Guide to Hot Tub Thermal Blankets
           Save on Your Energy Bills with a Solar Blanket

So you’ve bought your hot tub. Set it up, got the water chemical ratio just right, and the temperature perfect.  Now all you and the family have to do is sit back, soak away, and enjoy it.

Then one day the electricity bill hits your mail box and “yikes”  the reality of hot tub ownership hits you right where it hurts, in the pocket !!


Actually portable hot tubs are really incredibly economical to run, but still we all want to cut down our energy charges where we can. Lets see an easy fix.


A really simple way to cut your bills is to use a thermal or solar blanket. It’s an insulated mat that floats on top of your tub water.  A kind of secondary spa cover. 

The blanket will serve four main functions.

  • reduce heat loss
  • reduce evaporation
  • reduce chemical treatment
  • reduce chemical damage to the principle spa cover.

As around 60% of a inflatable hot tub heat loss is due to evaporation. So this easy fix will save a lot of evaporation and money.

The chemical balance of your spa will also benefit by cutting down on evaporation.  You should find it easier to maintain spa chemical stability. So less chemicals, and a longer time between water changes.

There are a couple of types of solar or thermal blanket that we recommend. They are pretty reasonably priced, easy to store when not in use, and will make a major difference to your energy bill.

The most popular thermal spa covers are inexpensive solar blankets with air bubbles. They’re made of translucent polyvinyl cells that are moulded as bubbles on the surface of the blanket. They can be simply rolled up, and stored when the tub is being used. These type of blanket tend to deteriorate fairly quickly but should last at least a full season.  Expect to change them out every 12 to 18 months though.

Another form of thermal blanket is the closed cell foam type. This is more rigid and not quite as convenient to store away when not in use. These thermal blankets are generally more expensive, however they are proven to be longer lasting than the polyvinyl type of spa blanket.


BLUE WAVE solar blanket

The Blue Wave is made to give you maximum heating properties, reduce water evaporation and keep heat loss to a minimum. The 7-ft. x 8-ft. blanket can be cut to match the shape of your spa interior. 

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CRYSTEL CLEAR solar blanket

Take advantage of the sun’s energy to raise the water temperature and slow down evaporation. The Spa Solar Cover is an 8ft. X 8ft. Square and you trim to custom fit your spa.

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