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What takes ten minutes to put up, fifteen minutes to take down and give hours of fun in between? The best inflatable water slide that’s what.

Kids love the pool, they’ll splash about in it for hours, but add an element of fun like an inflatable water slide’s got and they’ll be in heaven all day, and so will you.

As long as you’re there to supervise, an inflatable water park can be a really brilliant babysitter for you all summer long. The best bit is a water slide doesn’t arrive late and doesn’t expect lunch either !!

Who doesn’t enjoy having fun outdoors with the kids in the summer? The inflatable water slide is going to be the focal point of a lot of it, they’re just amazing fun.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool then drawing the kids out of the house is easy enough, but it does require a lot of careful hands on supervision. With a water slide you can just sit back and just enjoy them enjoying themselves.

We’ve got some great inflatable water slides to show you, so let’s dive straight in…..


Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Park

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Park And Slide

At a Glance

In the world of garden inflatables and toys Blast Zone is one of the stand out companies. This Blast Zone Inflatable Slide isn’t packed with features but it’s certainly packed with quality.

This is a brilliant inflatable water slide for little ones but with the right care and maintenance it can be pulled out year after year for them to enjoy as they grow.

It has a really generously sized splash pool surrounding the slide on three sides and a climbing wall to scramble up to the top. There’s a water cannon on the pool edge so the kids can soak their friends and you too.

The main selling point for this water slide is its durability. The carcass is made from double and quadruple stitched, reinforced polyester and commercial quality vinyl is used for the climbing and slide surfaces. That’s why they are able to offer such a good warranty on the product.

It comes with everything you need to get it set up for the fun to begin but unfortunately at the time of writing no storage bag is bundled in the box which is a tad disappointing but shouldn’t be a show stopper.

Brilliant quality from a top manufacturer, not much not to like here.

Inflated Size: 18ft 0in L x 11ft 0in W x 8ft 0in H


What Parents Like

  • Excellent quality, made from very sturdy material
  •  Not to be confused with other brands this slide is built to last many seasons of punishment.
  •  Much cheaper than a pool but just as much fun for the little ones.
  • Great customer care department. They stand behind the product and fix problems fast.

Not Quite So Good

  • Hoses and connections could be a lot better.  Shame to let down a brilliant product for 10c hoses but it seem to really the only recurring complaint.
  • No storage bag included with the purchase so some kind of bin or chest needs to bought as well

Little Tikes Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable River Race Water Slide

At a Glance

Shocking pink and pastel blue, this inflatable water slide is going to get some attention in your garden.

The Little Tikes Inflatable Water Slide has two nice wide slides running down into a cool wide splash pool at the bottom and a random surprise from a bucket of water to make things even more exciting for the kids.

A center climbing wall to scramble up takes the children to the top level where they can launch themselves down the slides.

When they are done playing there’s a little raised island to sit on and share secrets or plan their next game.

It comes with a storage bag, 7 stakes for the slide a powerful blower complete with GFCI plug, 4 blower stakes, a hose assembly kit and 4 repair patches.

A great treat that’ll make any little girls summer one to remember.

Inflated Size: 13ft 5in L x 14ft 1in W x 8ft 7in H


What Parents Like

  • They had so much fun they wore themselves out by the end of the day. You can put a price on seeing them so happy.
  • Power blower keeps the slide inflated even when it’s taking a pounding from older children.
  •  The spray hoses keep the slide nice and slick but don¡t use too much water.
  • The stakes provided to secure the water park to the ground are really strongly made.

Not Quite So Good

  • Storage bag could be bigger, it can be a struggle to get it tidied away
  • Some minor issues with seams and inflation tube splitting.

Bestway Tsunami Waves Inflatable Water Slide

 Bestway Tsunami Waves Summit Inflatable Water Park

At a Glance

We expect innovative quality from Bestway and this inflatable water slide didn’t disappoint us. All in all a pretty impressive water park with lots of cool features for the kids to enjoy.

Having twin slides is an instant hit with the children, they’ll be racing each other to the bottom all day long. Of course Bestway have installed a “water blob” at the end of each slide to stop the kids disappearing into the scenery !

The built in water blaster keeps things slippery and everyone cool. There’s a bucket that randomly tips water down the slides and on the kids heads for a little extra fun.

A good sized paddle pool for the little ones and they can even practice a few hoops little basketball hoop above it.If that’s not cool enough there’s a water blaster at the end of the slides to chill things out a little more.

Manufactured from a PVC coated polyester, the water slide surfaces have a smooth touch for kids but can withstand the all the punishment exited children can inflict on it.

Inflates in minutes and can be stowed away fast when the fun has finished.

Inflated Size: 16ft 7in L x 11ft 2in W x 8ft 8in H


What Parents Like

  • A much bigger and more impressive inflatable water slide than many owners were expecting
  • Very easy to take down when not in use and it folds away really easily despite being a heavy duty material.
  •  It actually fits in the storage bag.
  • The water bag landing pads make it nice and safe for the kids.

Not Quite So Good

  • There’s no pool at the end of the slide to catch water
  • Difficult to drain the water from the pool area, it could do with a drain plug.

BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Water Slide

BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide

At a Glance

The kids are going to have an amazing time with the Banzai Inflatable Water Slide.

It’s got the lot! A climbing wall, a long curvy slide, a splash pool at the bottom, a little playhouse with a roof and its even got a secret tunnel. Don’t you wish you were little again?

Its made from very heavy duty Dura-Tech rubber so you can expect lasting strength and durability. It’s more than a match for your little ones and all their friends. Although it does have a recommended weight limit of 150 lbs for the slide and upper parts of the installation.

It has a continuous airflow blower which is great. Keeping it well inflated minimises the risk of damage to the slide.

Everything you need is bundled in the box and the powerful blower means it’s super fast to get ready for water. It’s a large installation but expect it to inflate in under 5 minutes.

Your kids will be surprised how many friends they’ve got when the word gets out they’ve got a BANZAI in the garden.

Inflated Size: 16ft 10in L x 15ft  W x 10ft 5in H


What Parents Like

  • The powerful blower inflates the slide very quickly
  • Generously sized storage bag easily takes the folded slide for stowing away
  • More cost effective than hiring a slide for a kids party.
  • More cost effective than hiring a slide for a kids party.

Not Quite So Good

  • Quite difficult to drain the water because there’s no drain plug
  • The blower connection to inflate the slide could be better designed.

Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide

Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park

At a Glance

The Deluxe Inflatable Water Park Slide from Sunny & Fun has plenty of features to keep the little ones entertained throughout the summer.

The well designed climbing wall makes access to the slide easy for most ages to get up to the top on their own. Just a single water slide but it has a a bouncer, toss rings and a good sized splash down pool.

Manufactured from puncture resistant, durable nylon with reinforced stitching it’ll give tons of fun in the sun and with the correct maintenance and storage it will give many seasons of use.

Ground stakes, pump stakes, air pump and connectors, 4 repair patches and a user guide. It’s bundled with everything you need to get the party started except the water.

Inflated Size: 13ft 6in L x 20ft 2in W x 7ft 6in H


What Parents Like

  • Great quality for the price.
  • Easy to pack up and store.
  • Though enough for young teenagers too.
  • Brilliant blower

Not Quite So Good

  • Pool could be bigger.
  • Smaller than appers in photos.

Drain And Dry An Inflatable Water Slide

After the fun the cleanup starts. It can be a bit of a drag if you let it, but it needn’t be. It just needs a few simple tools and a plan.

Lay Out A Tarpaulin

Let’s start at the beginning and that’s before you even inflate the water slide for the kids to play on. First a bit of preventative cleaning !

Lay out a suitably sized tarpaulin, one that’s at least a couple or three feet larger than the water park footprint. You want the keep the little ones feet on the tarp and off the ground that way you’ll minimise the dirt that finds its way onto the water slide and steps, so minimise the cleaning.

If you’re using stakes to secure the installation to the the ground you’ll need to cut out a few slits in the tarp but it’s so cheap it’s not really an issue. Circle the slits with a bright waterproof highlighter so you can find them when you set the water slide up next time.

Multi Sizes Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheets
1,676 Reviews
Multi Sizes Waterproof Tarpaulin Sheets
  • HEAVY DUTY POLY TARP - By utilizing high density plastic (polyethylene) material, Tarpatop manages to produce a super lightweight tarp that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. The strong weaves and heat-sealed seams make our tarp cover almost impossible to tear.

Drain The Water Slide Pool

We like to give the water park a clean before dumping the splash pool water. A mild detergent and a soft brush is what we use. As the splash pool water might be dumped on the surrounding grass an eco friendly detergent is the best for the grass and of course the children, and we don’t want residues of any strong detergents left on the water slide.

The smart way is to use a pool cover pump to drain the water that way you can direct the water to a remote area of your choice. There’s plenty of cheap ones to choose from, this is just an example.

FibroPool Electric Drain Pump.
5,773 Reviews
FibroPool Electric Drain Pump.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Durable, lightweight chassis will not weigh down pool covers, which can often cause tears, sag and other damage. Small form factor makes carrying and storage a breeze

It’s designed for pool covers but it works just fine for a splash pool too. It should be able to suck out much of fine sand, debris and dirt with the water as well.

Drying Out The Water Park

Drying out the water slide is pretty crucial, and can be a little tricky. If it’s going to be used again in a day or too then you don’t have to be too meticulous.

If being put away for the winter then it’s got to be dry or you’ll pull out a moldy, mildewed mess come next spring. Towelling it off and leaving it to dry in the autumn breeze is the usual solution. Be sure to raise it off the tarpaulin a little by placing some boxes underneath it to allow the bottom and the tarp to dry out.

Some folks use a leaf blower to speed up the process, but  some owners have adapted the water slide blower to do the same thing by simply adapting a PVC tube into the blower. Sounds like a good idea but we haven’t tried that yet.

Storing Your Inflatable Water Slide

It’s got to be dry, completely dry and then it’s ready to roll up and stow away till next year. .

Vinyls and plastics don’t well in freezing conditions, they crack and deteriorate, remember that when choosing as storage location. You’ve just done all the hard work to get it ready for storage so don’t fall at the last fence by just leaving it to the freezing winter elements.

Find somewhere that’s not going to fall below 40ºF and your water slide will emerge next year ready and eager to inflate and get the party started. If not expect problems with leaks and split seams. In other words expect to buy a new one.

Lastly vermin like to nibble away at vinyl and the sight of a rolled up water park is hog heaven to them. They’ll call the whole family to enjoy feasting on your inflatable water slide. We use an simply plug in an ultra sound pest repeller to solve that problem.

No products found.

That’s it folks have a great summers fun with the kids and your new inflatable water slide !!

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