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The Palm Springs by Bestway is marketed as a 4 – 6 person hot tub with an affordable price price tag.

This is not a feature rich tub, and of course this is reflected in the price.  However it does have the same heater and pump systems of the more expensive tubs in the range.

These components are the fundamentals of any tub, so the absence of some water treatment “add ons” other tubs offer will not affect the core performance of the Palm Springs.

The ring of 120 bubble jets around the base perimeter provide a powerful and pleasant spa experience. Let’s look at what it offers in more depth

At a Glance  

Product:                 Palm Springs AirJet

Brand:                    Bestway

Type:                      Inflatable

Seats:                     4 – 6 people 

Jet Count:             120 x Air jets

Capacity:               254 gallons

Dimensions:          H – 28in. D – 77in. 

Filled Weight:       2701 lbs

Price:                     $497.00 at the time of writing.


  • 120 Bubble jets
  • TriTech 3-ply puncture resistant carcass
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Built in timer
  • Thick insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor





SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Review


Formally known as the Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs, the re-badged SaluSpa Palm Springs is still made and distributed by Bestway. It is a mid range tub in the Bestway range.  The other models include the top end Hawaii, and the Miami and Paris hot tubs. All are reviewed elsewhere on the site.

The SaluSpa Palm Springs is advertised as a hot tub experience for four to six people.  Although this is a spacious tub, we think that just four adult hot tubbers inside would be quite cosy enough, and six would be frankly intimate!  

Finished in a fresh light beige with a white interior, the SaluSpa Palm Springs is quite an appealing sight. It is a very reasonably sized tub with a water capacity of 254 gallons, and a pretty comfortable 58 inch internal diameter.

A good heater is fundamental to the enjoyment of a hot tub. Poor heating system and what we have is a warm tub, not a hot tub.  That’s not what we signed up for!!

A common complaint about some inflatable hot tub manufacturers is that their heaters are frustratingly inefficient.
The SaluSpa Palm Springs, it is fitted with a 1,300 watt heater unit, so with an ambient temperature of 20º it should be able to raise the tub water temperature at 2-3º/hour. This might appear to be a slow temperature build, but many other tubs only claim a 1-2º/hr heating rate.  

Remember we are talking about heating a large volume of water here.

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Anyway we recommend using a solar blanket to speed up the heating process by minimising heat loss. Once you have your tub up to temperature, if you use one, it’s easier and cheaper to keep temperature steady.

A nice feature of this tub is the cushioned floor that makes your stay in the spa more comfortable. It also helps reducing the heat loss from the tub bottom.  The thermal insulation blanket that comes with the hot tub helps to keep energy bills down.

As this is a budget hot tub it does not offer the water softening or salt water water purification features. Chemical water treatment has to be done via a floater that is provided with the purchase. This is no real hardship, and many hot tub owners prefer to treat the tub water themselves any way. A tub always needs careful monitoring to keep the water at its best, with or without built in sanitising equipment.  See our easy step guide for a simple instructions on how to maintain a tub.

Setting up the hot tub is made easy with a handy DVD that walks you through the initial set up and inflation of the hot tub.  As with most SaluSpa models it’s a breeze. No special tools are required, or any kind of specialist knowledge. Everything is delivered with the box.


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Built in timer 

All SaluSpa hot tubs have a programmable heater function that allows control of the heating system up to 72 hours in advance. This obviously helps with power conservation. The timer allows you to set the time and duration of the heating cycle for the spa. This means you can enjoy your spa at any time you desire.

You can set the heater to stay on for a maximum of 48 hours. Or any lesser duration you choose in hourly units. This is great.

But you can also set the timer to turn the water heater on at any time up to 24 hours in advance.  So the tub is waiting for you, you’re not waiting for the tub.

Other spa manufacturers currently don’t offer this. We think it is a major plus.

Pump Noise

The hot tub pump and heater unit is close to you when you are enjoying you soak. So it’s obviously important that the unit you choose does not sound like an F16 on take off.  The Palm Springs pump has a very low audible impact. The main “noise” comes from the bubble jets when they are running. 




What users are saying about the SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet 

“Connecting the heater unit to the jacuzzi was really simple as well, three connections to screw together with simple connectors.”  ….Verified User.


“It’s a nice size and after two months my wife and self love getting in it. Also with the nights getting colder it’s still keeping up just fine “….Verified User.

Benefits of a SaluSpa Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub over a Garden Jacuzzi

  • No special electrical installation required. Just plug directly in to the mains
  • Store away when not in use. 
  • No special plumbing required,
  • Bring it inside and use it in the winter.


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What we like

This is great priced hot tub for the yard or round the pool. Built in timer allows the user to pre program when the pool heats back up to desired temperatures. It sounds an obvious feature to have, but other brands don’t offer it.


Wrap up

A comfortable sized tub for four people. The manufacturers claims four to six, sorry we don’t think so. 

The Palm Springs is not a feature rich tub, and of course this is reflected in the price.  However it does have the same heater and pump systems of the more expensive tubs in the range.

These are the basic fundamentals of any tub, so the absence of some water treatment “add ons” other tubs offer doesn’t affect the core performance of the tub.

It has a good jet density the ring of 120 bubble jets around the base perimeter provide a powerful enough, pleasant spa experience.

The Palm Springs quite pump is a major plus. There is nothing worse than having a shrill pump noise a couple of feet from your ears when you are trying to relax in your tub. Don’t worry no ear plugs needed here.

This a good family tub, with a great price tag. It gets a big thumbs up from us,

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Value for Money





  • Built in timer
  • Easy to set up
  • Quite pump


  • Patchy sales support
  • No built in seats