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We think the Intex PureSpa Octagonal hot tub is one of the coolest looking inflatable hot tubs around. So lets look at what it has got to offer behind the cool exterior.

First the octagonal design in our opinion is not just a visual master stroke, it also has very practical benefits for the hot tubber. If you like to entertain or share a tub with friends or family, the PureSpa Octagonal will give a much more spacious, less cramped hot tub experience. Most other inflatable tubs are round, so tend to give a more intimate feel. Less room in other words. 

In addition to all the normal features that Intex  provides in its hot tub range, the PureSpa Octagonal has four high powered therapeutic massage jets, which can be adjusted or individually turned off. We like this feature. The water pressure of a single jet can easily be increased by turning off the other jets.

Let’s take a closer look……..

At a Glance   

Product:                 Jet & Bubble Massage

Brand:                    Intex PureSpa

Type:                      Inflatable

Seats:                     4 

Bubble Jets:          120 

Massage Jets:       4 

Capacity:               210 gallons

Dimensions:          H – 28in. D – 79in. 

Filled Weight:       1752 lbs


  • 120 Bubble jets
  • 4 Massage Jets
  • 3-ply puncture resistant carcass
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Hard water treatment
  • Salt water treatment
  • Insulated top cover
  • Insulated Floor


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Intex PureSpa Jet and Bubble Massage Spa Review



Formally known as “The Wet Set”  the Intex Spa division is part of the larger the Intex Recreation Corp.  The distribution centres are headquartered in Long Beach California. Where the company distributes airbeds, above ground pools, spas, toys and furniture.


As you would expect from a tub in this price range, the PureSpa Octagonal is pretty well fully loaded with all the features, and functionality, you are ever going to need. A built in jacuzzi it is not, but it is one of the few portable hot tubs than can offer a very near jacuzzi spa experience.

The PureSpa Octagonal is a comfortable four seater, with an interior diameter of 59 inches, and an 80% fill up capacity of 210 gallons.

It features a great built-in saltwater system, which converts salt to a natural chlorine. This is so much better and milder for the skin, eyes and hair.  It should also mean no more chlorine tablets, and no more floating chemical dispensers. We like that a lot.  That doesn’t mean the tub can take care of it’s self. It still needs a little TLC to keep the water at its best.  See our easy step guide for a simple how to.

The water softening system also built in, does make a tremendous difference in providing a really refreshing spa experience.

The build quality is good.  PureSpa Octagonal has the laminated Fiber-Tech construction which makes it very rigid and durable. Strong enough if fact for an adult to sit comfortably on the side walls.

The  top cover is inflatable and foil lined for an element of thermal insulation.  Fitted can be secured to the tub when it’s going through the heat up phase, or when not in use. What we do like are the child safety locks built into the securing straps. An important touch.

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The digital control panel is at a convenient height to adjust from inside the spa.


Heating is fundamental to your enjoyment of the hot tub. The PureSpa Octagonal Spa is fitted with a 1,300 Watt heater unit. Given an ambient temperature of 20º this should be able to raise the tub water temperature at 1-2º/hour.

This slow temperature build is pretty much common to all inflatable hot tubs. We recommend using a solar blanket to speed up the process by helping to minimise heat loss. Once you have your tub up to temperature it’s easier and cheaper to keep it there too. 

It comes with a generous power cable fitted with a circuit interrupt plug. We always recommend  not using extension cords for safety reasons.

Additionally the spa ships with a 5mm base sheet to help thermal insulation. 

What we would like to see as a feature is a programable timer, which seems like such an obvious function we are surprised that a tub of this quality does not offer it. This is a disappointing omission. While it is not a show stopper it is certainly an irritation. 


Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tub over a Garden Jacuzzi

  • No special electrical installation required. Just plug directly in to the mains
  • Store away when not in use. Or bring it inside to use in the winter.
  • No special plumbing required,
  • Bring it inside and use it in the winter.
  • Packs up and stows in our camper trailer, great extra bit of holiday fun.





What we like

We particularly like the shape. Not just for the extra room but it is more convenient for positioning the corner mounted massage jets at the precise point you need them.  This is a sundowner. A great hot tub to sit in and watch the sun going down. A therapeutic massage from the power jets, or just use the bubble jet feature to soak and enjoy yourself at the end of a perfect summer day. 

What we don’t like

Well really the only criticism we have is the lack of a timer as we mentioned above. It is just more pleasant to have your tub waiting for you, than you waiting for the tub to heat up.  

Wrap up

A top of the range hot tub from Inex. It’s well designed, with well proven heating and filtration technology built in. If you are looking for a mildly therapeutic hot tub, that is great fun for the family, then the PureSpa Octagonal is a a good choice.

We do find the price tag quite high though for a hot tub that in terms of features only provides four massage jets over the cheaper models. ( NOTE: The SaluSpa Hawaii, a square tub, offers eight massage jets for a cheaper price) The extra cost is no doubt due to the shape, which in manufacturing terms is far more complex than a simple round tub. We like the shape a lot and particularly what it offers in terms of user experience. This is a luxury potable hot tub, with a price to match. It always costs a little more to go first class. 


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Value for Money

PureSpa Octagonal salt-water-logo



  • Really easy to setup
  • Good quality materials
  • Powerful jets


  • Customer service sometimes poor
  • No built in timer
  • Heater under powered
  • No built in seats


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