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The budget priced SaluSpa Miami Hot Tub by Bestway offers a no frills entry into home hot tubbing.

Budget doesn’t have to mean poor quality.

A company with the name, reputation and pedigree of Bestway just don’t produce inferior products.

What’s on offer here is a smaller inflatable hot tub that can fit four people. It’s actually an absolutely ideal tub for two or couples with a small family.

Being a smaller tub has some obvious drawbacks but also has some major benefits in lower running costs.

Faster water heating, swift water maintenance and rapid reheating, means lower energy bills.

So a budget price tub and lower energy bills. Is this all too good to be true?

We’re going to find out. Our experts guide you through all the on-board features the Saluspa Miami hot tub and how they stack up.

We’re expecting a lot from this little tub so let’s dive right in…..

Saluspa Miami At a Glance

Product:     SaluSpa Miami
Type:   Inflatable
Seats:   2-4 people
Jet Count: 120
Capacity: 177 Gallons
Dimensions: H 26in. W 71in. L 71in.
Filled Weight: 1477 lbs
  • 120 Bubble jets
  • 110 – 120V
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Max Temp 104º
  • TriTech 3-ply Laminate PVC Body
  • ChemConnect System
  • Timer
  • I Beam Construction
  • Top cover
  • 2 x Filters


Lay-Z-Spa Miami AirJet - Now is your time!

SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

Fully Reviewed

The Saluspa Miami hot tub is one of the most popular tubs in the Bestway range. A best seller in fact. Since being introduced a few years age it’s had a number of good improvements, refinements and updates.

Small incremental changes, adding an extra polish to what was an already good product.

Not much has changed visually with the tub but hidden refinement is the timer. It’s really made a difference to controlling the running costs of the tub.

Just having a timer on an inflatable hot tub is actually rather a “high end” feature but Bestway have managed to include the software in this tub and still keep the affordable price.

Let’s drill down a little deeper at all the Saluspa Miami features

SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub

SaluSpa Miami Hot Tub Feature Guide

Let’s check out what the Saluspa Miami tub features have to offer. This is a “no frills” tub, but of course the heater and blower should still offer a really good hot tub experience for the bathers.


This is where the benefits of having a smaller volume of water are most obvious. The Saluspa Miami will build to your desired temperature quite quickly prior to using the tub, and a swift re-heat when your done.

Bestway quotes a temperature build rate of 2 – 3º/ hour which doesn’t sound great, but it equals or exceeds competitor inflatable hot tubs.

In our experience it’s actually around 3 – 4º/ hour with an ambient surrounding temperature of 65 – 70ºF.

Heating this volume of water to 104º F from a 120v outlet and run the pump just takes time, and a little patience. Typically expect 18 – 24 hours to reach bathing temperature.

Miami Timer

A “plan ahead” timer is fitted. It allows the owner to program the tub to start at a future time. This is selected by setting how many hours in advance you want it ti fire up.

For example if you set it up at 8.00 AM when you leave for work and want a soak at 8.00 PM when you get home. you’d program in say 10 hours. That would start warming the water 2 hours before you want to use it.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s feature that even some of the more expensive inflatable hot tubs don’t offer.

Control Panel

The new style more “boxy” pump / heater tower has the control panel conveniently placed on top. Adjustable to an extent, it can moved upright to the best angle for easy access from inside the tub.

Alternatively it can move flat when you start or set up the tub.  


  • Lock and Unlock
  • Activate water heater
  • Heater start time selector
  • Set heater duration
  • Start filter
  • Water temperature
  • Start Bubble Jet massage
  • Toggle Fahrenheit / Celsius


It’s plenty big enough and provides all the power you’ll need for a nice invigorating hot tub experience.  The Saluspa Miami pump has a very low audible impact too. An important, often forgotten factor when choosing an inflatable tub .

The pump and heater combination unit is close to you when you are in the tub. So it’s obviously important that unit noise doesn’t spoil your enjoyment.

Hot tubbing with ear plugs just ain’t much fun.

With the Miami hot tub  “noise” comes from the bubble jets when they are running. But hey, no bubble jets and what you’ve got is a warm bath tub! That’s not what we’re looking for.

SaluSpa Miami Full INTERIOR
The hot tub blue check interior makes the water really sparkle when filled.


Made using Bestways TriTech technology. That’s a 3-ply reinforced polyester laminate with a mesh core. Super robust, durable it should give many seasons of use and enjoyment.

saluspa miami construction

The internal architecture has an I-Beam construction.  It makes it strong enough for users to sit on the sides without the spa bending or buckling. It feels just like a well padded car seat !!

Jet Count

There’s 120 bubble jet set around the internal perimeter of the tub. That’s a lot for a smaller volume tub like the Saluspa Miami. So you can expect plenty of soothing bubbles per person. The on-board pump makes sure they’re powerful too.

Bubbles are what you’re buying and this tub has a bunch.

With this type of hot tub the jets can’t be adjusted for direction or power. Of course they can be turned off when you’re done and you can continue your soak. With the jets turned off the heater can be activated to warm the tub back up. Nice !!

Saluspa Bestway ChemConnect
ChemConnect system

Filter and Chemicals

One of the improvements Bestway have made to the Miami hot tub is the chemical delivery system.

The old style floating chemical dispenser has been replaced with the ChemConnect system. ( pictured above)

As ChemConnect is part of the hot tub plumbing it’s now just a matter of installing your preferred chemical treatment tablet inside the container. Now when the pump is running chemicals are evenly dispersed to the tob water

Of course adjustments can be made to how much chemicals are being delivered or it can be turned off completely.

SaluSpa Miami Quick Guide

The main features of the hot tub. Things worth considering before making a purchase.

  • Affordable price point
  • Easy and fast build
  • Plan ahead timer
  • ChemConnect system
  • Quiet pump
  • Durable construction
  • Ideal for small gardens
  • Perfect for weight sensitive decks

Editors Notes

Looking at, testing, then informing readers of good and bad points of hot tubs and pool equipment is what our expert team does.

The Saluspa Miami Hot Tub in this review guide doesn’t really have any notable bad points so we’re not going to conjure up any.

This is a small tub that really punches well above it’s weight The 120 bubble jets and powerful pump make sure of that..

It does have a size limitation of course, but then it’s not aimed at the hot tub party crowd. It’s aimed at couples or young families.

Occasional four adult occupancy is fine too. It can just about manage that. The real question of course is whether four adults want to mange that!!

What you’re buying with the Saluspa Miami is the Bestway brand and quality of materials that that means.

Bestway just don’t make bad products, and their Miami Inflatable Hot Tub definitely represents the best tub in it’s class.


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