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If you just want a take a bath pretty much any tub will do.

If you want to soak in style then you’ll need a freestanding tub. In fact effortless style is probably the top reason most stand alone tubs are purchased.

Adding one into a bathroom design instantly elevates it from a simple bathroom to a real design statement.

These versatile tubs can be made the focal point or a peripheral to the rest of the decor. That’s not where they want to be though, just on the edge of the room “blending in”.

A freestanding tub is a star piece. It needs to be out front, in the spotlight, strutting its stuff.

A lot of todays stand alone tub designs have their origins in the humble Victorian public bath houses. These days though they’ve been transformed from a humble washhouse tub to a splendid bath for the privileged.

They’ve definitely shot up the social ladder and have even become a bit of an aspirational status symbol.

In this review guide we’re looking at best freestanding tubs made from versatile acrylic and some traditional cast iron stand alone tubs for the traditionalist with deep pockets.

Let’s jump right in to the reviews and take a look !!!

Freestanding Bathtubs At A Glance


Free Standing Bathtub

SIZE: 71" x 31" x 28"
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 60 Gallons

Stand Alone Tub

SIZE: 59”L x 29.5”W x 21.62”H
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 55 Gallons

Free Standing Bath

SIZE: 59.1L” x 29.5W” x 23-62H”
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 60 Gallons

Free Standing Tub

SIZE: 63”L x 29W” x 21.62”H
WARRANTY: 25 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 61 Gallons

Free Standing Slipper Bath

SIZE: 54”L x 28.37”W x 28.37”H
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 55 Gallons

Stand Alone Slipper Bath

SIZE: 65L” x 29” x 28"
WARRANTY: 25 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 52 Gallons

Free Standing Slipper Bath

SIZE: 71” x 35” x 25.6”
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 166 Gallons

Free Standing Claw Foot Bath

SIZE: 61″ x 30″ x 29″
WARRANTY: 3 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 39 Gallons

Free Standing Claw Foot Bath

SIZE: 59″ x 30″ x 30 1/4″
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 55 Gallons

Free Standing Claw Foot Bath

SIZE: 72" x 30.83" x 23.38"
WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited
CAPACITY: 55 Gallons

Freestanding Bathtub Reviews

FerdY Freestanding Bathtub: 59 inch


FerdY Freestanding Tub

An outstanding company gives an outstanding product warranty. FerdY Bathtubs tick both of these boxes. They’re so confident in their products they give a six year warranty on structural and surface defects. Comforting to know.

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION:  Made with genuine Lucite® gloss white acrylic.  The body of the tub is reinforced with fibre-glass making it stable and very durable indeed.  Lucite® is easy to clean, and is resistant to a range of household chemicals.
  • IN THE BOX:  Bath tub arrives with an overflow, drain. brass drainpipe, plastic drainpipe and an easy to understand installation manual.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:  59″ L x 28″ W x 23″ H with a 57 gallon water capacity.
  • WARRANTY:  Six years.


WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Stand Alone Tub

WOODBRIDGE Stand Alone Tub

The Woodbridge brand has an enviable pedigree, and has been the “go to” manufacturer for those looking for quality at an affordable price.

When you buy a Woodbridge tub you can be sure of  attention to design detail combined with top quality materials. Any issues with their products are quickly resolved by a great customer service team. 

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION:  Constructed using 100% high gloss white Lucite acrylic  reinforced with Ashland resin & fibre-glass. The bottom is fitted with stainless steel brackets  giving this freestanding tub a load bearing capacity of an impressive 1000 lbs.  It’s double walled  design insulation also helps to maintain tub water temperature for  longer soaks.  Solid quality, and longer soaks!  That’s hard to beat.
  • NON SLIP FINISH:  Where necessary this tub meets ASTM standards for slip resistance. It’s easy to keep clean and doesn’t dis-color over time.
  • IN THE BOX:  Great packaging with this hot tub and included with the purchase is a solid brass brushed nickel drain, stainless steel nickel plated overflow and the user guide installation manual.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:  A 55 gallon capacity with 59″ L x 29 1/2″ W x 21 5/8″ H exterior dimensions.
  • WARRANTY: One year limited.


Vanity Art 59 Inch Freestanding Tub

Vanity Art 59 Inch bathtub

The exceptional design details of this stand alone tub gives a feeling of weight and quality. A freestanding tub should be a standout feature in a bathroom and this tub is definitely doesn’t disappoint, it’s a visual show stopper.

Clean lines and a gently slopping interior makes for a very pleasant soak indeed and the double skin insulation helps to keep the water temperature up for longer. We love it!!

  • CONSTRUCTION:  Easy maintenance it built from stain and scratch resistant, scratch-resistant Lucite acrylic. Reinforced with resin fibre-glass and stainless steel. Four self levelling legs make setting it up a breeze and the brushed nickel integrated overflow and drain are pre-installed at factory.
  • IN THE BOX:  Comes pre-fitted with most of the bath furniture, but also includes a flexible drain hose and the four levelling legs.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:  Holds  55 gallons with 59.1″ L x 29 1/2″ W x 23 5/8″ H exterior dimensions.
  • WARRANTY: 1 year against manufacture defects.


Ove Decors 63” Acrylic Freestanding Tub

Ove Decors 63'' Acrylic Stand Alone Tub

A freestanding tub for lovers of the minimalist look . The feature legs give an edgy industrial touch that elevates the tub from the ordinary to a real visual statement.

This family owned Montreal based company implements a design philosophy we love ” less is more”.  Sometimes simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve but by using cutting-edge North American engineering and technology combined with effortless elegance we’d say they’ve pulled it off. 

  • CONSTRUCTION: Constructed using 3mm highly durable acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. The pre installed metal pop up drain is finished in chrome and the overflow in stainless steel.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:  A 61 gallon tub,  exterior dimensions 63″ L x 29″ W x 21 5/8″H.
  • WARRANTY: 25 YEARS. That’s right, under normal use and service OVE warrants their acrylic freestanding tubs to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for an astonishing period of twenty-five years. Wow, that’s what we call backing your product.


Woodbridge 54″ Freestanding Slipper Bath

Woodbridge Freestanding Slipper Bath

A modern take on an old bath design the gentle slopes and generous interior of this Woodbridge stand alone bath makes a refreshing soak a true pleasure. It’s almost a pity to get out!! Woodbridge offers a really extensive range of quality bathtubs but this timeless classic is right up there with the most aesthetically pleasing.

  • CONSTRUCTION: This is a double layer fibreglass construction. An acrylic topcoat gives high durability and shine. This finish is stain and scratch resistant so it will maintain the high gloss finish for years.The double layer means you can enjoy a warm soak for longer.
  • IN THE BOX:  The tub comes with integrated overflow and pop-up drain and self levelling legs.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:  Holds 55 gallons with exterior dimensions 54″ L x 28 3/8″ W x 28 3/8″ H.
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited.


Ove Decors 65″ Freestanding Slipper Bathtub

Ove Decors Ruby 65 in. Freestanding Bathtub

For lovers of brilliantly simple design this Ove stand alone slipper bath sits easily in either a classic or contemporary setting.

With a generous water depth it’s just made for long immersive soaks. It’s a stunning centrepiece to look at and to soak in. Match this with the amazing 25 year warranty and you’ve got a tub that you’ll enjoy for years.

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: CSA/ULC approved. Made with 100% certified acrylic and fibre reinforced. There’s five adjustable legs for extra stability. Stain, scratch and fade resistant to keep the high gloss finish.
  • IN THE BOX: This tub bathtubs has pre-installed chrome finished center drain and system overflow.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:   65″ L x 29″ W x 28″H  with a water capacity of 52 gallons.
  • WARRANTY: 25 years . The best in the industry.


Empava 67″Stand Alone Bathtub.

EMPAVA 67" Stand alone tub

Empava might be a relatively young company, founded in 2015 in California, but with youth comes vitality and innovation. The quality of their products have made them into one of the fastest growing companies in the home appliance sector.

This elegant freestanding bath tub is a take on a traditional slipper bath it’s an example of the clarity of design they apply to all their products.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Made in U. S. A. using 100% high gloss white acrylic reinforced with fiberglass
  • IN THE BOX: Center chromed drain and overflow, ready installed by factory. Sits on adjustable feet for precise levelling.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:   67″ L x 31 1/2″ W x 28 3/8″H  with a filled  capacity of 58 gallons.
  • WARRANTY:  3 Year US based warranty.


Cast Iron Clawfoot Freestanding Bathtub

 Cast Iron Clawfoot Freestanding Bath

A single slipper style clawfoot bath from Tub Connections. Fabricated in cast iron with a white porcelain interior.

The tub has holes ready to accept the faucet, overflow and drain. These need to be purchased separately. The style of the bath furniture chosen can take the tub wherever the owner wants, from Victorian Bath House to high status Edwardian.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Heavy duty cast iron construction, with a generous porcelain coated interior all sitting on oil rubbed bronze feet. It’s been pre-driiled to accept the bath furniture which is not included with the purchase.
  • WEIGHT: 300 lbs.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:   61″ L x 30″ W x 29″H with a  capacity of 39 gallons.
  • WARRANTY:   5 Year.


Acrylic Claw Foot Stand Alone Tub


A nice example of a claw foot tub made from modern acrylic materials instead of cast iron. Still it’s a beautifully elegant tub with an uncompromising, Edwardian design.

This bathtub has not been messed with, the design is true to its past. Made from modern materials but there’s no need to alter an iconic design classic. A brilliant period style freestanding bathtub.

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION:  Double Walled reinforce design for maximum insulation for longer soaks.
  • IN THE BOX:  Tub body, polished chrome feet, chromed solid brass drain and overflow plus installation manual
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:  Filled it holds 55 gallons.  Measures 59″ L x 30″ W x 30 2/8″H. 
  • WARRANTY: 1 Year Limited.


Kingston Brass Cast Iron Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub

Kingston Brass Double Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub

Founded in 1998, and headquartered in Chino, California, Kingston Brass has built a reputation for top quality bathroom products.

This cast iron freestanding tub is an example of their commitment to customer choice. Certainly not a mainstream tub, a juggernaut weighing in at north of 400 lbs, but there it stands in all its glory. We love it and the purist with a deep pocket and a suitable project will too.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Cast iron body poured into a double mold then coated with several kiln fired enamel coatings. This achieves the brilliant white smooth finish with depth and intensity. Stands on a set of delightfully detailed chrome Lion Paw legs.
  • WEIGHT: 442 lbs.
  • EXTERIOR SIZE:   72″ L x 30.83″ W x 23.38″H. Capacity 58 gallons to overflow drain.
  • WARRANTY:   1 Year.


Before Buying A Stand Alone Bath Tub

Traditional or Modern Materials?

Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic tubs are easily the most popular and the most practical, they’re available in a large variety of styles and colour choices,  white is generally the go to colour for most home owners. Some do dare to use more radical colors though.

Woodbridge Black Stand Alone Tub

The modern acrylic freestanding bath is lightweight and easy to install . Unlike older acrylic tubs the better quality new models are rigid, stable and creak free.

Of course they’re virtually maintenance free too, they don’t rust, and the quality tubs we have reviewed here won’t discolor either.

Cast Iron Tubs

Still a popular option material for many stand alone bath styles. Claw foot and slipper models are the most popular choices for this traditional material.

Brilliant to look at, the cast iron tub is the result of a labor intensive process that produces an unsurpassed finish.

A side by side comparison with their Acrylic cousin is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Chevrolet. They’ll both do the same job, but the generosity of materials, quality and depth of finish make the freestanding cast iron bath the stand out product.

It’s just a magnificent thing.

Kingston Brass Cast Iron Bathtub

You’ll need a deeper pocket to own one of these beauties over an acrylic, but then it always costs a little more to go first class.

Bathtub Placement

On a refit or new build many designers and homeowners choose the freestanding bathtub first in the planning stage of a bathroom design. It’s an easy styling focal point to build the rest of the bathroom around.

Like the name suggests a stand alone bathtub will always look its splendid best with space around it. Standing alone. To appreciate the elegant lines of these tubs they’ll need at least a little space between them and the other bathroom elements. A little elbow room.

New build or major bathroom re-modelling allows the homeowner to choose tub location. When thinking about placement there’s a fine balance between the tub looking isolated and it being part of its surroundings. It’s important to get that right.

Freestanding tub placement

Here’s a great example of where not to place a freestanding bathtub.

Of course most often no real choice on where the tub is going to live.The plumbing and drainage pretty much dictate it’s position. In these cases if the tub finds itself tucked away then it can easily be brought back into a more dominant visual position.

Clever use of lighting and eye catching accessories like a soap caddy tray stocked with elegant bottles of fragrancies and soaps can help elevate the bath from the background.

Bathing Size

Let’s consider the size of the freestanding tub and size of who’s going to be sitting in it. So unless a freestanding bathtub is bought purely for decor it’s going to be a working tub where folks want to soak and relax.

Unlike jetted bathtubs these tubs offer the maximum internal space compared to their external footprint. You can check out our article on jetted bathtubs to compare.

Having a bathtub long enough and deep enough for a fully immersed soak is ideal. But we’re not buying a plunge pool here, we’re buying a stand alone tub so some compromises may have to be made.

Getting a real fully immersed, up to the neck soak in a freestanding tub is always going to be a challenge for taller folks. The internal dimensions and shape obviously vary depending on the design and style of the tub.

Fully Immersive Soaking In A Tub

A high cubic capacity of water is a good indicator when choosing a soaking tub, it doesn’t guarantee a comfortable tub though, it can just indicate steep internal sides which aren’t the best for a long lounge in the tub.

You’re looking to relax and un-wind not exit the tub with a sore back !!

Bathroom Access and Size

Getting an acrylic tub from kerbside to it’s final home in the bathroom and installing it is rarely a problem. Even the larger models are light enough to be easily managed by two people.

Now when it comes to a cast iron bath; well that’s a very different beast. It needs some planning and some muscle power, and often a lot of muscle power!!

A cast iron tub is going to weigh north of 300 lbs, sometimes way north. So the access route to the bathroom needs to be carefully thought out. Stairs, bannisters, sharp corners and pinch points all need to be thought out in advance.

Having muscle power on hand is required, but the problem is getting the muscle to the tub. There’s only four corners and two long sides and in a restricted space it’s difficult to get enough hands on the beast. (We’ve been there, done it, got the tee-shirt and some bruised knuckles too! ).

Finally confirm the floor it’ll be sitting on can take the weight. A filled cast iron tub with a single bather can weigh as much as 1000 lbs so each leg is a point load of 250 lbs. Not huge, and not a show stopper but keep it in mind mind. Given that freestanding claw foot and slipper baths are often installed in period properties the floor is a priority check.

This is not to dissuade anyone from a cast iron tub, they’re great, but shouldn’t be treated lightly (no pun intended!) when considering a purchase. They’re not just a simple shoe in, but when they’re in, wow they’re magnificent. The back sprains and bruised knuckles are quickly forgotten.

Installing a Freestanding Bath Tub

Once either an acrylic or cast iron bath is in place hooking up the plumbing and drainage is pretty straightforward.

Like most jobs though preparation is everything.

Many tubs come with the bath furniture preinstalled, if not then install the drain and overflow prior to moving the tub into place.

Most stand alone tubs have freestanding faucets which makes things even easier. They should be already in place waiting to receive the tub. If the main drain and overflow have been correctly positioned below the tub it’s just a simple hook up.

Freestanding tub placement

Choosing a Freestanding Tub Faucet

Unless you’re planning to go “full Victorian” and fill your tub with buckets of hot water you’ll need a faucet.

You’ve already noticed that most stand alone tubs aren’t molded to receive faucets so you’ll need to install a freestanding or wall mounted model.

Seemingly just an addition to the bathtub, the style of faucet can have a major or minimal visual impact on your bathroom.

The freestanding bathtub should generally be the star in the room and the faucet the supporting act. The roles might be reversed by design or error, whichever the role, the faucet shouldn’t be underestimated.

Picking the wrong tub / faucet combination can elevate the faucet from support to star for all the wrong reasons.

The faucet needs to be a sympathetic companion to the tub. A bold, brass antique Victorian faucet filling a sleek, modern acrylic will obviously look absurd.

Having a bathroom look like a scene from the “Back to the Future” movie might suit some owners but mostly not.

There seems to be a lot of design choices for freestanding tub faucets from ultra-modern though nineteen sixties style to Edwardian and full on Victorian, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a sympathetic friend for your bathtub.

Let’s take a very brief look at some points to consider before purchasing the faucet.

Wall Mounted Or Freestanding

Having a hand shower is a really nice option, maybe even a “must have” option to include with the faucet. Again they are available in any style you need.

Freestanding bath tub faucet / hand held shower combinations look great next to any stand alone tub. The ones with a water outlet that swivels away from the bath can be especially convenient for smaller tub installations.

Make sure the faucet you choose Since some tub need a high volume of water, in those cases it’s important that the faucet can deliver a good quantity of water to the tub.

Given a reasonable water pressure in your home any quality fitting should be able to deliver at least 7 gallons per minute. Much slower and the water is cooling before you climb in for you soak.

Avoid going cheap with faucets, pay a little extra and it’ll last a life time. Or at least till the next bathroom refit!!

Freestanding Tub Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s the enamel finish that gives a cast iron bath its wonderful lustrous look. The best cast iron tubs have two or three generous coats of vitreous enamel which is very durable and if treated right extremely long lasting.

The thing is if the tub isn’t wiped down after each use though it will build a soap scum layer which will mask the shine.

To keep the freestanding bathtub enamel looking it’s best doesn’t need any really special treatment, but there are some common sense things to avoid using on the surface.

Abrasive cleaning products and undiluted acids will obviously damage the surface. Unfortunately some bath cleaners do include hidden abrasives that make the bath shine on the first few applications but over time will scour away the brilliant natural sheen of the tub.

Weekly Cleaning

Dishwashing liquid will cut through grease and scum so just add a few drops to a bucket of warm water and wash down the tub interior with a soft cloth or sponge. Pay special attention to the water line as thats where the scum build up is its thickest. Rinse then use a dry cloth to bring back the lustre and shine. Easy and fast.

Dealing With Stains

Limescale and rust stains are most common on freestanding bathtubs.. If they are taken care of quickly your beautiful stand alone tub can be brought back to its brilliant best.

For limescale try applying vinegar and warm water in equal parts to the areas of the bath suffering from limescale. The mild vinegar will cut through and remove the scaling. Leave the mixture on for five minutes then wash off with a soft cloth. Don’t apply the solution to areas that don’t need it.

Rust stains need a different approach but still easy enough. Attack the stain using a natural approach.

First squeeze a lemon over the stain then sprinkle with a thick layer of salt. Allow the salt and lemon paste at least half an hour before scrubbing off. Reapply if necessary.

The key with stains is to catch them and deal with them early.

Freestanding Slipper Bath Tub

This iconic Victorian design has its origins in the public bath houses of the period. Typified by the single high backed end and depth of water they’ve become a must have feature for homeowners wanting to recreate a period bathroom.

But why are they called “Slipper”?  Well the public nature of the bath house meant that modesty could be preserved by draping towels across the top of the tub making them look just like a steaming slipper from a distance.  Lined up they must have been quite a sight and that’s where the name came from.

Traditionally these freestanding bathtubs stood on cast iron claw feet but homeowners who don’t want to be this “radical” can still choose the slipper style with more contemporary look sitting directly on the bathroom floor.

Of course stand alone tubs are amazing looking, and they don’t just look great in period homes. They can be a stunning visual focal point to compliment just about any bathroom style.

Editors Notes

Your editor’s experience of owning and installing several cast iron bathtubs over the years has certainly left it’s mark physically !!! But it’s also been a huge assistance in compiling this freestanding tub review.

I’ve selected a selection of what we consider to be some of the best freestanding tub options from a list of trusted manufacturers.

Of course there’s a vast selection of freestanding tubs available, the good, the bad and the ugly in fact.

So there’s surely one out there just waiting to find a new home in your home.

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