2.1 SaluSpa Siena inflatable hot tub


This critical review is taking an in depth look at the uniquely styled 2 person hot tub inflatable SaluSpa Siena Air Jet.

It’s design is outstanding, but we are going to find out if its onboard features complement the elegant exterior. It certainly has the style, but does it have the substance?

Built for two adults to enjoy, possibly a family of four with very small children could use it.  Four adults?  Not really, that’s not what it’s made for.

The SaluSpa Siena tub has been conceived and manufactured by Bestway to fill a huge gap in the inflatable tub market. They have built a couples tub. A tub for two.

This tub has broken the mould, it represents a step forward by an inflatable tub manufacturer. It may have taken a little design inspiration from an earlier era, because if we look very hard we can see some design elements from the past.  But we have moved a very, very long way from the long handled back scrubbing brush; and tin tub pitched in front of the fire. This inflatable hot tub is at the current leading edge of tub concept and design.

We have waited a long time to bring this review. Is this the best 2 person hot tub out there?

Lets take a closer look and find out…..

SaluSpa Siena At a Glance  

Product:                 SaluSpa Siena

Brand:                    Bestway

Type:                      Inflatable

Seats:                     2  people 

Jet Count:             127 x Air jets

Capacity:               134 gallons (80%)

Dimensions:          H – 26in. W – 59in. L – 98in.

Filled Weight:       1205 lbs


    • 127 Bubble jets
    • Hard water treatment system
    • TriTech 3-ply puncture resistant carcass
    • Digital Control Panel
    • Built in timer
    • Insulated top cover
    • Insulated cushioned floor
    • Center drinks tray

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SaluSpa Siena AirJet Fully Reviewed

By starting with a blank piece of paper and a brief to design a hot tub for just two people Bestway have managed to create what is a unique, visually striking, and user friendly tub.

It has certainly exceeded our expectations when reviewing it.

The SaluSpa Siena has quite a large footprint, measuring a little over eight foot long by six foot at it’s widest.  But by some engineering alchemy the Siena is one of the lightest hot tubs on the market. Despite its generous footprint, it weighs in at just 1200 lbs filled to the recommended water level, that’s 25% less than rival round two seater tubs.

A generous footprint should mean a generous interior and the SaluSpa Siena Air Jet doesn’t disappoint.  There is so much leg room in this tub that if you seated an NBL player at either end and they would have difficulty touching toes in the middle.!!  It’s that large. The approximate internal length is actually around 78 inches.

The artful and clever design concept continues by tapering the width of the hot tub down to a torso hugging 27 inch width at each rounded end. 

That of course means wrap around jets.

Both body and legs benefit from the closeness of the adjacent Airjet system which is located around the tub perimeter.

We found this a very powerful plus for the tub, and its ability to deliver a really stimulating bubble jet experience.


Important Features of the SaluSpa Siena Air Jet Hot Tub.

I - Beam Construction:

Forget any ideas of inflatable tubs being a little sloppy. This tub has a comfortingly firm feel to it.

Bestway uses what they call their I-Beam construction method. By incorporating vertical and horizontal strips into the liner body the tub is given its excellent structural stability and rigidity.

This type of construction method also means the spa will maintain its shape integrity no matter how many times it is deflated, stored and re-inflated.

The actual exterior material of the tub is is 3-ply PVC.  A polyester mesh core is sandwiched between two layers of laminated PVC. It’s a very tough and puncture resistant fabric that should easily resist the wear and tear of daily use and give many years of service.

The overall effect gives the reassuring feel of a well padded car seat.  Nice!


Control Panel:

The waterproof soft blister panel sits on top of the pump and heater combo.

It’s set at a convenient height in the middle of the tub. Although it does allow easy access from inside the tub it needs to be set up before settling in to the end seating area. 

A minor point and really is not much of an issue as once the user is in and enjoying the spa the control features shouldn’t need any adjusting. It’s simply a feature of the tubs unique design.

2 SaluSpa siena inflatable hot tub review

….Control Features

  • Lock and Unlock Pump
  • Activate heater.
  • Set Heater start time
  • Set heater duration
  • Start water filter.
  • Select temperature.
  • Start AirJet massage.
  • Toggle Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Once the programmed temperature is achieved the SaluSpa hot tub will automatically keep it within a 2 degree window.

Timer Function Control

A built in timer lets you choose how long to run the heater and how many hours in advance it should activate. 

A nice feature that means the tub is waiting for you when ever you want to use it. It’s kind of a digital butler preparing your tub in advance for you. We like that a lot.


Perhaps surprising that this excellent function is one that some tub manufacturers don’t offer.

Unlike the other functions provided on the SaluSpa Siena, the timing system is a little hard to understand.  Setting it up is not as intuitive as it could be so we have included a handy video produced by Bestway Lazy-Spa UK to help you understand the set up procedure.

Once you watch it you’ll see it’s simple enough.

SaluSpa Siena Heater Timer Control Video
SaluSpa Siena Pump and Heater:

OK now we are at the core components of the SaluSpa Siena. Without these we’ve just got an expensive cold PVC bath!!  Yikes!

Hot tub water heaters are often one of the most misunderstood parts in a hot tub set up. Some owners have unrealistic expectations of how quickly the water will heat up.  And unrealistic expectations lead to disappointment. 

Heating a large quantity of water will take time. Some tubs hold two to three hundred gallons and take anything up to 30 hours to reach the maximum 104ºF.  Typical temperature build rates of 2-3º per hour are considered very good.

The SaluSpa Siena has been designed for just two people so needs less water and less water means faster heating. The manufacturer Bestway estimates a temperature build of 3-4º per hour with SaluSpa Siena. That is simply the best in any class for an inflatable hot tub. There are no other portable tubs that can match this.

Quicker temperature build means less electricity is used. Low energy bills means happy owners. 

And of course once the temperature is built it’s less expensive to maintain it.  For more information on reducing energy bills see our guide to Solar Blankets >>

Pump noise can be an issue with some hot tubs, but not the SaluSpa range. The close proximity of the pump to the hot tubbers means that it is an important issue. 

We want to hear comforting bubbles, not a whining pump. Our hot tub experience should be relaxing and refreshing. Climbing out of your tub with a mild headache is not what we signed up for. 


Chemical Treatment:

Keeping you hot tub crystal clear and hygienic is obviously top priority. 

With the Saluspa Siena chemical maintenance is done manually. Included in the box is a chemical floater to treat the tub water.

Fortunately these days chemical treatment is simple and effective.

But because this is a small volume of water care is needed not to over treat. Less chemical is better than too much too fast.

We have written an in depth, easy to follow article on how to achieve a sparkling and clean tub.  See our guide to chemical treatment >>

Thermal Cover and Base:

Often overlooked elements of a hot tub.

The type of top cover is particularly important to keep heat loss to a minimum. The base of the tub is important too and should also be well insulated from the ground if possible.

The SaluSpa Siena does come with an excellent well insulated top cover which has been contoured to give quite a snug fit. 

The locking clips are not entirely child proof, which is a little disappointing, but it would take an extremely determined child to force them openSee our in guide on energy saving >>

It is always recommended to lay some kind of thermal blanket below the tub, at a minor cost the extra protection will definitely lower energy bills.

Receiving and Building the SaluSpa Siena Hot Tub  

1 SaluSpa sienna review Delivery box

The SaluSpa Siena hot tub arrives in a fairly hefty box, it weighs in in at just a shade under 100 lbs.

This is the part that most concerns and even stops some people from purchasing an inflatable hot tub.

The reality is that the whole build process is effortless and very simple indeed.

In fact the only effort is handling the fairly hefty single box that the tub is packed into. It weighs in at around 96 lbs, so it’s best unpacked where it has been placed on delivery.

Included in the box:

  • Spa Liner
  • Insulated top cover
  • Pump heater combo
  • Drinks tray
  • Starter filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Chemical floater
  • Set up DVD
  • All required tools

The tub components that are bundled inside can then be handled individually by just one person, although two people would be better for the quite bulky hot tub liner.

If you are technically minded then there is a set of build instructions in the product manual.  Of course most people prefer visual instructions so Bestway have included a “how to” DVD in the box showing the build process.  No DVD player?  Then as usual there is a lot of  helpful videos posted online.

If you have a friend to assist even better, while you are doing the build they can make the coffee.  By the time it’s brewed you’ll have the hot tub up and ready for water !! 

No special tools or specialist knowledge is required and everything you need to complete the build is in the box.

The whole process should take less than an hour, and that includes stopping for a drinks break.

SaluSpa Siena Airjet Hot Tub Quick Guide.  

This quick guide should help to highlight what we consider the main points of the review. Things worth considering before purchase.

 Quite Pump. Major plus, it’s just a couple of feet away from the hot tubber.
 Padded seats. The seating area at either end has built in padding on the base for extra comfort.
 Spacious. The 98 inch tub is the longest on the inflatable market. If you are looking for a roomy two person tub, then this is the one.
 Light weight tub. Weighs just 1205 lbs so perfect for decking, weight restricted apartments or balconies, 

  Wrap around AirJets. The contoured design means close proximity to the body and legs in the seating area.
  Good Jet Count. The127 jet count is more than sufficient to give a good all round invigorating bubble spa experience.
  Easy set up. No technical knowledge required.
  Price. Competitive price point.  But then the SaluSpa Siena has no real competitors.

  Manual Chemical Treatment. Tub hygiene is maintained by using a chemical floater. This the preferred method by many users. Some premium tubs offer a built in system for this. We prefer “old school” floaters ourself, they are industry standard.

4.2 SaluSpa siena inflatable hot tub review

SaluSpa Siena Air Jet Conclusion Notes  

The reviewers at Home Hot Tub Guide have waited along time to be able to review the SalSpa Siena. We were very intrigued by it’s design and concept, a much anticipated product.

Bestway have produced an inflatable hot tub that is going to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people. It’s not suitable for everybody of course because it’s aimed at individual users and couples.

The design of the tub also opens the possibility of inflatable hot tub ownership to those looking for a lightweight tub because of weight restrictions in their building or on their decking.  Or maybe they have particular niche in mind that the shape suits.

All the usual build qualities and attention to detail that we expect from Bestway products have been refined and included into the SaluSpa Siena. The pedigree of their inflatable hot tub range is indisputable, and we think that this particular tub is one of the star products.

  Despite it’s shape; being built using the tried and tested “I – Beam” construction system it is rigid and stable. We like the addition of the drinks tray add on, which acts as a convenient table in the centre of the tub. It could be argued it acts as a brace too, but the SaluSpa Siena is perfectly stable without it being installed.

The pump capacity is good, capable of two complete water circulations per hour. This combined with the first rate heater gives the tub its exceptional and unmatched temperature build times.

In fact it is hard to fault this hot tub. It does everything it is designed to do and it does it very well indeed.

We are sure this is a design concept that many other manufacturers will imitate. But for the moment this tub is leading the field, and it’s a field of one!!

So if you are looking to buy a two seater hot tub for you and the significant other in your life then the SaluSpa Siena offers the best package on the market, and by some margin.


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