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You’re going to really enjoy owning a new inflatable hot tub. Right?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy one. It’s going to be a relaxing haven after a long and stressful day. Or why not invite a few friends around to enjoy the warm bubbles with you.  A place to warm down after a workout, thats cool too.

But wait a moment, sorry to get practical.

There are a few thing to think about before purchasing your spa, and some of them are pretty important.

We have put together a “what to think about”, and a how to buy guide to help you get it right when making your decision. 

If you’re still at the just thinking of buying stage, you can find our complete guide to the best inflatable hot tubs here >> .  It may help with some great tub ideas.

You’ll be splashing around in your inflatable hot tub in no time flat.

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Our Recommended Inflatable Hot Tubs


Bestway Saluspa

SIZE: 61" x 61" x 26"
SEATS: 3 - 6 Persons
CAPACITY: 213 Gallons
140 x Air Jets


Intex Hot Tub

SIZE: 88" x 85" x 28"
SEATS: 6 Persons
CAPACITY: 294Gallons
170 x Water Jets

Bestway Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 26"
SEATS: 4 -6 Persons
CAPACITY: 297 Gallons
83 x Air Jets
Saluspa Miami

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 26"
SEATS: 2 - 4 Persons
CAPACITY: 177 Gallons
120 x Air Jets
Coleman Saluspa Hawaii

Coleman Saluspa

SIZE: 71" x 71" x 28"
SEATS: 4 - 6BPersons
CAPACITY: 210 Gallons
114 x Air Jets

Installing An Inflatable Hot Tub

Size:  How much space do you have? Space not an issue. Then how many friends and family do you want to climb aboard? 

Typical hot tubs hold between 4 and 6 people. It’s great to have an ample sized spa, but not wanting to state the obvious be aware the bigger the spa, the more water it needs to fill it. More water means more energy to warm it up and keep it warm.

Weight:  A typical inflatable spa holds between 200 and 250 gallons of water. Water weighs 8.3 lbs/gallon. So the math is simple. Our 80% filled spa is going to weigh in at between 1660 and 2075 lbs, before we climb into it.

It’s not a huge weight per square foot but we need to keep the weight in mind when we are setting it up. It’s probably not going to work too well placed on a flimsy poorly supported garden decking for example.

Space:  A good variety of sizes are available for inflatable hot tubs, so buying one to fit your space is not really going to be an issue. Always remember that a hot tub can be drained quickly and moved, so many people have preferred summer and winter locations for the tub.

Where ever it is going to be placed be sure you know where it is going to live, summer and winter, and measure up to be sure it fits. What is great about the portability of these inflatable spas is that as the summer progresses they can be set up in various different places to catch the maximum rays. That should help the electricity bill too.

Power Source:  Most inflatable tubs come with a very generous length of cable to connect the device pump to the power outlet. It is still important to think of access to power when setting up the tub. Using extension leads are generally discouraged for safety reasons.

No Tools Required Set Up

Out of the box:  These tubs are so easy to set up, even a child could do it. We definitely don’t advise that though!!  No special tools required, except a small wrench provided with kit. Just follow the instructions, inflate the tub, connect up the pump and begin filling it with water. Detailed instructions and safety protocols always arrive with each unit. For those with DVD players, many manufacturers also provide an instructional DVD. 

Inflating & Heating First Time  Don’t be tempted to inflate the tub to full pressure before filling and heating it. The pressure inside the tub carcass should increase in a linear way as as the water level rises. When the water is heated thats going to help increase pressure too. So wait. You can add extra pressure to make the tub comfortably firm when full and warm so don’t worry.

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Keeping a Tip Top Inflatable Tub

Maintenance:  All hot tubs need a method of water purification. Just like swimming pools hot tubs need some kind of chemical treatment to keep the water clean and germ free.

It’s a good idea to consult your local pool chemical supplier for information which disinfectant tablets to use. The use of granulated products is not recommended. Filters need to be checked regularly too, if they are not too discoloured they can be just rinsed down and reused.

Common Questions

Do I need anything else?  Everything you need to get you started comes in the box when you buy your hot tub. The only other things needed are new filters and chemicals for when maintaining your spa, so it is always good to buy these at the same time so you don’t forget, although you won’t need them right away.

How warm do they get?  Most inflatable spa’s will heat up to 40 degrees which is usually more than warm enough for most people, there is a temperature control so you can reduce this too.

How Long does it take to fill the spa, and heat it?  Depending on the size of your hot tub and your water pressure, it can take 1-2 hours to fill the spa, and then again depending on the size it can take 12 hours plus to heat it.

Can I use it in Winter?  You certainly can, however we advise that the spa should not be setup or left out in temperatures lower than 4 degrees (40F) as the water may start to freeze and cause damage to the pump making it unusable.

So although it can be used and would certainly be relaxing to use in the winter months, just ensure if is was protecting  from freeing temperatures. Read our article on winter hot tubbing here >>

Can I use it indoors? – Yes you can, however there are a few extra things to consider, the floor, can it hold the weight, what if the flooring gets wet when getting out, or draining it? Will the flooring be ok? So although it can be used indoors, you need to think about the practical side and use of this.

Is it easy to store away?  It certainly is, just drain the water and deflate, pack it away in its box and store in a dry place ready for next Summer. When draining it though do take some time to give it a good clean and scrub down, it shall make things a lot easier for the next time you bring it out. You can read our complete guide to inflatable hot tub winter storage here >>

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