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The Coleman Hot Tub is manufactured by Bestway one of the two world leaders of the inflatable spa industry. 

These two top brands Coleman and Bestway have teamed together to produce a family friendly tub that combines a great hot tub experience with a really affordable price.

Unsurprisingly the good build quality coupled with a great price has made the Coleman hot tub one of North Americas best selling tubs.

The Coleman Spa is not feature rich, but it’s still got everything to enjoy a brilliant and invigorating hot tub experience

The “bells and whistles” that some other more expensive tubs have are not on offer here.  But what owners are getting is a robust, powerful spa that’s built to give many seasons of enjoyment.

Let’s take a deeper dive into all the Coleman Spa features………

At A Glance  

Product:     Coleman 
Brand: Bestway
Type:   Inflatable Spa
Seats:   4- 6 persons
Jet Count: 114
Capacity: 242 gallons
Dimensions: H 28in x D 77in.
Filled Weight: 2100 lbs
  • 114 Bubble jets
  • TriTech 3-ply puncture resistant carcass
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Built in timer
  • Thick insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor


Coleman Spa on deck

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

Fully Reviewed

When a company with the pedigree of the giant camping and outdoor goods supplier Coleman puts its badge on any product we expected quality.

The distinctive Coleman Hot Tub didn’t disappoint us.

It’s manufactured by Bestway, but we can clearly see the Coleman influence on the design, particularly in the unique and striking colour ot the livery.

Maybe the color isn’t  to everyones taste, but this hot tub will certainly make a strong visual statement in your garden or patio.

We do like the colour scheme, so do thousands of others judging by customer reviews. By some margin this hot tub is the best selling inflatable in North America.

The Coleman Spa ranks high on our best inflatable hot tub list too.  We know it has an affordable price, but let’s take a close look at what features it offers for the budget price tag.

What’s In The Box 

This is a reasonably heavy delivery. The Coleman Spa delivery box weighs in at around 89 lbs so can’t be manually handled by one person.  At least not by anybody we know !!

Included In The Box

Coleman Hot tub Box
  • Hot tub liner
  • Insulated top cover
  • Insulated ground sheet
  • Pump heater combo
  • Starter filters
  • Pressure gauge
  • Chemical floater
  • Manual
  • All required tools

We recommend to unpack the box right where it has been left by the driver, and take easy lift components one at a time to where it is going to be built or stored.

The liner is a particularly heavy and cumbersome piece for one person. Given that it is possible to damage the fabric if it is dragged try to arrange help carrying it.

Building The Coleman Hot Tub  

Once you have taken delivery of the hot tub, and unpacked the box the hardest part of the build is over.  Well that’s the toughest part done !!

All the tools that you need are included in the box, and the build process is simple and easy to follow. There is plenty of video help on-line showing the build process.

An hour should easily be sufficient to have the hot tub ready for water.

Now the really tough part begins when you have to wait for the water temperature to build before climbing aboard for your first soak in. In the summer months this could typically take up to 18 hours.

Coleman Hot Tub Features 

Jet Count

A ring of 114 bubble jets are set around the base inner circumference of the spa.  The jet count and pump power combine to give  Coleman hot tub owners an invigorating and enjoyable experience.

There are no complaints about it’s ability to provide a strong and sustainable flow from the bubble jet system.


The pump that is fitted to any hot tub or spa has a number of characteristics to consider before buying.

Inflatable hot tub pumps are matched by the manufacturer to the size and water capacity of the tub, so should always be able to provide a pleasant onboard experience for the hot tubbers.

What is often forgotten when buying a tub is pump noise. The pump is going to be working when you are enjoying a your tub and it is just a few feet away. 

It is crucial that it doesn’t have an audible impact that spoils the pleasant and relaxing time a hot tub should provide. An F16 on take off located right next to us not what we signed up for.

The 0,7 amp pump that comes with the Coleman is notable for its quiet operation. In fact it can be hardly noticed above the sound of the hot tub bubbles.  This is a really major but often overlooked plus for this tub.

The pump max flow output of 320 gal/hr is capable of 1.25 full circulations of the tub per hour. When filtering or chemically treating the pool it can be done fairly quickly.

Control Panel

Situated within easy reach of the hot tub user, the easy to understand soft blister control panel commands all the features required to run the the hot tub. 

Coleman Hot Tub Control Panel
  • Lock and Unlock System
  • Activate water heater.
  • Select heater start time
  • Set heater duration
  • Start water filter.
  • Select water temperature.
  • Start Bubble Jet massage.
  • Toggle Temp Fahrenheit / Celsius.  

Once the Coleman hot tub reaches the programmed water temperature it will keep it within a 2 degree window for up to 48 hours


The Coleman Spa is equipped with a heater that should be able to raise water temperature at between 2 – 3º per hour.

This may seem slow but is a fairly standard temperature build curve on all inflatable hot tubs.  Remember this is a large volume of water and that the heater runs from a 12 amp outlet. 

Once up to temperature though the heater can easily and quickly maintain it. We’ve written an article here explaining a method of thermal insulation to minimise heat lose and speed up initial spa temperature build.


The Coleman hot tub is built using the Bestway patented TriTech system. This is a 3-ply material with a reinforced polyester mesh core. It is tough, durable and puncture resistant. Internally there is what is termed an I – Beam architecture that strengthens the tub walls sufficiently to allow users to sit on the side walls without them buckling.

Coleman Saluspa hot tub construction


So that the hot tub is waiting for you nicely heated up when you want to climb aboard the Coleman inflatable spa has a built in timing system that allows the owner to preselect the time the pump and heater turn on. It’s programmable up to 99 hours in advance.


An inexpensive and easy to fit cartridge system of filtration. Two cartridges are provided with the initial spa purchase. Replacement cartridges run at around  $2 – $3.00 each depending on quantity bought.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical hygiene is taken care of by the new Chemconnect system. Just pop your preferred treatment tablet into the plumbed in dispenser, adjust chemical release and the Coleman Hot Tub will take care of the rest.

Here’s a full guide showing a stress free and simple method of keeping your tub safe, hygienic and crystal clear.

Coleman Hot Tub with Cover

Coleman Hot Tub Key Points

A recap of the main points covered in this review. These highlights are what we we think are the man features offered by this tub.

  • Jet Density: A 114 jet count matched with a well powered pump combine to give the user an invigorating and authentic spa experience.
  • Pump Noise: The Coleman hot tub has a low audible impact when the pump is running. Often forgotten by hot tub buyers, but a quite pump is crucial to hot tub enjoyment.
  • Timer: A nice feature, hardly an unusual feature on a spa you might think, but many hot tubs do not have a timer built in. .
  • Size: A regular 77 inch external diameter allows space for for four people comfortably,
  • Weight: Often an important consideration when choosing a hot tub. This tub weighs in at 2700 lbs when filled.
  • Insulation: Good insulation is obviously important. The Coleman has a thick well insulated, lockable cover and comes bundled with a mildly insulated base cover. If possible we recommend buying addition base and top insulation. It’s an investment that just keeps giving!!
  • Build: A simple build process, no special tools or knowledge needed. If you can read a manual or watch an online video, then you have all the qualifications required to build this spa in less than one hour
Coleman Hot Tub relax

Coleman Hot Tub Final Review Notes  

It’s not surprising that the Coleman hot tub is such a popular inflatable tub choice with buyers.

It’s a well priced and robust family sized tub that offers a really authentic bubble jet spa experience at an affordable price.

Although the manufacturer claims the tub can hold six people, and that is technically true, it certainly won’t in comfort.

The built in timer is a very convenient feature that makes the hot tub a real servant to the owners lifestyle.

There is nothing worse than having to wait for hot tub water to raise temperature to where you like it, and getting into just a cool tub is not the experience we are looking for.

The pump on the spa is more than adequate for its size and it’s quiet.  Always take care and ensure it’s on a level surface, especially if the tub is set up on decking. A tip is to always set it on its own rubberised mat to minimise the chance of vibration.

The Coleman Spa after sales support is good and helpful, but replacement parts can be on the expensive side.

So a compelling and best selling tub then. A proven track record and good after sales, what’s not to like?

If you are looking at buying some family fun, or even a tub for two, then the bestselling Coleman Hot Tub could be the perfect low cost solution.


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