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Above ground pools are brilliant things to own. Straight out of the box they’re an instant hit with the family, and suddenly you have got friends showing up that you haven’t seen for years.

We are going to give you some cool suggestions to give your new best friend even more personality and style.

There are plenty of cool Intex above ground pool accessories to choose from. Some are practical, some fun, and some are just flat out ridiculous.

Let’s look at some with you, and get you started “pimping your pool”


Must Haves and Maybe’s

Wall Mount Surface Skimmer

For the EasySet or Metal Frame pool ranges, this handy skimmer is a helpful addition to your pool maintenance kit.

It simply attaches to the filter pump, then routes the surface debris through the strainer basket. It needs a minimum of 800 gph to run effectively, so it’s best suited to medium pools.

Helps to catch leaves and other floating debris before the sink to the bottom of the pool.

Handy to run when the pool is unattended. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises lurking it the bottom of the pool when this puppy is running.


Multi-Color LED Pool Fountain

You’re buying a hydroelectric generator with this pool fountain.

Yup, that’s right, a hydroelectric generator, that’s what powers the mood lighting LEDs that are fitted into the fountain.

Choose from white, red,  blue or green lights to suit your fancy, and no batteries involved.

Not for all pools unfortunately, the fountain only fits the Metal Frame and Ultra ranges. It needs a pump rate of between 1000 to 3000 gph to be at its magnificent best.

Fun for the little ones during the day, and a real show stopper at night.


Confer Above Ground Pool Ladder

Confer Plastics A-Frame Pool Ladder

Peace of mind when very small children are in the garden. The built-in lockable roll guard security barrier covers the outer steps when not in use. 

Adjusts to fit 48 inch to 54 inch pool walls. The Confer access steps kit simply snaps together. Users have reported them to be study, well made and easy to build.

Unless you are going to vault into your pool you’re going to need these. A brilliant price too.


Intex Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Looking for an auto cleaner to take care of a slightly larger area than the one above then this is the one your looking for.

Unlike its stable mate this model reverses direction, so it does the whole pool while you sip a long cool one and watch it. Needs a flow rate of 1600 to 4000 gph to get up and running, and 1 1/2” connectors.

This one costs a just a little more, but what the heck, live a little!!!!


Pool Blaster Re-Chargeable Vacuum

This pool vacuum is perfect for cleaning a small to medium pools. It’s ideal for spot cleaning larger pools too.

Hand held or attach to your pool pole, little gem runs from built-in rechargeable batteries giving a one hour run time

If you’re looking for a pool vacuum to easily navigate around your pool then this Pool Blaster will be an ideal addition to your pool shack. Nice tool !

A brilliant piece of kit!!


Sun Heater 2′ X 20′ Solar Panel

SunHeater Solar Heating System

Pump a little of the suns heat into your pool. a low price, low tech, low maintenance pool heater.

Depending on weather conditions, wind and pool size temperature increases temperature of up to 15ºF can be achieved.

Quite effective for pools up to 12000 gallons.Combined with a solar blanket this simple solar blanket will definitely tuck your pool up nicely and help to take the chill off.

A super simple hook up, and compatible with pumps with flow rates of up to 2500 gal/hr.


Mega Chill, Inflatable Floating Cooler

Have sustenance close at hand.

Why bother getting out of the pool when you can have a cool one floating right next to you.

This indispensable lazy mans pool accessory has 5 built-in cup holders, 2 trays, a built-in cooler that holds beverages and ice, as well as durable handles to tether it where you most need it.

This is for the pool equivalent of a couch potato, in doesn’t get much more indulgent than this.

We love it.


Dolphin Above Ground Pool Cleaner

This pool vacuum should be a serious member of your your pool cleaning team this summer.

This guy is smart, a general not a foot soldier.

It’ll quickly become your new best friend.

It takes charge of all your vacuuming chores at the press of a button. Why you don’t even need to program it. It jumps in, scans your pool and starts cleaning.

The on board smart navigation means efficient cleaning of bottom, walls and even waterline.

Let this little guy take care of things for you this summer. You’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in one years earlier.

A brilliant addition to your pool shack.


Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler

If you’ve got a drink problem, or maybe have a lot of friends round, then the jumbo Mega Chill II is just what you need floating next to you in the pool.

It includes a removable ice chest which can hold up to a dizzying 72 cans, as well as accompanying ice.

The six cup built in holders hardly seem enough to cope with the staggering amount of liquid on board. A great aide for the serious drinker!! Brilliant for party fun too. Keep the children hydrated all day/week long.

A seriously cool thing.


Intex Maintenance Kit

If you want it all to arrive in one box then this is the box to order. 

You get the complete starter pool cleaning package.This is a manual vacuum, so no sipping long cool ones when the pool needs cleaning.

This needs manpower to run it.

The 110” telescopic handle runs the vacuum head, and you’ve got to push it. No real hardship though. You get two vacuum heads, vacuum body, filters, brush and skimmer net as well as the aluminium telescopic shaft. You’re going to need a pool with a 800 gph pump to enjoy the bargain of the century though.  

Intex pool accessories all bundled for an incredibly low price


Above Ground Pool Solar Heating Cover

Reduce water evaporation, cut chemical cost and take the chill off your pool. What’s not to like here?

Just float this solar blanket on top of your pool and you’ll be astonished at the results. The pool temperature goes up and your water bills go down.

Use it during the day or at night to lock in the warm water so your first dip the next day is a pleasant surprise and not a chilling shock.

Lightweight and easy to deploy it comes an array of sizes and can be easily trimmed to suit your Intex pool shape. 

Early morning swimming for the faint hearted !!


Solar Heater For Above Ground Pools

An easy to install addition into your Intex pool plumbing.

This solar panel in conjunction with a solar blanket can make a really noticeable difference to your pools’ temperature. Suitable for pools up to 8000 gallons so it’s ideal for most Intex pool shapes and sizes apart from the extra large rectangular models.  

Its curved panel is designed to attract the maximum amount of solar heating, it’s also fitted with adjustable legs to assist optimum positioning.

Not exactly instant happiness, it takes a while to work the magic, but it’s worth the wait.


Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump

If you don’t possess the lungs of a long distance runner.

You’ll find this electric pump indispensable for inflating your small to medium sized pool. A pretty cool Intex pool accessory, it can be used on any inflatable. It’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand,  and powerful enough to inflate your pool in no time.

It runs from 12 v DC, and ships with a compatible plug for your cars power outlets.


Intex LED Pool Wall Light

What pool doesn’t look good illuminated at night?

This light is powerful enough to make a real impact statement after dark. Your pool really turns into the garden or patio feature with this cool accessory. 

Only for use with soft sided pools because it uses a magnet on the outside to keep it in place. It runs off of a 120v plug and ships with a 23 foot power cord and a 12 volt transformer.

Easy to place anywhere inside your pool, and if it should become dislodged it will just float up to the surface for reinstalling.

The folks at Intex think of everything!!!


Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

No need to get out of your pool to lounge about.

Just hop onto this brilliant Intex floating mat. Three adults fit on easily, four if your very close friends!! The kids will love it too. It has two inflatable chambers with just enough buoyancy to keep you floating right down on the surface.It’s a little flexable to let in some water underneath you to cool you down.

It’s a pretty cool thing all round. Measures in at 7 feet wide and nearly 10 feet long.


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