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The 4-6 person SaluSpa Palm Springs Airjet is one of Bestways most popular hot tubs. 

Whilst it isn’t a feature rich tub, and this is reflected in the price, what it does have to offer is the same heater and pump systems that are fitted to the more expensive tubs in the range. 

These core components are the fundamentals of any tub. The heater and pump are what makes a hot tub a hot tub, so the absence of some water treatment “add ons” found on the more expensive  tubs offer shouldn’t affect the invigorating performance Airjet massage of the Palm Springs.

The ring of 120 bubble jets around the base perimeter is going to provide a powerful and pleasant spa experience.

Let’s take a critical look at all its other features and see what makes this tub such a best seller.

At a Glance  

Product:                 Palm Springs AirJet

Brand:                    Bestway

Type:                      Inflatable

Seats:                     4 – 6 people 

Jet Count:             120 x Air jets

Capacity:               254 gallons

Dimensions:          H – 28in. D – 77in. 

Filled Weight:       2701 lbs                 



  • 120 Bubble jets
  • TriTech 3-ply puncture resistant carcass
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Built in timer
  • Thick insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor




SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Fully Reviewed

The Saluspa Palm Spring sits in the middle of the comprehensive Bestway Inflatable tub range. This is a family sized tub able to comfortably seat four people but it is possible to seat six at a squeeze. 

For two people it would be indulgent indeed, but hey indulge yourself a little. After all isn’t that that’s why we purchase a hot tub in the first place !!

These days inflatable hot tub buyers can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. The SaluSpa Palm Springs is a traditionally shaped round tub that comes in what we think is a very appealing beige and white livery. 

The colour scheme is easy on the eye, and so it can fit unobtrusively into almost any setting, but if the owner wants to make a centrepiece focal point of the hot tub then it works especially well underneath a garden gazebo.

This hot tub is built using well tried and tested robust materials and construction methods that we will explain further on in the review.  The pump and heater combination are powerful enough to give the user an invigorating  Airjet massage, and raise the temperature at a good industry standard rate.

The SaluSpa Palm Springs does have a lot to offer. Let’s take an in depth look at the details…..

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Building the SaluSpa Palm Springs Hot Tub  

2 SALUSPA Palm Springs Product Box

The SaluSpa Palm Springs is delivered in a single fairly heavy box, tipping the scales at a little under 90 lbs

The best place to unbox the hot tub box is right where it has been delivered. It is a reasonably heavy item so taking out the components one by one and taking them to the assembly area is the best way we have found to start the build process.

One person can easily manage it this way, but two would certainly helpful especially to carry the liner.

Included in the box:

  • Hot tub liner
  • Insulated top cover
  • Pump heater combo
  • Starter filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Chemical floater
  • Set up DVD
  • Manual
  • All required tools

Once the parts are all where they need to be for assembly the hard part is over. Really the hardest part is done.

The actual inflation and and connection process is intuitive and very easy to understand. There is a DVD included in the bundle to help, but given that you may have to go to a local museum to find a DVD player these days, then there are plenty of helpful videos on line. The explanation in the manual is OK to follow too, but most people find a video/DVD guide easier digest.

All the tools are included in the box for the simple build process. In less than an hour the tub should be ready for water.

But now the really hard bit starts ! That’s waiting for the water temperature to build so you can jump in and enjoy the first soak your brand new hot tub.

Core Features of the SaluSpa Palm Springs  

Water Heater

A common complaint from some owners of other inflatable hot tubs is that their heaters are frustratingly slow.
The SaluSpa Palm Springs, it is fitted with a large 1,300 watt combo unit, so with an ambient temperature of 20º it should be able to raise the tub water temperature at 2-3º/hour. This might appear to be a slow temperature build, but many other tubs only claim a 1-2º/hr heating rate.  

Remember we are talking about heating a large 254 gallon volume of water here.

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We always recommend using a solar blanket to speed up the heating process by minimising heat loss. Once you have your tub up to temperature, it’s easier and cheaper to keep temperature steady.


 Built In Timer  

All SaluSpa hot tubs have a programmable heater function that allows control of the heating system up to 72 hours in advance. This obviously helps with power conservation. The timer allows you to set the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa. This means you can enjoy your spa at any time you desire.

You can set the heater to stay on for a maximum of 48 hours. Or any lesser duration you choose in hourly units..

But you can also set the timer to turn the water heater on at any time up to 24 hours in advance.  So the tub is waiting for you, you’re not waiting for the tub

Chemical Floater Treatment

A clean and hygienic hot tub is going to be a top priority. Fortunately a crystal clear and safe tub is pretty easy these days.

The SalSpa Palm Springs uses a chemical floater system to achieve this. The floater is provided in the kit but the chemicals need to purchased separately. We have written an in depth and easy to follow guide on how to treat your tub here >>  Although some premium tubs have a semi automated system for keeping the pool clean we prefer this method. It is easy and pretty much bullet proof.

Manual chemical treatment also makes the owner focus on tub hygiene on a regular basis and we like that a lot. 

Top Thermal Cover and Base:

Often overlooked elements of a hot tub. The type of top cover is particularly important to keep heat loss to a minimum. The base of the tub is important too and should also be well insulated from the ground if possible.

The SaluSpa Siena does come with an excellent well insulated top cover which has been contoured to give quite a snug fit. 

The locking clips are not entirely child proof which is a little disappointing but it would take an extremely determined child to force them open. See our in guide on energy saving >>

SaluSpa Palm Springs Airjet Quick Guide.  

This quick guide should help to highlight what we consider the main points of the review. Things worth considering before purchase.

 I – Beam Construction:  Robust and rigid. Maintains its shape after multiple deflation and inflations
 Thermal Cover: Tight fitting and latched cover with good thermal qualities
 Powerful Pump: 1300W output can circulate 1.25 tub volumes per hour
. Rapid Heating System:  Depending on ambient temperature should build water temp at 2 -3º per hour 

  Tri-Tech Material: Polyester mesh core sandwiched between PVC fabric layers. Durable and puncture proof.
 Built In Timer:  Program heating times in advance and choose the duration the heater is on
  Spacious: External dimension of 77 inches and internal of 58 inches. Large and roomy it comfortably fits four persons.
 Easy Build:  No special tools or knowledge required to get the SaluSpa Palm Springs ready for water

  Manual Chemical Treatment:  Hygiene and tub clarity is maintained by using a chemical floater system. Some high end tubs offer a built in system for this. We prefer “old school” floaters ourself, they are one of the industry standard methods.

3.1 SALUSPA Palm Springs

SaluSpa Palm Springs Conclusion Notes  

If it’s a lot of liquid real estate you’re looking for then the SaluSpa Palm Springs has plenty on offer.  In fact it is the largest tub in the extensive Bestway range of inflatable hot tubs.

You are getting a true four person tub that combines elegance and power.

Its powerful pump and AirJet system provide a really invigorating  spa experience, and the jets are located around the perimeter of the tub so there is 360º jet coverage for all the hot tubbers to enjoy.

In our opinion this tub has delivered an excellent around package that concentrates on the fundamentals of a hot tub, that is size, heater and pump.

There are no extra features with the SalSpa Palm Springs. All the money has been spent on what matters, and that is the core components of the tub. The “bells and whistle” that are found on some other tubs are absent here.  We like that philosophy.

Bestway the manufacturer has a range of good products but we think this one is better than just good. It ticked all of our boxes and in reality we have found very few minus points against it. The manual could be better, and the range of additional add ons is small direct from the manufacturer, however there are plenty available from third party vendors if you want to spice up your tub.

The SaluSpa Palm Springs is a first class offering from from a manufacturer with an enviable pedigree.



Overall Ratings

Value for Money


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