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Creating some extra space with a good outdoor storage shed can be a handy solution for tidying up your all your household overflow. I

t’s a pretty indispensable extra outdoor space for pool owners and gardeners. A waterproof outdoor storage shed offers year round protection for pool furniture, chemicals, tools and pretty much anything else that just needs tidying away.

There’s plenty of sheds to choose from. Lots of different shapes, sizes and colour combinations. From simple tool sheds to ones that you can almost live in,  or at least use for an office, hobbies or maybe as a sanctuary space.

The prices of some of these sheds may surprise you too. Don’t worry they’re a nice surprise !!

Garden sheds can all be easily personalised to suit their use, and there’s lots of add-ons and extras available that help make the most of your shed interior space. From simple wall hooks to tool organisers, shelving banks and even floating ceiling storage for the larger sheds, there really are endless combinations to choose from.

In our best storage shed reviews we have highlighted top quality sheds from trusted manufacturers. These come in kit form, and most require just a little time, some basic tools, and really no technical knowledge to assemble them.


SHED SIZE:    You may have space restrictions but if you don’t always pick a storage shed a little larger than you need, you’re pretty well guaranteed to fill it some time in the future. If you are spending the time and effort to build your shed best to make it future proof.

CONSTRUCTION:   These storage shed kits are manufactured and molded from resin or recycled plastic. That makes them incredibly long lasting, durable and water proof. Some sheds can be affected by prolonged hot sunlight though so if you live in hot states make sure the shed has at least UV protection if it going to be sited in full summer sun. If you’re looking to secure shelves or tool hooks to the walls then you need to look for double skinned or ribbed interior sheds.

FOUNDATION:   Like it sounds choosing the right foundation is fundamental to your shed stability and longevity. Some manufacturers make foundation grids for their sheds and they simply need to assembled, attached and laid on a well compacted gravel base pad. These work great, but if you are planning to house any heavy duty equipment in your shed then plan for a concrete base. There are plenty of variations of foundations, some owners like gravel and blind sand with decorative pavers laid on top. With small horizontal or vertical cupboard style sheds then most often a foundation isn’t required but standing them on a base pad can help to protect the bottom weather damage.

ASSEMBLY:    Unless you’re investing in a very small horizontal shed then shed building is definitely not something that can be done alone. You don’t need any real skill sets though except being able to read the manufacturers build instructions. (there’s a lot of great shed building videos on line too) Building a garden shed is definitely a project that can be achieved by anyone with a minimum DIY tool kit and a step ladder. Many owners including your editor actually found the entire shed build process very satisfying indeed.

With an assistant and the minimum of tools your storage shed will be up and ready to use in no time !!.



Vinyl Sided Deluxe Estate Shed 

Fifthroom outdoor shed

 An Elegant Multi Use Storage Shed 

  • SIZE OPTIONS: The range starts at 8 x 10 through to a generous 10 x 14 feet.
  • ROOF: You can choose from a wide range of colors and style of shingle, or if you prefer there’s a metal roof option too. A 6″ overhang gives a nice classic appearance and the soffit is ideal for hanging gutters if required. It’s pitched at 7:12 so plenty of room for a loft for additional storage.
  • WALLS: The 4 ½” Double Dutch lap profile walling is incredibly resilient and pretty much maintenance free. A variety of eight different pastel colors are available to coordinate with your main house or garden scheme.
  • FLOOR: The shed is constructed on top of pressure treated 4 x 4″ skids. That makes it incredibly stable. We like the air flow the runners allow under the shed. The floor joists are treated to withstand rot and insect damage and topped with 5/8″ plywood.
  • SECURITY: The doors are built using heavy duty barn hinges. The handles have an integrated keyed lock.
  • VENTILATION: Gable end ventilation ports are optional.
  • RANGE OPTIONS: An enormous number of options are available to style the interior and exterior of this outdoor shed.
  • MANUFACTURED: Made in the USA.
  • WARRANTY: Limited lifetime.


What Owners Like

  • The contractors managed to put it up in a day even with extended coffee breaks !!
  • Because it’s built on substantial skids levelling was really simple. Easy to shim if required.
  • Easy to install insulation and electrical circuit between the timber studs.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Some self builders found the instructions a tad confusing . Technical service helped straight away though.
  • That’s it folks !! This is the Rolls Royce of Garden sheds.

Suncast Tremont Outdoor Storage Shed 

1 Suncast Tremont 8' x 10' Storage Shed

The Brilliant Suncast Tremont Resin Garden Shed 

  • OPTION SIZES: Nice selection of sizes to choose from 8 x 4 ft, 8 x 7 ft and 8 x 10 ft
  • BUILD: Made of very durable steel reinforced resin double walls. Topped off with metal reinforced shingle style roof panels.
  • PERSONALISATION: The kit comes with two handy corner shelving units for mounting to suit the owners preferences. Additional accessories like shelving, a loft kit or a hook and basket are available, but need to be bought separately, they are not bundled with the purchase.
  • INTERIOR LIGHTING: Is provided by six skylights on the large shed and four on the smaller, and the through generous panel style windows built into both doors.
  • SECURITY: The rust proof metal handles have a bolt and hasp to secure the doors with a padlock when required. ( Padlock not included in kit )
  • VENTILATION: Front and rear gable ends have ventilation ports built in to allow air flow through the shed..
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Very fast assembly times. Generally expect to allow four  to five hours for build.  Some owners managed it in two or less hours with several pairs of hands involved, and perhaps Superman showed up as well !!
  • Easy to understand instructions were an extra comfort factor. Video help as usual can be found online if needed.
  • Quality of this garden shed rated excellent.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Some issues were encountered with components and holes not lining up correctly. Never a show stopper though, and in your editors opinion it could have been due to poor base levelling.
  • Doors were a tad flimsy and could be flexed. Door alignment during build can be tricky.

Lifetime 8 by10 Foot Outdoor Storage Shed 

Lifetime 6005 Outdoor Storage Shed

 Top Quality Lifetime Outside Storage Shed 

  • SIZE OPTIONS: Two ample sized sheds 8 x 10 ft and 8 x 15 ft.
  • MANUFACTURE: Fabricated using only high specification materials.  Like all the best storage sheds it is constucted using dual wall high density polyethylene construction material that has been UV protected to maintain colour integrity and to prevent weather damage.
  • ROOF: For added strength heavy duty A frame steel trusses have been incorporated into the design to add to overall shed rigidity and increase load bearing capabilities. The high pitch roof angle allows rain and snow to drain down quickly.
  • FLOOR: The great build quality of the shed is found below the owners feet too where the same attention to detail is found. The floor is a none slip and polythene stain proofed against oils and solvents.
  • SECURITY: High impact door handles and a metal latch secure the pair of steel reinforced doors. Dead bolts have been fitted top and bottom of the left hand door.
  • VENTILATION: Both  gable ends are fitted with ventilation ports built at the apex of the roof.
  • RANGE OPTIONS: This shed comes in various larger sizes and also has an option model that has secondary access doors set in the gable end.
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Excellent quality of materials. This shed is made to last.
  • Not a fast build, this is quite a complicated shed to erect, but owners were very satisfied when it was accomplished.  Difficult to assess the time needed but 2 people and 8 -10 hours is probably not far out.
  • The starter shelving that comes with the kit, a 90 inch shelf and four corner shelves are nice to get the shed operational from day one.
  • Owners liked the numerous accessories are available from Lifetime like tool corrals and triple shelf banks.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Some complaints about the quality of the manual and how poorly written it is. There are helpful videos of the the build process on line to assist.
  • Doors were a little tricky to get hung just right and align.
  • The odd leak was noted but these complaints are difficult to assess what the cause may have been.

FifthRoom Cedar Lap Siding Shed 

Ceder Lap Storage Shed

 The Brilliant FifthRoom Bespoke Cedar Storage Shed 

  • SIZE OPTIONS: A large array of size options from 8 x 10 through 10 x 16 feet. Other sizes could be discussed with the sales team.
  • MANUFACTURE: Made in the USA. This shed is quality from the bottom up. FifthRooms really are the Cadillac of outdoor shed manufacturers .
  • ROOF: The 8:12 pitch roof is finished with heavyweight triple layer fiber glass mat  shingles. They’re coated with asphalt and surfaced with mineral granules to give a really pleasing visual effect.  If you’d prefer architectural shingles that look like natural wood, well they’re are an available optional extra.
  • FLOOR: The shed sits on pressure treated 4 x 4 runners. The floor decking is 5/8″ pressure treated plywood fixed on top of southern yellow pine floor joists treated to withstand moisture, rot and insect damage. Manufacturer claims the standard floor is strong enough to hold a car so mowers or tractors should be no problem. A heavy duty floor option is also available if you’re planning to park an Abrams M1 tank inside your shed.
  • SECURITY: The doors are built with a keyed entry handle. The rest of the door furniture uses heavy duty hinges and a barrel bolt to keep the door closed.
  • VENTILATION: A pair of gable end ventilation ports can be added if required.
  • RANGE OPTIONS: Too many to list them all but we particularly like the built in loft and work bench options prefabricated in the factory. Roof material, window sizes, skylights, aluminum roof vents are just some of the other options you can choose.
  • WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty.


What Owners Like

  • Unbeatable quality of materials. Hard to see it bettered at any price.
  • The telephone support help is prompt and knowledgable.
  • Order to delivery time just a couple of weeks.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • The plans were a little hard to follow, and video tutorial is general rather than specific to a model. Customer support was amazing though and answered any queries on build process.


Suncast Horizontal Storage Cabinet

4 Suncast Horizontal Outisde Storage Shed COMP

The Elegant Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed

  • OPTIONS: This elegant utility shed comes as 53 x 32 x 45 inches or a spacious 70 x 44 x 52 inches
  • BUILD QUALITY: High quality components used in this superb outdoor storage shed. Constructed of durable double wall resin with a strong reinforced floor to accommodate heavier items. This shed is built to last. It’s certainly not style over substance, but it has both in abundance.
  • INTERIOR PERSONALISATION: The interior walls have a support moulded in that should be able to accommodate a half width shelf .
  • ACCESS: Easy lift lightweight lid, held open with a simple rod. Generous double doors for front access.
  • SECURITY: Can be padlocked. (lock not included in the price )
  • OPTION SIZES: Three size options available.
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Just an hour to an hour thirty to build the shed.
  • The price / quality ratio was as buyers expected.
  • Perfect for spa and pool accessories as well as lounger cushions. Many folks used this little workhorse storage shed for tool and machinery storage too.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Surprisingly some owners felt the build instructions to be confusing. The manual is written in Spanish, French and English and all on one page. We agree that the manual could be better. Look at the positive though, you can learn some French and Spanish as you build your shed! Win,win !!
  • Some sun heat warping noted on the storage shed roof.
  • Some minor issues with making the shed completely water tight.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Cabinet Horizontal

Rubbermaid Horizontal Outdoor Storage Cabinet

  • BUILD: This Rubbermaid shed is double walled for added strength. It is leak, dent, and weather resistant. The strong heavy duty plastic flooring is stain and impact resistant.
  • PERSONALISE: Shelving can easily be added using the built in supports on the side walls.
  • SECURITY: The shed can be locked up if required with a padlock. (not included )
  • RANGE OPTION SIZES: Two models are available. 55 x 28 x 36 inch and 60 x 32 x 47 inches
  • WARRANTY: 1 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Very few components to assemble so build can be completed in just thirty minutes.
  • Rubbermaid customer support good with fast response and solutions to any problems.
  • Build instructions are OK, but sometimes they have been omitted from the kit when it is delivered. Build instructions can be be found online on Rubbermaid website if needed.
  • Many repeat buyers of Rubbermaid products have chosen this little shed. Repeat buyers means satisfied customers.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • A few owners had problems with the lid hold-open bar which tends to jams and wont allow lid to close down all the way.
  • Build instructions are OK, but sometimes they have been omitted from the kit when it is delivered. Build instructions can be be found online on Rubbermaid website of course.

Keter Horizontal  Storage Shed

Keter Horizontal Outside Storage Box Cabinet

Keter Horizontal Shed

  • SIZE RANGE: Either 55 x 28 x 36 inch or 60 x 32 x 47 inch
  • BUILD QUALITY: Made from a polypropylene resin plastic with steel reinforcement. So this really is a shed that is going to last. Wall, roof and door reinforced design and construction all ensure its super durability.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Weather-resistant construction and UV protected.
  • PERSONALISE: Shelving is not included with the purchase but built in support for shelves down the side walls makes it easy to fit your own shelving to suit the purpose of the shed.
  • SECURITY: Roof and doors are all lockable with a padlock. (not included )
  • SIZE OPTIONS: External dimensions 51 x 29 x 43.5 inches
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Fast build, it takes less than an hour to have the storage shed  built and ready for duty.
  • Perfect for a range of uses, apart from storing the usual bins, tools or patio cushions this little workhorse has also housed generators, pool equipment and one owner is even using it to store hay for some resident goats !!
  • A budget storage shed, but owners generally felt the overall quality of the product was what they expected for the price paid.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Some archived complaints of poor build quality and damaged components in the product box.. Most of these complaints are from several years ago, and Keter have since much improved their quality control.
  • Build instructions poor, but the shed is so easy to put together they are not really that important
  • ome sharp edges on some of the components needed smoothing down .


Suncast Vertical Shed

 Suncast Vertical Utility Outdoor Storage Shed

Suncast BMS1500 Vertical Outdoor Storage Cabinet

  • SIZE OPTIONS: This brilliant shed is available in three sizes 32 x 26 x 70 inch, 56 x 30 x 79 inch and 56 x 50 x 81 inches.
  • BUILD:   Finished in a pleasant sand colour this elegant Suncast storage shed also  has a nice understated wood grain effect on the outer surfaces. It’s made from double walled resin. It is leak, dent, and weather resistant. The strong, heavy duty plastic flooring is stain and impact resistant.
  • SHELVING:   There are four notches built into the side walls to allow owners to easily install shelving if required. Shelves are NOT INCLUDED in the kit and have to be provided by the owner.
  • SECURITY:   The two handles have holes where a padlock can be looped through and installed to secure the shed.
  • RANGE OPTION SIZES:   Currently just this model, 26.5 x 32.25 x 70.5 inches. .
  • WARRANTY:   10 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • A really quick build and easy instructions. Just a Phillips screwdriver and 30 minutes needed to complete set up.
  • Solid and well made components, no real issues on quality control or missing pieces..
  • Good looking but unobtrusive design made the shed a real winner for owners.
  • Many repeat Suncast buyers go for this product. It is a real best seller in the vertical shed range.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • No shelves with this storage shed but easy enough to purpose make and install.
  • Handles are OK but would be better and more secure in metal.
  • Some issues with making the shed completely water tight. Most owners report the shed watertight, others had some issues with water entry around the doors.

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

2 Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed Vertical

Best Selling Rubbermaid Cabinet

  • QUALITY OF MATERIALS:   Constructed using durable double wall resin.  Leak-resistant, dent-resistant and weather-resistant. The integrated heavy duty floor is made to be impact resistant.
  • CUSTOMISE:   This outdoor storage cabinet is sold WITHOUT shelves or any kind of other storage systems, so owners must choose how to personalise the interior themselves. Rubbermaid have provided a shelving template included with the sheds delivery paperwork to assist making shelving. Inner walls have five pairs of shelve notches conveniently moulded into the skin.
  • SECURITY:   Doors click latch together and can be padlocked to fully secure. (Padlock not included in the price )
  • DIMENSIONS:   W 30 x D 25 x H 72 inches
  • WARRANTY:   1 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Amazingly easy to build this shed, only eight pieces that just snap together. Takes around fifteen minutes, a breeze of a build.
  • The shed is certainly rain resistant, and many owners actually reported it to be completely waterproof.
  • Small footprint that offers a lot of space, particularly if shelves are added.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • No shelves included in the kit. They have to be made by owner or a third party. Certainly perplexing to understand why Rubbermaid has chosen to omit them in the shed bundle.
  • Some problems with heat warping .
  • Kits occasionally missing build instructions.  Certainly poor QC by Rubbermaid, but since there are only eight parts to put together it’s pretty hard to go wrong with the the build.

Keter Vertical Outdoor Storage Cabinet

1 Keter Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter Vertical Utility Shed

  • QUALITY:   The rib-reinforced outdoor shed walls are manufactured from DuoTech resin. Double panelled they’re both elegant and very durable. This outdoor storage shed has a built in heavy-duty floor panel to get your tools and storage items up and off the ground. It’s strong enough even for your heaviest items. (see specification below). A sloped threshold makes manoeuvring mowers etc in and out of the shed a breeze.
  • WEATHER PROTECTION:   The trademarked DuoTech material used in this brilliant little shed combined with the build architecture makes the shed highly water and weather resistant.
  • PERSONALISE I:   Because of the nature of the double skinned walls hanging tool racking systems, hooks etc is easy. No shelving in the kit, so owners have to provide their own. Irritating to say the least, but seems to be a pretty standard omission that all manufacturers make. No Shelves.
  • PERSONALISE II:   One of the really nice things owners can do with this shed is custom paint the DuoTech material to complement their outside colour scheme. DuoTech do actually seems to encourage owners to try painting the shed.
  • LOCKABLE:   Yes. The doors can be secured by a padlock .
  • DIMENSIONS:   W 54.9 x D 30.3 x H 71.5 inches.
  • WARRANTY:   Limited Lifetime


What Owners Like

  • A sturdy and well built storage shed with a great look when assembled. The quality of the shed exceeded buyers expectations by some margin. Certainly one of the best outdoor storage sheds for the price.
  • Clear assembly instructions, and components all fitted together without need for adjustments or fiddling. Generally seems to take around one to two hours to get it together.
  • Perfect size for long garden tools even with top shelves fitted.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Packaging of the shed could be improved, some owners reported broken components when unboxing.
  • As usual with most shed manufacturers no shelves are included with the kit.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed

2 Lifetime 6418 Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 by 5 COMP

The High End Lifetime Garden Shed

  • BUILT: Using a high density polyethylene, and a double wall construction method ensures that this shed range is robust, durable and very low maintenance.
  • ROOF: Heavy duty steel trusses give additional roof strength and support. One full-length sky light and two screened vents for through air passage.
  • UV PROTECTION: The Lifetime range of sheds are UV treated to inhibit colour fade, and resist weather damage.
  • PERSONALISE: Included in the kit is a starter system of customisable shelving and a storage system. Add on systems are available to expand storage to owners requirements.
  • SECURITY: The doors are steel reinforced, and an exterior bolt and hasp system locks them with a padlock. Dead bolts top and bottom of left hand door. Strong elegance.
  • SIZE OPTIONS: Available in just one size W 78.0 x D 50.6 x H 88.3 inches
  • WARRANTY: 10 Years Limited.


What Owners Like

  • Well made, high quality component pieces that fit together properly.  Instructions in the manual made the build process fairly uncomplicated.
  • Nice understated design and colouration fits particularly well into patio and near pool areas.
  • Attentive customer service.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Quite a time consuming build process due to the large amount of nuts and bolts involved.
  • Build instructions could be much better but certainly not a showstopper.


Arrow Metal Storage Shed

1 Arrow Outdoor STORAGE Shed Hamlet

Arrow Hamlet Metal Garden Shed

  • BUILD: Built from corrosion resistant electro galvanised steel. Mid wall braces are included to add extra strength and rigidity. Durable paint finish with baked-on enamel. This is not a cheap and flimsy steel shed, the Arrow is definitely built to last. It’s the Sherman tank of the steel shed world!!!
  • PERSONALISE: A number of add ons are available to help owners personalise the shed to suit its usage. They include shelving kits and tool hangers. Extra roof bracing can also be purchased if the owner thinks it is necessary.
  • BEST FOR: Easily store and organise your outdoor tools and equipment. This budget outdoor storage shed range is a perfect home for lawn and garden tools, pool and spa supplies, and bicycles.
  • SIZE OPTIONS: Comes in three sizes 6 x 5 ft, 8 x 6 ft and 10 x 6 ft.
  • WARRANTY: An amazing 12 Years Limited.  ShelterLogic really do stand behind their Arrow product range.


What Owners Like

  • The component pieces and the nut and screw holes generally lined up well.
  • Nice understated design and colouration fits particularly well into patio and near pool areas.
  • A budget range of sheds, but owners generally felt the overall quality of the product better than they expected for the price paid.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Poor build instructions.
  • This is not a storage shed range for tall people, internal height just 5ft 6in. It is what it says on the box, a storage shed, not really a working shed.

Outsunny Metal Outdoor Shed

1 Outsunny 9' x 6' Garden Utility outside Storage Shed COMP

Outsunny 9 x 6 ft Metal Storage Shed

  • BUILD: Constructed from galvanised steel with PP plastic elements. Four air vents insure airflow into the shed, and the sloped roof helps to keep the rain water from getting into the shed.
  • PERSONALISE: This shed is really just for gardening equipment storage. Enough space inside to set up tool corrals, and an element of free standing storage. It is not fully water tight so it’s not going to be a good choce for perishable or pool chemicals and soft furnishings. As budget tool shed it works just fine.
  • SIZE OPTIONS: Two sizes available this 9 x 6 ft and it’s 7 x 4 ft little brother.


What Owners Like

  • From a size and price point of view owners are getting a decent amount of storage space on a budget.
  • Pleasant and harmonious paint work. Quite spacious garden shed once through the door.
  • Lightweight component part so shed could be built quite quickly. Needs around four hours to erect.
  • Lightweight component part so shed can be built quite quickly. Needs around four hours to erect.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Poor instructions, but building it is a fairly intuitive process.
  • A tad on the flimsy side.
  • This storage shed is not really suitable for tall people.

Goplus Galvanized Steel Shed

1 Goplus Garden Storage Shed Outdoor

Goplus Galvanized Steel Outdoor Storage Shed

  • BUILD MATERIAL: Electro galvanised steel.
  • COLOUR CHOICES: As well as the rather fetching green that we have highlighted there is a grey option as well.
  • BEST FOR:  Just storage of non perishable items and tools.
  • SIZE OPTIONS: Option sizes are 6 x 4 ft and 8 x 4 ft.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited.


What Owners Like

  • The component pieces and the nut and screw holes generally lined up well.
  • Nice and visually understated.
  • A pretty flimsy shed but sufficient for long term storage items that are not affected by damp conditions.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • A good enough outdoor storage shed for light use, whilst the door is serviceable enough it probably wouldn’t hold up to a lot of ins and outs.
  • Awful build instructions.

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