Choosing the best pop up gazebo needn’t be too difficult if your objectives are clear.


A wide choice of manufacturers offering a huge range of outdoor gazebos means without a clear, or semi clear vision of what you need then it can be a little overwhelming. 

In this Best Pop Up Gazebo review guide we have simplified the process of choosing a pop up gazebo kit with tips on what to look for before buying, and top product recommendations.

There are plenty of soft top gazebo manufacturers to choose from, many of them are very good, some not so good and others that just need avoiding.

Of course In our review recommendations we have only included manufacturers with a pedigree of proven build quality, and outstanding customer support.

Pop up Gazebo Guide

Why A Pop Up Gazebo ?

Well everyone has their own reasons to purchase a gazebo.  But a couple of thing are for sure, a permanent or pop up gazebo is always going to add a little extra style, and a whole lot of functionality to your garden or patio.

The popular portable canopy tent variety of gazebo is versatile and quick to build. A way to claim sheltered outdoor space, anywhere, fast.

Instant extra living space is always a good thing, and building a pop up gazebo kit on your patio, or around the pool is just a brilliant, stress free way of getting it quickly.
With a whole range of uses:

  • Exercise space.
  • Bug free meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Diner parties.
  • Simple shade,
  • All weather barbecuing.
  • Hot tub shade.
  • Plant nursery.
  • Play area.
  • A gazebo can really turn into anything you want it to be. A family focal point, or a quiet place for contemplation. 

    Of course a gazebo canopy is mostly used as shade for a seating area. It not only protects friends and family from the sun, but also reduces bleaching and fade on expensive garden furniture and cushions. A hot tub gazebo will protect and prolong the life of the inflatable fabric.

    And best of all the pop up gazebo kits we have chosen to review here have price tags that aren’t going to make your eyes water.

    8.1 Summer Breeze Sunjoy Gazebo review

    Choosing A Pop Up Gazebo

    No one I know at least has a garden like the one pictured above, but we all still have own priorities and check lists when choosing our gazebo. And fortunately there are a whole vast array of styles, sizes and price points to pick from.

    But unless you are blessed with a real clarity of vision and purpose, too much choice in anything can some times be a little bewildering and overwhelming.  That’s why we have concentrated on just one or two specific first class manufacturers.

    So let’s look at just a few key points to keep in mind before buying your perfect gazebo.

    Function and Size ?

    Bigger is better, that’s true sometimes, but not always. Your gazebo should be in proportion to its surroundings.

    The available space, and in particular the space surrounding the gazebo footprint is important.

    Cramped and shoehorned into too small an area and the gazebo aesthetics will be lost.

    It is is always tempting to go for big, just take care when following your initial instinct.

    Take a moment to analyse how your gazebo will be used, and by how many people.

    A smaller pop up gazebo might do just the same job and be much more visually striking. 

    And of course in general a smaller size will mean a smaller price tag.

    Centre Piece or Peripheral ?

    Centre piece gazebo: Take some time to study your garden or yard. Your pop up gazebo should harmonise with it’s environment not clash with it. 

    Most of the time you will be viewing your gazebo from inside your home looking out. Visualise its placement from various key rooms overlooking your garden. It’s time well spent.

    Make sure it doesn’t cover or interrupt your favourite view from the house. Visual harmony is important, and your gazebo shouldn’t jar too much if possible.

    Peripheral gazebo: They are obviously easier to place. Tucked away and unobtrusive perhaps, or maybe playing a secondary part in the overall symmetry of a garden.  It could be a working gazebo used as a plant nursery or a quite gazebo for yoga practice or meditation. What ever its use will easily dictate its placement. 

    Permanent or Temporary ?

    We tend to think of a soft topped gazebo as a temporary structure for summer use only. In general that’s true. The best pop up gazebos are easy to erect and just as easy to pull down and store. But you don’t have to.

    Depending on where the soft top gazebo lives, it is usually recommended to remove the canopy for winter storage. The structure can remain in place, outside, throughout the cold months. So that makes it super quick and convenient if the canopy is required to be put back on for any autumn winter events. See our complete how to guide on winterising a gazebo >>

    All the products reviewed here are rustproofed and powder coated so will withstand the rigours of many winters left outside.

    10' x 10' Gazebo. Our Recommended Choices 

    Sunjoy Summer Breeze 10′ x 10′ 

    7 Summer Breeze Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    9 Summer Breeze Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    5 Summer Breeze Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    3 Summer Breeze Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    4 Summer Breeze Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize

    At a Glance 

    An eye catcher. The Sunjoy Summer Breeze pop up gazebo will give your garden or patio a makeover in minutes.

    Made from durable tubular steel, and powder coated in an elegant black satin finish with tasteful bronze highlights

    Fast and intuitive to erect, it needs no special tools, just an assistant and a pair of steps.
    Once erected the gazebo can be easily secured to a wooden deck through the three screw holes located on the leg base. Alternatively Sunjoy have provided stakes to hammer secure into soil or grass if preferred.

    For hanging featured plants or lighting a centre hook is fitted that can hold up to 30 lbs. So strong enough to hold up a good size planter or your crystal chandelier!!!

    Rails are also provided in the kit to hang privacy curtains or bug netting. Unfortunately neither curtains or netting are included with the canopy so they would have to be bought separately.

    The two tiered roof offers both ventilation and aids stability in windy conditions. The canopy fabric is specified as water resistant by the manufacturer, however owners do report it to be as water proof as canvas.  Canopy replacements are available from Sunjoy distributors if and when required.

    Footprint: 10 ft x10 ft. Canopy size: 11.5 ft x11.5 ft. Peak Height: 10ft 0in.  Max Arch: Height 6ft 8in



    Abba Pop Up Gazebo 
    10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 13′

    ABBA GAZEBO 001 Top garden product designer Abba Patio have produced this nice simply, styled budget netted gazebo.  

    Robust steel build.  Powder coated, rust proofed and resistant to peeling and chipping.

    It has comes with a high quality woven mesh bug screen and colour coordinated tie backs.  The water resistant canopy is made from UV treated polyester so should last many seasons of full sunlight.

    The simple uncomplicated design of the Abba Gazebo means it is fast and easy to erect and pull down.

    So a perfect companion for garden, patio or especially taking on trips.

    This model also comes in a larger 10 ft x 13 ft size.

    Footprint: 10 ft x 10 ft. Canopy size: 10 ft x 10 ft  Peak Height: 9ft 7in  Weight: 80 lbs.


    Current Price


    Palm Springs Pop Up Gazebo
    10′ x 10′

    PALM SPRINGS GAZEBO A premium, full package gazebo from Palm Springs. It comes complete with both privacy curtains and a quality mosquito netting.

    This Palm Springs gazebo kit offers a one stop, all included bundle. 

    Elegant and slightly theatrical gazebo design hides the fact that it is built to last from rust resistant, powder coated steel.

    Its high grade side curtains, and bug meshes are closed by a heavy duty zipper and can be deployed independently.

    The mildly vented canopy will help to minimise problems with wind gusts, and freshen the atmosphere when the curtains are fully closed.

    Both the canopy and side curtains are treated with fire retardant chemicals.

    Footprint: 10.5 x 10.5ft. Canopy size: 10.5 x 10.5ft  Peak Height: 9.5ft  Weight: 105 lbs


    Current Price


    Grove Patio Pop Up Gazebo 10′ x 10′   


    The Grove features a bamboo design detail that is not only decorative but functional as well. The powder coated steel frame gives this gazebo added strength and durability. The Grove pop is the perfect spot for you to enjoy all the benefits of your hot tub. Although the Grove is a sturdy pop up gazebo, it is not designed for severe inclement weather. We recommend removing the canopy to prevent damage in the winter.

    Footprint: 10 ft x10 ft. Canopy size: 11 ft x11 ft. Peak Height: 8ft 7in Weight: 83 lbs.  

    Current Price



    10' x 12' Gazebos. Our Recommended Choices

    Sunjoy Franklin Bay 10′ x 12′ 

    2 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize
    1 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize
    3 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize
    5 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize
    4 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize
    8 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize
    7 Sunjoy Gazebo Review Franklin Bay _Resize

    At a Glance 

    The Sunjoy Franklin Bay pop up gazebo is a really grown up, elegant addition to any garden or yard. It has  a real visual presence; and despite it being a gazebo kit it look like a very permanent addition to your outdoor space.

    Its striking good looks mean that this is definitely a feature gazebo.

    This is not one to tuck away on the peripheral of your outdoor space. It needs to be the star of the show. An extra gardeners plant potting space this is not!!  It’s a show stopper, so it needs plenty of space around it to look its elegant best.

    Because of the tryptic column design of the legs the Franklin Bay gazebo appears to be, and is, very stable indeed. The solid steel frame is rust resistant and powder coated in medium grey.

    Despite its robust finish it can still be assembled with the minimum amount of fuss or manpower. As with most gazebo kits, two people with a small step ladder can put it up in a couple of hours (including drinks!!).

    The trellis style legs are brilliant to train and display climbing plants from spring through to fall. Planter baskets can be easily hung from the leg trellis work too, for a cascade of colour in the summer.

    The Franklin Bay gazebo is supplied with full length, heavy duty mosquito nets that fully enclose the inside space. So a bug free environment whenever it’s needed.

    Footprint: 9 ft 8 in ft x11 ft 8 in. Canopy size: 10 ft x12 ft. Peak Height: 9ft 6in  Shipping Weight: 150 lbs



    Regency II Gazebo 10′ x 12′  

    SUNJOY GAZEBO image 2

    The great value 10 ft x 12 ft Regency II pop up gazebo has many of the features included in much more expensive products. It’s an attractive asset to any garden or yard.

    Featuring mosquito netting on all sides, 4 plant rings on the outside corners and a centre lightk hook. Its has a double roof that will help to vent hot air in the summer, leaving you cooler beneath it’s 140 square feet of shade.

    Footprint: 10 ft x12 ft. Canopy size: 11 ft x13 ft. Peak Height: 8ft 7in Weight: 95 lbs.  Assembly required, but no special tools needed.

    Current Price


    Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo 10′ x 12′

    2 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    3 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    1 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review
    6 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    5 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    4 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize
    7 Moneray Sunjoy Gazebo review_Resize

    At a Glance 

    This graceful pop up gazebo includes a number of interesting design features.  The “L” shaped legs are constructed to include curved pattern trellising around the top. A simple railing design on the lower leg completes the understated elegant look.

    Built into the interior angle of the four legs are triangular shelves. They are really useful to add extra decor accents to the gazebo. The featured photo shows lantern lighting being placed on them, which is brilliant. But they can be used to equal stunning and colourful effect for cascading or climbing plants.

    Like most quality gazebo kits the Sunjoy Monterey gazebo has a vented roof for better stability in windy conditions.  A built-in centre hook below the vent is a great place to hang additional plants or your outdoor lighting. It has maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs, so is easily capable of hanging the most ambitious planter or feature light.

    We found the beige coloured canopy very appealing to the eye.The manufacturer claims the polyester fabric of the canopy is fade free. We can’t find any evidence from long term users to contradict that. Fade is a slow process. If a replacement canopy is required for whatever reason they are available from the manufacturer or third party vendors.

    Durable, low maintenance mosquito netting is included to complete a great gazebo look. The bug nets are zipped rather than just stuck with velcro. A small detail, but it is attention to detail like this that turns a good product to and excellent one. 

    This gazebo really is style and function combined. An excellent gazebo kit at a great price.

    Footprint: 10 ft x 12 ft. Canopy size: 10 ft x 12 ft  Peak Height: 9ft 10in  Weight: 93 lbs.  Assembly required: Easy modules. Manual included.


    Sunjoy Sonoma Wicker Gazebo
    10′ x 12′


    Sonoma Wicker Gazebo


    This soft top canopy is fully equipped with everything you need to create a shaded oasis for your garden seating or hot tub.

    An elegant and functional soft-top wicker gazebo. Its built-in shelving is a great place to set up your music system and drinks tray.

    It comes complete with a centre zipped privacy curtain on each of the sides. A tight weave bug net is also provided in the box to ensure peaceful bug free summer evenings.

    A centre hook is fitted for your choice of mood lighting or speakers. 

    Footprint: 10 ft x 12 ft. Canopy size: 10 ft x 12 ft  Peak Height: 9 ft 10 in  Weight: 130 lbs.  Assembly required: Set up manual included.

    Current Price


    Sunjoy Capri Octgonal Gazebo
    10′ x 12′


    6 Sunjoy Gazebo review CAPRI GREEN crop


    A beautiful octagonal pop up gazebo from Sunjoy.


    It features graceful column legs, with interesting feature railings connecting them. The innovative design still allows it to be set up in minutes.

    The vented, soft-top canopy provides the gazebo with better stability in windy conditions  A built-in centre hook is a great place to hang plants or your outdoor lighting. Low maintenance, durable mosquito netting is colour coordinated to match the canopy colour.

    Style and function combined. A real beauty.

    Footprint: 10 ft x 12 ft. Canopy size: 11 ft  x 13 ft  Peak Height: 9ft 10in  Weight: 80 lbs.  Assembly required: Easy modules. Manual included.

    Current Price


    Sunjoy Mirage Golden Brown Pop Up Gazebo

    10′ x 12′


    NEW Sunjoy Franklin Bay Window POP UP Gazebo

    Sunjoy Franklin Bay Window Gazebo

    10′ x 12′


    Sunjoy Large Capri Pop Up Gazebo with Netting

    Sunjoy Large Capri Pop Up Gazebo

    10′ x 12′


    8' x 8' Sunjoy Gazebo

    Sunjoy Marcel Pop Up Gazebo 8′ x 8′

    1.1 MARCEL Sunjoy Gazebo review

    The small 8’ x 8’ footprint still offers plenty of shade and space to set up for dining or simple seating. 

    The  built in centre hook allows lighting or feature plants to be hung. Of course lights can mean bugs, but the Sunjoy Marcel comes complete with mosquito netting to close in the evening if needed.

    The elegant two tier design gives better stability during breezy conditions, and we think it adds to the premium quality look of the gazebo too.

    Sunjoy are offering a first class gazebo at a budget price.

     8 ft x 8 ft.
    Canopy size: 9.2 ft x 9.2 ft. Peak Height: 9ft 10in

    Current Price


    Barbecue Gazebo. Our Recommended Choices

    Sunjoy BBQ Gazebo with LED Lighting

    1.1 Sunjoy Grill Gazebo Featured_Resize
    1 Sunjoy Grill Gazebo Review_Resize
    3 Sunjoy Grill Gazebo Review_Resize
    4 Sunjoy Grill Gazebo Review_Resize

    At a Glance 

    Don’t let the weather interrupt your barbecue grilling plans. Full sun or cloud, this elegant sort top gazebo offers protection and security from changing weather conditions.

    A barbecue pit is always going to be a focal point of a party, and this gazebo will add to its attraction.

    A specialist BBQ gazebo from Sunjoy, it’s fitted with two really handy shelfs for plating up your grill servings, or as a salad and condiments bar.  Add a couple bar chairs around the gazebo and they become a useful place too rest drinks while chatting around the pit.

    If your BBQ pit doesn’t come with a space for cooking utensils there is a hook rail fitted under the shelf to hang them. Easy access when grilling.

    Grilling at night?  This BBQ gazebo is ready for evening and night time grilling. It has been fitted an array of battery powered (3 x AAA) LED lights so no need to run cables or buy special lights for the grill.

    Of course the canopy is vented, and made from heavy grade UV protected PVC. The vented canopy makes it especially stable in blustery conditions, and the side shelving also adds to the overall rigidity of the gazebo.

    Footprint: 6 ft 11in x 4 ft 4 in. Canopy size: 8 ft x 5 ft. Peak Height: 8ft 4in  Shipping Weight: 45 lbs



    2.1 BBQ Gazebo Patioroma_

    Patioroma BBQ Gazebo 
    8′ x 5′

    2 BBQ Gazebo Outsunny

    Outsunny_BBQ Gazebo 
    8′ x 5′

    2 BBQ GAzebo Palm Springs Deluxe

    Palm Springs Gazebo 
    8′ x 5′

    Sunjoy Sylvan BBQ Gazebo

    1 BBQ Gazebo Sunjoy Sylvan
    2 BBQ Gazebo Sunjoy Sylvan
    2.1 Grill gazebo review Sunjoy Sylvan_Resize
    2 Grill gazebo review Sunjoy Sylvan_Resize
    2.3 Grill gazebo review Sunjoy Sylvan_Resize
    2.2 Grill gazebo review Sunjoy Sylvan_Resize

    At a Glance 

    This really striking gazebo comes in a red or green colour choice. 

    Red is our particular favourite.  A real visual statement we think but if you are looking for understated elegance, then the the olive green colour option is a brilliant choice too.

    As with all Sunjoy products this comes with attention to detail and a high quality finish.

    Specially designed just for barbecue grilling. Two shelfs adjacent to the grilling area and a hook rail for hanging your grilling tools conveniently located under one of them. Nice touch !

    For barbecue grilling a vented canopy is of course a given. The vented canopy fitted to the Sunjoy Sylvan gazebo is made from flame resistant polyether that has also been treated to be resistant to water, stains and mildew.

    A low maintenance pop up gazebo, its powder coated steel and aluminium components are robust, and rust resistant. It has been built to last, and should only need the canopy removing in the winter months rather than a complete pull down.  It is made to give many years of rust free service.

    If the canopy ever needs replacing it can be easily ordered from the manufacturer, or their third party vendors.


    Footprint: 6 ft 11in x 4 ft 4 in. Canopy size: 8 ft x 5 ft. Peak Height: 8ft 4in  Shipping Weight: 60 lbs




    10' x 10' Canopy Tents With Sides

    At a Glance 

    A portable canopy tent is a versatile and useful method of creating some fast and mobile protection from the elements whether sun or rain.

    Light weight and easy to build up ;and pull down. They have a huge variety of applications, these gazebo tents are an in dispensable piece of kit for many kinds of outdoor activities and pursuits.

    From the beach to garden and wedding parties these mobile workhorses claim instant covered space.  Go to any camp site, or tailgater and there they are again. Weekend markets?, well that’s a given.

    Portable gazebo tents are by some margin the most popular of the gazebo family. Coming in so many size and colour combinations there is one for any occasion or colour palette.

    These guys are the foot soldiers of the gazebo world.  They get the job done.

    Abba Patio 10 x 10 feet Pop Up Heavy Duty Instant Canopy Commercial Portable Canopy with Sidewalls Enclosure, White
    52 Reviews
    Abba Patio 10 x 10 feet Pop Up Heavy Duty Instant Canopy Commercial Portable Canopy with Sidewalls Enclosure, White
    • Water resist canopy made from 300D oxford tough fabric with special treatment provides UV protection
    • Sturdy, high grade steel frame with powder coat to prevent chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion
    • 4 sidewalls with 2 middle zipper closed doors add privacy to your canopy. Extra stakes and lines for windy conditions add extra stability
    ABCCANOPY White 10 X 10 Ez Pop up Canopy Commercial Instant Gazebos with 6 Removable Sides and Roller Bag and 4x Weight Bag
    172 Reviews
    ABCCANOPY White 10 X 10 Ez Pop up Canopy Commercial Instant Gazebos with 6 Removable Sides and Roller Bag and 4x Weight Bag
    • Package includes : 1 x 10ft by 10ft pop up canopy (100%waterproof), 4 x Sandbags, 4 x Ropes ,4 x Stakes, 1 x Mesh wall ,1 x Halfwall ,4 x Sidewalls , 1 x Roller Carry bag
    • Frame: Black Powder-Coated Rush Resistant Steel frame with 100% nylon mold brackets 1 1/4'' thick Square shaped legs 20% stronger than ez up Express II. Super strong 26mm x 13mm x 1mm truss bars. Strudy nylon feet with two drilled holes Smooth and safe push buttons sliders. Every spare part stocked
    • Canopy Materials: 500 Denier Polyester with PU lining, 100% Waterproof. Heat Sealed Seams .100% Waterproof .Reenforced stress points where peaks poles meet canopy. Large 2" Velcro along the underside of canopy to attach walls
    New Eurmax Basic 10x10 Ez Pop Up Canopy Outdoor Canopy Instant Tent with 4 zipper Sidewalls and Roller Bag,Bouns 4 weight...
    57 Reviews
    New Eurmax Basic 10x10 Ez Pop Up Canopy Outdoor Canopy Instant Tent with 4 zipper Sidewalls and Roller Bag,Bouns 4 weight...
    • Include :10x10 Pop up canopy Frame + 10x10 canopy white Top + 4 Removable Enclosure Sidewalls + Commercial Accessories. Suitable for party, trade shows, parties, picnics, or any outdoor events. One Year Warranty. Accessories and parts are available for life time.
    • Commercial Frame, Full truss Structure, sturdy and durable: Hammertone powder coated finishing.Good looking and rusty resistance. Best Thumb latch lock system. Latest technology in the industry, easy to lock and release, Commercial grade, bigger and stronger than the cheaper ones in the market
    • 10 ft x 10 ft Canopy Top, Fabric Commercial standard.100% Waterproof Seams are sealed where possible to prevent water penetrate from seams. 99% UV pretection and UPF50+ rated. CPAI-84 fire retardant certification. Enclosure 10x10 pop up canopy Sidewalls,3 canopy sidewalls and 1 door wall with middle zipper, easy to attach and detach in use. And each sidewalls could be used individually
    E-Z UP ES100S Instant Shelter Canopy, 10 by 10', White
    174 Reviews
    E-Z UP ES100S Instant Shelter Canopy, 10 by 10', White
    • Straight leg design with a 10'x10' footprint, 10'x10' at top. Weight: 60lbs. Maximum Valance Clearance: 6' 10". Max Peak Height: 11' 5".
    • Wide-Trax Roller Bag: High density wheels with Wide-Trax axle for superior stability, Sure-Grip large ruberized carry handles.
    • Heavy-Duty Zipper for E-Z open & close.

    Canopy Tents Indispensable Extras

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