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Our best advice if you’re thinking of buying a jetted tub is don’t hesitate. Just go right ahead and get one. They’re just great things.

A bathtub with jets is one of those purchases you’ll wish you’d made years earlier.

Of course buying the best jetted bathtub that matches your space and budget needs a little research and some planning. Really that should be the fun part of the purchase. Well at least it shouldn’t be stressful.

Maybe you’re looking for a whirlpool tub or an air-jet bathtub and just aren’t sure which type to choose.

Well we’ve highlighted both types in the review section.  You can read all about the differences between airjet and whirlpool tubs in our how to choose the best jetted bathtub guide further down .

There’s lots to cover, so let’s dive right in…..

Jetted Bathtubs At A Glance


Free Standing Bathtub

SIZE: 71" x 31" x 28"
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 60 Gallons
6 x Water Jets
10 x Air Jets

ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub

Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub

SIZE: 71" x 37.4" x 27.5"
WARRANTY: 2 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 91 Gallons
14 x Water Jets
SYMBOLIC SPA Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub

Whirlpool Bathtub

SIZE: 67" x 34" x 21"
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
7 x Water Jets
Empava 67″ Hydro And Air Jet Bathtub

Whirlpool Bathtub

SIZE: 67" x 30” x 26”
WARRANTY: 3 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 63 Gallons
9 x Water Jets
8 x Air Jets
ARIEL Platinum Alcove Jetted Bathtub

Whirlpool Alcove Bathtub

SIZE: 71” x 37.4” x 27.5”
WARRANTY: 2 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 91 Gallons
14 x Water Jets
EMPAVA 2 Person Hydromassage Whirlpool Bathtub

2 Person Whirlpool Tub

SIZE: 72” x 48” x 24”
WARRANTY: 3 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 177 Gallons
10 x Hydro Jets
EAGO Whirlpool Bathtub for Two

2 Person Water + Air Jet Tub

SIZE: 71” x 35” x 25.6”
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 166 Gallons
12 x Water Jets
8 x Air Jets
ARIEL 22 Jet Corner Two Person Bathtub

2 Person Corner Tub

SIZE: 59” x 59” x 31.5”
WARRANTY: 2 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 119 Gallons
22 x Water Jets

EMPAVA 10 Jet Corner Two Person Bathtub

2 Person Corner Tub

SIZE: 59” x 59” x 26”
WARRANTY: 3 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 100 Gallons
10 x Water Jets

Best Jetted Bathtub Reviews

WOODBRIDGE 71″ Whirlpool + Bubble Jetted  Bathtub


WOODBRIDGE BTS1611/B0034 71" Whirlpool Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub

You’re in safe hands with this California based company. It’s one of the largest suppliers of bathroom-ware in America and this is one of their flagship jetted bathtub models! 

The Woodbridge range is highly rated standout in in the freestanding jetted bathtub market.

  • JETS: Fitted with 6 stainless steel adjustable body massage jets and 10 bubble jets.
  • JET PLACEMENT: Stress reducing sets of jets are configured and placed specially for back an foot massage. A brilliant end to a tough day.
  • HEATED AIR BLOWER:  Warms the air entering the tub, an essential for ultimate comfort and reduced water cooling.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Made out of 100% high gloss white Lucite acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 31 1/2″ W x 29 1/8″ H with a water capacity of 60 gallons.


ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub

ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub

Don’t let the traditional style fool you. This tub is fitted with up to the minute digital equipment, and a powerful pump for a great bath time experience.

Plenty of hydro-massage jets on board placed for an invigorating or relaxing experience. Just choose the power level. Quiet too.

Quiet power!! That’s what we like in a whirlpool tub.

  • JETS: 14 water jets for a brilliant hydro-therapy massage. There’s six adjustment settings to control the power to your taste.
  • FEATURES: Fitted with an onboard FM radio, a touch screen keypad and Bluetooth technology to hook up your fav music tracks.
  • LIGHTING:  LED chromotherapy lighting fitted.  Just choose your color,, turn on the jets and lay back and enjoy.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Constructed with premium acrylic for extreme durability. Crack and heat resistant to. Fiberglass reinforcement give the tub extra strength an rigidity.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 37.4″ W x 27.5″ H. Maximum a water capacity of 91 gallons with a generous 17 inches of water depth.


SYMBOLIC SPA Whirlpool Bathtub

reestanding Jetted Massage Hydrotherapy Bathtub Blue

A distinctive looking bathtub. Not packed with jets or gadgets though. You might call this the basic model for those looking for a no frills purchase.

iIt’s certainly well capable of providing a stimulating whirlpool tub experience. We particularly like the clean, unfussy design and the pre-fitted accessories.

  • JETS: Five body and back jets and two smaller jets for a foot massage.
  • PUMP: Runs a 1.0 HP pump from a dedicated circuit.
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Stainless steel framed, molded with acrylic and ABS compound reinforced with three layers glass fiber.
  • FITTINGS: A simple and quick fit for you contractor. Arrives complete with everything you need, from faucet through to drain assembly it’s all fitted ready to go in.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 67″ L x 34″ W x 21″ H.


Empava 67″  Hydro And Air Jet  Bathtub


(2023) 67 in. Whirlpool Rectangular Bathtub - EMPV-JT351

A brilliant fully featured jetted bathtub. This flagship Empava combo model offers both hydro-therapy jets and bubble jets and plenty of each.

Plus extended soaking times are possible with the built in thermostat that helps maintain temperature.

Mood lighting built in too, choose from 16 soft LED colors. It’s hard to see past this jetted bathtub, it’s just a great choice in it’s style of tub.

  • JETS:  A really impressive array of 9 water jets and 8 air jets have been carefully positioned in this brilliant bathtub.
  • JET PLACEMENT: Three water jets serve the lumbar region, a pair of jets either side of the body and two jets at the end of the tub to massage your feet. The eight air jets run along the bottom of the tub.
  • CONSTRUCTION:  Made of 100% white acrylic with a high gloss finish. It’s been reinforced with fibreglass to mitigate any weight related stress on the tub.
  • FITTINGS: The tub accessories are all pre-drilled and pre-installed for a convenient out of the box installation.
  • THERMOSTAT: Soak longer. The pre-installed thermostat helps maintain water temperature between 97℉ and 107.6℉.  Nice feature!! 
  • WARRANTY: Exceeding many rival bathtubs Empava give a 3 years limited parts warranty with this bathtub.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 67″ L x 29.5″ W x 25.6″ H 


ARIEL Platinum Alcove Jetted Bathtub


A substantial jetted bathtub. Its understated lines mask an absolute powerhouse of a bathtub.

Great jet count, great jet placement and great pump power. Add in a heat pump, chromotherapy lighting and you’ve got our top recommended single seater modern style bath.

Oh and you’ve got a space for your shampoos and gels too !!!

  • JETS: A full on hydro-massage system featuring 19 multi-directional Whirlpool and acupressure water jets. They’re all driven by a 1.5HP pump.
  • JET PLACEMENT: Absolutely brilliant full body, leg, back and foot coverage. 5 work on the back, 2 on the feet, 4 are aimed at the upper body and torso and the rest are set into the bottom of the bathtub.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Molded using flex resistant acrylic reinforced fibre-glass. Keeping the tub looking its best is easy with this type of finish.
  • HEAT PUMP: This maintains warmth in the water to extend bathing enjoyment.
  • FITTINGS / FEATURES: LED chromotherapy lighting a stunning array of soft colors to choose from. Onboard FM radio and Bluetooth and speaker. Touch screen controls.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 31.5″ W x 24.6″ H.


EMPAVA 72″ 2 Person Hydro Whirlpool Bathtub

Empava 72 Whirlpool Bathtub Blue

Empava offers this generous 72 inch long jetted tub for two. Plenty of room here to stretch out with your partner.

A full on whirlpool tub experience, with an abundance of well placed jets for individual foot and back massage.

Fully equipped and ready to install. Price / quality ratio makes this a really compelling choice.

  • JETS: A total of 10 water jets. 2 jets per side in the back lumbar region, 2 jets each side massage the body region and 2 jets for the feet. The 1.2HP water pump a provides ample power for the jet system, surround and soothe the entire body.
  • PUMP POWER: Ample power to the jets from a super quiet 1.2HP water pump.
  • LIGHTING:  All the tub accessories are pre-installed. Faucet, knobs, shower-head, and jets are fitted for an easy installation process. This tub is virtually a drop in.
  • WARRANTY: Includes a comforting 3 years limited parts warranty covering drain, overflow, knobs, jets, and any leaks on the body.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 72″ L x 48″ W x 24″ H. 72 in. Water capacity of 177 gallons with a generous 17 inches of water depth.


EAGO Whirlpool Tub for Two

EAGO Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub for Two

Instead of soaking side by side this two person hot tub sits you at opposite ends of the bathtub. We particularly like this set up.

This is a fully stacked tub with pretty much all you’re going to need (except soap) for a luxurious hydro spa experience . Plenty of jets, plenty of power and plenty of space. This our recommended 2 person jetted hot tub.

Plenty of jets, plenty of power and plenty of space.

  • JETS: Twenty jets in total, powered by a 2HP power motor, so plenty of power on tap if you need a strong massage. Simply adjust down to a relaxing level to finish up your soak.
  • JET PLACEMENT: Five water jets aimed at the back, shoulder and lumbar region of each bather. These jets have four different jet pressure settings or there’s an automatic gradual change of jet pressure from low to high in a loop. In addition there’s eight shared bubble jets set into the bottom of the tub.
  • IN LINE HEATER:  The inline heater has a built-in thermostat to maintain the water temperature of the water circulating through the tub. Enjoy your tub longer. Nice !
  • CONSTRUCTION:  A MaxLoad™ fibre-glass and stainless steel reinforced construction. Finished with high gloss, scratch resistant acrylic.
  • FITTINGS / FEATURES: No faucet here the tub fills through the jets. The rest of the quality fittings are all finished with chrome plating.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLS: Control all the many bathtub functions from the well placed , easy to read control panel set on the front rail  of the bath.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 71″ L x 35.4″ W x 25.6″ H


ARIEL 22 Jet Corner Two Person Tub


ARIEL 22 jet Corner Bathtub

A brilliant jetted bathtub. We particularly like this corner tub set up with the bathers facing each other.

There’s an abundance of different jets and pump power in this tub to share. Acupuncture jets, directional jets and whirlpool jets.

This tub has more jets than American Airlines!!

Everything is controllable of course and there’s even 6 massage modes to help enhance your spa experience.

  • JETS: 22 multi-directional water jets and an abundance of controllable 1.5HP pump power. If you’re looking for the top gun well you’ve just found it.
  • JET PLACEMENT: So all 22 jets are hydro jets. The hydro-massage system features 4 multidirectional whirlpool jets with customisable water-flow settings. 8 along the bottom and 10 back acupuncture massage jets, 5 per bather.
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: For exceptional strength it’s made premium pure white 8 layer acrylic that resists chipping, cracking and does not fade over time. Fibre-glass reinforcement means it’s keeps the weight down and the strength up.
  • FITTINGS / FEATURES: Built in ozone cleaning system to ensure water purity. Digital control panel controls the mood lighting system and the FM radio and speakers.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 59″ L x 59″ W x 31.5″ H.


EMPAVA 10 Jet Corner Two Person  Bathtub

Empava Corner Whirlpool Bathtub

This Empava jetted corner tub is a good looker, but it’s not bristling with features.

Your money is spent on high quality components and attention to detail. A smaller jet count doesn’t mean disappointing performance.

The carefully chosen jet positioning means your body will still get a soothing or hydro-therapy massage experience.

  • JETS: 10 water jets are fitted to this tub. It may not sound a lot when compared to other tubs, but it’s certainly more than enough to give a really satisfying, exhilarating bather experience. The 1.00HP pump make sure of that.
  • JET PLACEMENT: The 10 water jets are strategically placed with each bather getting 1 large and 2 smaller jets targeting their lumbar region plus 2 large jets in body region on either side.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Acrylic with fibre reinforcement. It’s a lightweight tub but tough as they come.
  • FITTINGS / FEATURES: The drain, faucet, knobs, shower-head, and jets are pre-installed for an easy installation process. There’s also a thermostat installed to maintain water temperature when you’re having your soak.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 59″ L x 59″ W x 31.5″ H.


Air Jets Or A Whirlpool Jetted Tub ?

Well there’s two different results and sensations going on here.

Whilrpool jet bath effect

Whirlpool Tub

A whirlpool tub recirculates the bath water through a compressor pump and back out through the jets.

Depending on the bathtub model the jet intensity can be adjusted and on higher end baths they can be swivelled to a desired angle and direction.

The effect can invigorating or relaxing depending on how the power is set up.

Air jet effect in bathtub

Air Jet Bathtub

Simple enough. This system works by blowing air into the bath to create massaging bubbles. It’s a gentler more effervescent experience than a whirlpool massage. The best jet tub systems pre-warm the air to reduce cooling of the water.

The overall experience is a pleasantly relaxing soft tissue massage.

Choosing between a bubble jet tub and a whirlpool tub is mostly just personal preference. If you’re looking for a gentle massage experience then an air bathtub is likely for you. If you’re looking for a form of adjustable hydro-therapy then a whirlpool bath is what to go for.

There’s some jetted tubs that offer the best of both worlds and have both systems on board.

How To Choose The Best Jetted Bathtub

Buying a regular soaking tub’s a fairly straightforward process, but when you’re buying a bathtub with jets there’s just a few additional things to think about and put on your checklist.

Let’s take a look…..

Air Jet Or Whirlpool Tub

Of course this should be the first on the checklist. Just what kind o bathing experience are you looking for? Bubble jet or hydrotherapy with a whirlpool bath, or both. 

If you’re not sure then re-read the section above on the differences between the two. Of course the bathtub could be for family use.

Surely different members will have different opinions. The solution is buying a combo bathtub that has air and water jets.

Hey why not be a hero, and keep everybody happy !!!

eago bathtub jet placement

Jet Location

This is more important for hydro-jetted whirlpool tubs. If you’re wanting a back or foot massage you’ll need well placed jets to give you that.

The last thing that anyone needs after a hard day is having to get into an advanced yoga pose just to get a foot massage.

Bubble jets give a more wholistic, effervescent experience. Jet placement and power is still important though. It insures there’s no bubble-less “dead areas” in the bathtub.

None of the bathtub reviewed here suffer from that problem. Remember as you go down the quality scale though it does become an issue to keep an eye on.


Jetted Tub Features

There’s not an endless list of features available for jetted bathtub. Mood lighting is a pretty popular one. Given you can only appreciate the mood lighting in the dark leads to the obvious question. Will you use them, and why?

Perhaps we needn’t delve too deeply into that subject !!!

Grab handles are a feature rarely built into traditionally styled freestanding tubs. Of course these are really handy things for seniors, if the bathtub you love doesn’t have them don’t worry.

There’s a wide range of elegant after market external handles that can be purchased, and even floor mounted ones to place adjacent to the tub.

Maybe a suction handle positioned inside the tub is your best option. Lots to choose from!  So getting senior an assistance in and out of the tub need not be a show stopper.


Jet Tub Sizing

Freestanding jetted bathtubs can be a tad deceptive. They have to house the pump and air blower between the inner and outer shells of the tub. That means that while it looks an ample size from the exterior the actual bathing area can be surprisingly small.

Taller folks need to check this out carefully. Having half a torso and both knees out of the water isn’t the experience anyone is looking for.

In Line Heater

Not all jetted bathtubs come with an in line heater but they’re a great thing to have on board. They warm the air being used to create the bubble jets.

The water in all tubs will cool gradually. When room temperature air is used to create the bubble jets the temperature will come down even faster. That’s where the in line heater comes in.

It wont entirely stop the water cooling but will definitely help the water maintain temperature.

Pump HorsePower

Pump horsepower is the power of the motor, and gallons per minute is the amount of water that the pump can move through what is known as the “wet end”.

In most jetted bathtub cases the bather is sitting right next to the pump so the water doesn’t have to pumped very far to arrive back in the tub via the jets. That means there’s virtually no loss of pump power between the pump and jets.

Whirlpool tubs will have the pump matched to the tub, and the HP can vary between 1 and 2HP. In reality for the average owner there’s very little noticeable difference in having a large 2HP pump except on the electricity bill.

Electrical Hookup

Most domestic bathtubs with jets just need a regular 110V dedicated circuit. Depending on the on-board equipment the breaker can range between 15 and 30A though.

The blowers and heaters if fitted have individual wiring for each component. A standard whirlpool tub with just a pump to wire is obviously a simple hookup to a 15A breaker.

Everyone knows water and electricity don’t make the best cocktail, mixed together they can have catastrophic results so the electrical installation is best left to certified experts.


The jetted tubs reviewed here are all made from acrylic, it’s much lighter than steel acrylic that’s why it’s a really popular material for bathtubs of all kinds, including these jetted models.

Easy to maintain and easy on the eye a quality acrylic tub’s high gloss finish is pretty well indistinguishable from enamel.

It’s actually a plastic polymer formed when carbon molecules are chemically bonded together. Acrylic is strong and impact resistant but if damage does occur it can easily be repaired back to a new state.

The acrylic shaped mold on its own doesn’t have the strength to hold water and bathers, so it’s generally reinforced with glass-fibre to give it the desired rigidity and stability.

Fitting the whirlpool jets, pumps, heaters and all the other hardware gives the final touches to give it a vintage or contemporary look.

Cleaning a bathtub

Deep Cleaning A Whirlpool Tub

There’s just a little extra maintenance needed to keep a jetted bathtub in tip top condition.

Nothing backbreaking, technical or expensive though.

Just like any bathtub whirlpool tubs need a simple wipe over after use but periodically the internal plumbing will need a deep clean.

This will insure there’s no unpleasant build up of bacteria in the water jet pipes. This is particularly important if the bathtub isn’t being used regularly. An optimum schedule for deep cleaning would be every four weeks or so.

Whirlpool Bath Therapy

A jetted bath tub will always offer either a relaxing or invigorating soak depending on the settings, but some owners are looking for a little more.

In fact whirlpool baths are often used by physiotherapists to treat a wide range of things. Reducing pain or swelling, improving strength and range of motion are just some of benefits a whirlpool tub session can offer.

Of course seniors in particular can benefit from soaking in a warm bubbling bathtub.

Everyday aches and pains can be soothed away with a single session. Of course you can’t roll back the years but seniors can step out of the bath feeling a darn site better.

Ready to “Rock and Roll”?  Well, who knows? It’s could be a definite maybe!

certified stamp

Certification Codes For Whirlpool Bathtubs

There’s a bewildering array of codes, marks and certifications that could be attached to plumbing equipment and jetted tubs in particular. Let’s unwrap a few of the most common issuing authorities.

UL Codes

The UL mark on a jetted bathtub shows product compliance the International Plumbing Code and the applicable American performance testing standards. The criteria includes performance testing, material used in manufacture and physical characteristics.


The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials ( IAPMO ) coordinates and develops codes for general plumbing, swimming pools and even solar energy. The codes are adapted to meet requirements of particular jurisdictions here in the United States and overseas.

ASME Codes

This stands for The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. A venerable and important organisation that certifies compliance to certain safety and quality standards in a wide range of products. There’s a number of standards for jetted bathtubs which specify general requirements like testing methods, and markings for whirlpool and air-jetted bathtubs.