At a Glance

Formally known as the Lay-Z-Spa Paris, the re-badged SaluSpa Paris is still made and distributed by Bestway. 

A new model launched by Bestway in 2016, the SaluSpa Paris fills one of the middle spots in the range that includes the top end Hawaii and the Palm Springs.  Although the manufacturer claims a capacity of 4-6 people for the Paris, realistically this holds just four adults in relative comfort. It does introduce the new Bestway rapid heating system, that should build to your preferred spa temperature quicker and more efficiently.

A super cool feature that really does set the SaluSpa Paris apart is its LED light show.  It can cycle through seven pretty pastel colours. Lets look at the rest of its features in more detail.



SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Review


The SaluSpa Paris offers you a really fun hot tub. It provides your spa experience from a ring of 87 built in bubble air jets. They are easily powerful enough to give a satisfying and relaxing massage.

Although not built in, the hot tub also comes with a beautiful seven colour LED array that allows the hot tubber to choose which pastel shade to soak in. 

You can also set it to cycle through the all the different colours too. We think that this is real visual addition to an evening pool party, even if the spa is not going to be used.

It’s pretty hard to keep the children out of it though, so be warned!!!

Water treatment has to be done via a floater that is provided with the purchase. Also provided is a thermal insulation blanket to lay under the base prior to filling.

 A handy DVD walks you through the initial set up and inflation of the hot tub. This is not an intimidating process, and no special tools are required, so don’t worry.   As with most SaluSpa models a child could do it.  We don’t recommend letting them though!!


saluspa paris airjet twin


Built in Timer

All the new SaluSpa range comes with a programmable timer to activate the time and duration of the water heater. This is a great feature that other brands don’t offer yet. It is a real convenience, and will be a money saver too.   


Rapid Heating System

Some hot tub owners are disappointed with the speed the water heats to the comfortable spa temperature of 104º F.  When you think of the quantity of water to be heated, then it is not really surprising that it may take a while to reach full operating temperature. That’s where the timer comes in. Bestway have introduced what they call a rapid heating system to the SaluSpa Paris that should build temperature at 2º per hour. This in reality is what most other hot tub models manage to achieve. Most users keep the tub temperature up to or near operating temperature, so it only takes a couple of hours to build back any lost heat.

One thing that is important to understand about the heating system is that the SaluSpa Paris cannot run two functions at the same time. So that effectively means that when the bubbles are running the heater is not. Most inflatable hot tubs function this way.

saluspa paris 7


Benefits of a SaluSpa Paris Airjet Hot Tub over a Garden Jacuzzi

    • No special electrical installation required. Just plug directly in to the mains
    • Store away when not in use. Or bring it inside to use in the winter.
    • No special plumbing required,
    • Bring it inside and use it in the winter.


saluspa paris 8


What we like

This is a nice addition to the SaluSpa range. The built in timer feature should be standard on all hot tubs,  but it is conspicuously absent on some ranges. Child proof locks to secure the cover are another obvious feature that other tubs don’t have. The SaluSpa Paris offers them, whats not to like. A great mid priced tub for your friends or family to enjoy, summer and winter.  

Wrap up

A nice sized pool for four people. The manufacturers claims four to six, sorry we don’t think so. The whole Saluspa range cannot run the various functions that it offers simultaneously. So when the bubbles jets are running, the heater wont turn on. To be fair no other portable tub manufacturer makes a tub that can run both functions at the same time. Anyway this does not seem to have been a major issue with owners, but worth pointing out.

The SaluSpa Paris has  quite pump is a major plus. It is the same pump that is fitted to the high end hot tubs in the range. We don’t expect our spa experience to be spoiled by a shrill pump noise a couple of feet from your ears. With the SaluSpa Paris no ear plugs are needed.

Obviously the light show is great. The SaluSpa Paris really is a kind of a chameleon, it can actually change colour to suit your mood. It certainly does give a great visual impact. The water proof remote control for the colour selection means you can jazz things up, or cool things down without leaving the tub.

Your buying yourself a disco spa experience!! How cool is that?



Overall Ratings

Value for Money


  • Built in timer
  • Easy to set up
  • Quite pump
  • Lighting System


  • Cannot run simultaneous functions 
  • Sales support mediocre.