAL: The durable laminate fabric has been tailored around an I-Beam structure making the side wall extremely rigid indeed. Comes with a matching snug fitting top cover, so it’s still a beauty to look at even when not in use.
  • COLOR OPTIONS: Two options, either the navy blue as shown or a nice light dove grey.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 71″ W x 28″ H.  With a maximum capacity of 210 gallons.
  • SEATING: 4-6 adults. Being square gives a more roomy feel to the tub.


Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub Range

Everything You Need To Know

Coleman Saluspa Construction

All the tubs are built around an I-Beam chassis, that’s what makes the tub walls so strong and rigid.

Coleman Saluspa hot tub I-beeam constructio
Detail of the Coleman Saluspa Classic Green Hot Tub

The pleats you notice around the hot tub exterior look great, but actually that’s where the internal I-Beam has been attached.

Without this clever internal architecture you’d just have a floppy plaything to take to the beach or float in your pool.

Of course the tub fabric is no ordinary fabric either, it’s got to be tough enough to withstand daily use and sometimes daily abuse. It’s got to be puncture resistant, UV resistant and be able to spring back to life from a long winters storage.

The Coleman Saluspa range uses a triple ply laminate PVC system, it’s the trademarked Bestway TriTech fabric that’s been refined and improved over many years.

Even the best inflatable tubs aren’t indestructible but it would take a pretty sustained attack to damage the fabric.

Coleman Saluspa tritech material

The weather elements are the type of sustained attack that can speed the deterioration of the Saluspa tub fabric.

It’s UV resistant, but prolonged exposure to very hot sun will surely shorten the life of the fabric. Ideally the tub should be protected during the mid summer months. Placing it under a gazebo not only looks great it will add years to the hot tubs life.

Also the PVC fabric becomes brittle in cold temperatures, that’s why inflatable hot tub manufacturers don’t recommend using them below 40ºF.

Pump Heater and Blower

The beating heart of your Coleman Saluspa inflatable hot tub. 

The pump, heater and blower are what you’re actually buying. If these key components are mismatched or underpowered then no matter how great the tub looks it’s going to be a disappointment to use.

Coleman Saluspa Pump Tower

Now the tub with the largest water volume in the range is the Coleman Saluspa Classic Green, it holds 254 gallons, and is America’s best selling inflatable hot tub.

The rest of the range has the same excellent pump, heater and blower setup as the Classic Green Tub.

That means all the smaller down range tubs have even better performance. The water heats a little faster, and the pump circulates a complete water volume faster too. That’s great for faster chemical treatment and filtration times.

Control Panel

The Coleman Saluspa range control panel is easy enough to navigate around.

It’s pretty intuitive too as all the blister buttons have icons to identify their function.

Most buttons are simply on/off or hold down, so no degree in computer science required here. Setting up the timer does take a little more effort but is still super simple because the timer is super simple with just a few options.

Coleman Hot Tub control panel

Control Panel Functions

  • Lock/Unlock Button
  • Power Saving Timer Button
  • Massage System
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Toggle
  • Heat Button
  • Water Filter
  • Temperature Adjustment
  • Power Saving Icons

Control Panel Functions

  • Lock/Unlock Button
  • Power Saving Timer Button
  • Massage System
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Toggle
  • Heat Button
  • Water Filter
  • Temperature Adjustment
  • Power Saving Icons


There’s really just four things to know about a Saluspa filter.

They’re easy to install, cheap to buy, last a long time and all the tubs in the Coleman Saluspa Hot Tub range use the same model.

Simple enough !!

The hot tub filter is a fundamental in keeping the tub water crystal clear and safe for the bathers. It’s really the first line of defence.

There’s nothing technical to know here, the clue is in the name. They simply filter out debris and contaminants in the tub water. oils, lotions, hair, leaves, dust, pollen and just about any undesirable thing suspended in the water.

Coleman Hot Tub Filter Case

The Saluspa filters are made from a tough pleated polyester fiber cloth so don’t need much maintenance, just checking and cleaning every 10 – 14 days. When they start to erode it’s time to change them, typically once a month depending on the tub usage.


All Coleman Saluspa tubs have a start up timer.

Maybe surprisingly it’s quite a new feature because it seems such a fundamental thing. Having your hot tub nice and hot when you want to climb aboard is now possible with this built in function.

Bestway the manufacturer, could have done better when they wrote the software for the timer though. It’s very simple, perhaps too simple.  It allows the owner to program how many hours in advance the hot tub should turn on. It can’t be set up to turn on daily at a preset time which would be optimum for many folks.

However it’s not really a deal breaker, if you want a daily soak then just set it up when you’ve finished bathing for the next day. Simple enough.

It’s a feature many inflatable hot tubs don’t actually have. We’re pleased the Coleman Saluspa hot tub range does. Could it be better? Yes. Would it stop us investing in a Saluspa tub? No.

Chemical Treatment

The whole Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub range has the new ChemConnect system fitted.

It’s a replacement for the old style, inefficient chemical floater that’s been used for years. The new ChemConnect system is submerged in the tub interior. Like the tub filters it’s simply screws off and you place the treatment tablets inside.

Saluspa ChemConnect System

Before replacing it back in the tub the owner can set it up the amount of chemicals required to release into the tub.

It’s a great improvement that runs at the same time as the filtration system. Just a word of caution though, be careful with the quantity of tablets you use. It will disperses chemicals faster than a floater, so be sure not to over treat the tub with chemicals.

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