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Fencing off the pool needn’t be a difficult task. The best pool safety fence systems require the minimum of tools, just a good drill really and simple DIY skills.

The best thing about the pool fences we are going to review is they’re not permanent fixtures.

So if you’re buying a pool safety fence to barrier it off from small children, then as they grow it can easily be removed, leaving the minimum of visual effects on your pool pavers or decking.

For seniors expecting grandchildren over these type of pool fence is perfect, they can be erected and taken down in minutes.  They’re lightweight, easy to handle and have a small storage footprint when they’re rolled up.

Let’s take a look at some of the best pool safety fence choices from manufacturers we trust.

best pool safety fence

The removable type of pool safety fences are certainly the most popular, and the most practical.

They provide an easy to erect physical barrier all around the pool. They provide a peace of mind all season long but are easily stored in the winter when the pool cover goes on.

Being a fine mesh they’re see through, so don’t spoil the view of the pool, and importantly don’t muffle sound either.

They may be temporary fences for pools. and don’t  look much of a challenge to a child, but in fact they’re tough, durable and for a little one impenetrable. 

Sentry Safety Pool Fence

sentry pool safety fence visiguard

If fences can be elegant then this one  is. It’s cool good looks do mask how strong and durable it actually is though.

You won’t find much better than this, it’s one of our top  picks. Of course being strong and child proof is a given, but we also like the colour choices that are on offer. It’s a detail of course, but it does set it apart from other manufacturers.

Sentry Safety have been making pool safety fences since 2002 and claim to be the largest seller in the world. Well we can’t verify that.

But we do know for sure you’re in safe hands when you choose their products.

  • Color Choice: The mesh is all black. Your pole and border color options are black, white, green, brown or tan.
  • Mesh Fencing: Made from interwoven fiber-glass strands, it’s designed with larger holes for maximum transparency. UV resistant, plus the top and bottom are double-sided protected using multi-stitching of the fencing material.
  • Post Material: Completely rustproof poles. A durable baked TGIC powder coat finish aluminum with a stainless steel rod section that goes in the ground
  • Bundled in Package: The 12ft x 4ft  fence section is ready to erect straight out of box. Fixtures and fittings include deck sleeves, caps and safety latch.


What Owners Like

  • Nice contrast between the fine black mesh and the trim colors.
  • A little work to install but a comforting feeling of security when it’s finished.
  • The drilling template that’s included is very useful and accurate.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • No real problems or complaints from owners, so nothing to see here. Move along !!
WaterWarden Pool Safety Fence

waterWarden pool safety fence

Waterwarden has a complete modular system to secure your pool,  including a rather elegant pool gate. 

You can choose your system in any color as long as it’s black !! But because of the minimalist design the fence doesn’t overwhelm or make the pool look like penitentiary exercise yard. That said we do think, overall the color gives it a pretty comforting, solid effect. It’s UV protected to ensure it keeps looking its elegant best.

Easily customised to fit around any pool shape size 

A top quality product at an affordable price.

  • Color Choice: None, Just black as noted above
  • Mesh Fencing: UL-Certified the fence mesh is made of strong, UV protected Meshylene fabric.
  • Post Material: Completely rustproof aluminum poles, five in total in the 12 foot single section.
  • Bundled in Package: Everything you need apart from tools is bundled with the purchase. Fixings include deck sleeves, spring loaded safety latches and a template to help with accurate drilling.


What Owners Like

  • Self installers found it pretty easy to build as long as you have the correct tools. Don’t try to drill holes with home tools though, hire a heavy duty rotary hammer drill.
  • A great child barrier but really helps to keep wind blown debris out of the pool too..
  • The optional gate really makes it look like a far more expensive installation than it really is.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • An isolated complaint about color fading from an Arizona owner !!
  • Some historical reports of wind damage.
XtremepowerUS Pool Safety Fence

XtremepowerUS pool safety fence

Easy on the eye. A nice beige mesh modular pool safety fence from XtremepowerUS.

Unlike blacks and browns it gives a pleasant mellow aspect to your pool. It comes in 4′ x 12′ sections that are easily adjustable to suit your installation. There’s a self closing gate available in the range finished in the same light tan color. A strong but lightweight aluminum foot tube clad in tough mesh so it can be rolled up and stowed when not in use.

  • Color Choice: Light tan or beige what ever you prefer.
  • Mesh Fencing: Strong, UV protected fabric.
  • Post Material: Five aluminum poles per 12 foot single section.
  • Bundled in Package: Ground sleeves with caps, latches and a template to help with accurate drilling posts or door.


What Owners Like

  • Loved how easy the installation was.
  • The template for drilling holes was super helpful and accurate.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Succumbed to a dog attack.
  • Minor sun bleaching.
Giantex In-Ground Swimming Pool Fence

Giantex Swimming Pool Fence

An affordable pool safety fence offered by the online retailer Giantex. Despite having a lower price point the safety fence is still made of strong, rust proof materials. Be aware though it’s not advertised as being UV protected so that may reduce it’s useful life a little in prolonged sun.

There’s not a gate offered by this brand,  if you want one then compatible gates can be purchased from other manufacturers.

This lightweight and easy to install pool fence may suit many peoples budget.

  • Color Choice: Just comes in black.
  • Materials: Aluminum tubing with 340 gsm Textilene fabric mesh. Hook and eye fixing to connect top post together.
  • Fence Kit: 12ft  x 4ft  fence section plus every thing required to install a single section, sleeves, caps and safety latch.


What Owners Like

  • Fast and easy to put up and take down especially good for curved pools.
  • Better than expected quality for the price.
  • Great customer service . The Dyna-Glo fix any defects or problems are encountered after purchase fast.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Poles are hollow not solid.
  • Installation instructions could be much better.
Life Saver Pool Fence

Life Saver pool safety fence

Of course since this is a modular type fencing system so you can buy sections to suit your pool shape and size.The gate is nice optional feature, but the pool can still accessed simply by removing, entering and replacing one of the support poles. Many owners prefer to do this.

 This US manufacturer has a pedigree stretching back 25 years, so you can expect a great support team.

  • Color Choice: Black or light brown.
  • Mesh Fencing: A polyvinyl basket weave infused with UV inhibitors. The mesh has an impressive strength of 270 ibs per square inch. More than a match for an adult never mind a child.
  • Post Material: Made from solid high gauge rust free aluminum. They are spaced every 3 feet, so 5 per 12 foot section.
  • Single Fence Package: The box contains a ready to erect 12ft Long x 4ft High fence section and also includes deck sleeves, caps, safety latch and a handy installation template.


What Owners Like

  • Very lightweight for adults but super strong. Great build quality.
  • Very easy to stow away when not needed. The fence sections take very little storage space when rolled.
  • Good customer support by telephone or email. Instruction manual excellent but occasional installation issues swiftly solved by contacting the manufacturer.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • One occasion of mixed quality fencing sections.
  • Poor quality of ground inserts mentioned by one owne

Pool Safety Fence Gates

WaterWarden AGP Pool Fence,

waterWarden above ground pool fence

An pretty sharp looking above ground pool safety fence by WaterWarden. It protects both sides of the fence. It stops children from climbing in and when they’re in stops them climbing out and falling.  It’ll also stop large floating pool toys from disappearing into the scenery on a blustery day.

 The sections can be custom cut if needed. There’s also a gate in the range but we’re not sure how useful that would be,

  • Color Choice: White.
  • Fence Material: UV resistant vinyl.
  • Single Fence: The box contains a ready to erect 62 inches long x 24 inches high fence section.


What Owners Like

  • Sturdy and easy to assemble.
  • Much cheaper than the pool store.
  • Easy to cut to size.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Nothing negative to report on this product.
GLI Above Ground Pool Fence

above ground pool fence GLI kit

Not just a nice finishing touch to your above ground pool this fence does add an element of safety too. The manufacturer claims it can be mounted on any type of above ground pool, we can’t verify that of course.

Choose from two, three or eight section kits to suit your pool installation and it can be cut to purpose if required.

We think this pool fence looks great when running around from a wooden deck, but it’s not about good looks it’s all about safety.

  • Color Choice: White or white.
  • Materials: Made from rigid UV protected vinyl.
  • Fence Kit Dimensions: Fence sections measure 64.5″ W x 1.5″ D x 24″ H.


What Owners Like

  • Looks great and quite well engineered.
  • Reasonably easy to install. A 24ft round pool was completed within 3 hours by one owner.
  • Ideal to complement and secure pool away from main decking.

What Owners Don’t Like So Much

  • Can make pool cleaning a little tricky on some installations.
  • Installation instructions could be much better.

measuring up your pool safety fence

Once you settle on which pool fence you want the next step is measuring up to see how much to order. 

Easy enough!!  Of course it is, but there are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re planning your fence layout. 

Before you start measuring you need to determine how far from the pools edge to set it up.

Remember the pool needs to be maintained and you’ll need good access  around it and unless you’ve got an automatic pool cleaner you’ll need access from all points of the pool. 

Of course most of the pool safety fences we’ve reviewed here can be quite quickly dismantled for pool cleaning, but do you want to do that ?  If you don’t you’ll need an absolute minimum of 2 feet between edge and fence.

Don’t forget you’ve got to get in and out of the pool and that pools are for having fun, so if the kind of fun is a little horsing around and jumping in the pool you’ll need space for that too.

Lastly remember when you’re planning to make sure the fence is not adjacent to anything a child can climb up and scale the fence from.

where to start measuring

Pool steps or a gate are normally the best places to start. That’s where the first post will go in.

The best pool safety fence manufacturers provide a post distance measuring template with the kit. When you’re measuring up prior to ordering roughly mark the post points. This will make sure you’re not going to set a post in a sensitive part of the poolside.

Installation Tools

  • SDS Drill Bit
  • Rotary hammer drill
  • Suitable length electrical extension cord
  • Drill Guide for precise drilling angle
  • Small rubber hammer
  • Measuring tape

A rectangular pool is simple enough to measure up but more complex shapes can be quite challenging to get a good fence measurement on.

So for complex pool shapes first draw out a rough paper plan, then either physically chalk out the route of the fence or lay out a rope where the fence will go.

When your happy you can simply measure up the rope to find the length of pool fencing needed.

You might consider a rolling measure if you’ve used chalk. Perhaps hire one for the day, they’re actually cheap enough to buy but still seem a tad extravagant for just to measure up your pool safety fence.

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WamBam Modular Pool Fencing System
  • FINISHING POST REQUIRED: This vinyl fencing is designed to scale, so you will need to order a finishing post to complete your yard fence or pool fence project (item BL19042)
  • NO-DIG INSTALLATION: Save time and labor by not digging holes or pouring concrete using a patented system to drive steel pipe (included) 3ft into the ground; this no-dig fence system is a sturdy and permanent white fence that is not easily removed once installed
Zippity Vinyl Fencing System
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  • DIMENSIONS: Measures 36in H x 72in W from center of post to center of post
  • EASY INSTALL: Installs without digging holes, pouring concrete, or tearing up your yard; use a sledgehammer or post pounder to install the no-dig pipe anchor
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Each unit includes 1 fence panel, 1 post, 1 no-dig pipe anchor and (1) cap; this product is designed to scale, so you will need to order a finishing post to complete your fence project (item ZP19003)

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