When it comes to buying a reasonably priced above ground swimming pool there are really only two companies worth considering.

Intex or Bestway, they are both giants in the industry, and both have a wide range of sizes and pool shapes to choose from.

But to find an above ground pool large enough to swim in, Intex is really the only game in town. Fortunately, even though there is little competition in the above ground super size pool market, Intex have maintained a sensible price structure, and great build quality.


The Intex Ultra range offers the only above ground pools that we would call real swimming pools.

Produced in round and rectangular options, the Ultra range gives the owner most of the benefits of a built in pool, for just a fraction of the cost.


13 intex above ground pool Ultra Pool Party


The largest 24 and 32 ft rectangular models are a convenient shape to fit into even a modest backyard space. Many owners have even built decking and planters around the pool to landscape the look of the basic out of the box Intex design.

The Ultra is the Intex above ground pool flagship range, and as always along with quality comes a premium price tag. This is a seasonal product, so prices do fluctuate with the seasons. The good news is that there are often deals;  and bundled packages on offer even through the summer months.

We are going to review the Ultra range and the largest pools in the Prism range to see what features they have on offer.


Five Of the Best Pools Reviewed
2.2 Intex Ultra Frame


12.3 Intex Ultra Frame






8.3 Intex Prism Frame


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This is a swimmers pool. It comes in three sizes, large, larger and enormous.


The 32ft model will allow the serious swimmer a chance to do some laps, and the recreational family swimmer to enjoy the generous space it offers too.

You’re not going to be bumping into other family members when you’re cruising up and down in this model.

All of the option sizes in this range are large. These are a grown up pools. Even the smallest 18 foot model is much, much more than just a plunge pool.

The Ultra range is shipped with pretty much everything to get the party started. Consumables like salt, chemicals and sand do have to be bought separately though.

Be aware that large pools need large quantities of these start up products. Once the water has been treated then just simple maintenance is required. 


Extra to the pool and pump Intex has bundled a pool cover, ground cover (indispensable), cleaning kit and an access ladder. They have even thrown in a volleyball kit if you are feeling energetic. Keep an eye out for the bundled deals when you are ordering.

Pump n Filters

The largest model comes with a saltwater filtration system to keep the pool sparkling and clean. Many owners of the smaller 24 and 18 ft models have upgraded to this system, as it offers easier maintenance. The extra cost will be paid back over a fairly short time. 


Like all Intex above ground pool products this is a quality construction. Easy to assemble its rust proofed frame is simply snapped together without the need for any special tools. For those who still have a DVD player an instructional DVD comes in the box to help. It is super simple so don’t worry about the build.

The main work is the site levelling, if this is not done right then the whole project can slowly turn into a nightmare.  Like most jobs preparation is everything.  A slopping or badly levelled site means as pool is filled a visible height difference between to pool top and water level appears. Not a good look!!!.

Barbecue time 

Pools of this size are not a one person build. So get the weekend barbecue running, and invite a few friends over. They get the barbecued steak dinner when the pool is up and built of course!!!.

The following weekend they can swing by for the pool party. Nice!!!


above ground pool cost


It’s obvious that the installation time and final cost of an above ground pool is hugely different to a built in one.

The only preparation required for an above ground pool is to level the site and to ensure it is clear of debris before erecting the pool. Everything can be done by anyone with a little practical skills, and there are plenty of info guides on how to do it are on line to watch or read.

The cost of a huge 32 foot Intex pool, with extensive ground levelling should still come in at well below $2000.00.

A built in pool?, Yikes!! You can do the homework and math on that.

snorkle above ground pool


Plenty of features that built in pools have can be easily added to your above ground variety.

For example, accessories are available to make for easy pool maintenance, and to make for an even more fun experience for the children.

Waterfalls can be added to the pool, and are easy to set up and enjoy. Skimmers are a nice maintenance addition to help clear floating debris.

The list of accessories is long, but everything is available to make for a really authentic pool experience.

maitenance above ground pool


Most of us are buying above ground pools to enjoy fun summer days with our children. So of course safety is everyones priority. 

Above ground pools raise of the ground the child’s entry point to the pool.  Given that the large pools reviewed here have sides of 42 inches or more, means it’s easier to secure the pools access from very small children. Normally it just means taking the ladder away. 

Child alarms are also available for above ground pools. A smart investment we think.

13.1 Intex above ground pool Ultra Pool Party

Ultra Frame Intex Above Ground Pool – Rectangular.

From the top of the range you expect the best, and the Ultra does really deliver on that. These pools are as close as you are going to get to a below ground pool at a fraction of the price.

2.2 intex above ground pool Ultra Frame

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to assemble the pool either. The bigger the pool, the bigger the box that’s going to arrive, that’s all. Don’t worry though, a DVD is included to help you through the build process. Assembly for all the pool sizes is going to be the same, the main thing is to be methodical through the assembly.  The easy lock system on the tubulars makes for fast assembly of the frame. Build time will vary on size of course, but shouldn’t take more than a morning, even with coffee breaks.

Filtration systems vary depending on the pool size with th largest 32 foot rectangular pool using a salt system. Many owners of smaller pools have upgraded to one too as an extra. We would recommend thinking about that, as it does provide a better al round experience.

The new Ultra Frame models are shipped with dual suction fittings to improve the cleaning, and a built in hydro aeration system to assist cleaning.   In terms of above ground pools things don’t get any better than this, whatever size or shape you choose.

Size Options and Price:   32 FT x 16 FT x 52"xxx24 FT x 12 FT x 52"xxx18 FT x 9 FT x 52"

Ultra Frame Intex Above Ground Pool – Round

12.8 intex above ground pool Ultra Frame

The round range of Intex Ultra pools comes with a very large choice of size options. The range has the same quality of materials as the rectangular series, and there are often bundled deals to be found on all diameter models.

There is no salt water filtration option in this series though, so it would have to be bought separately. These round pools are great, they give an opportunity to join the elite above ground pool club for a budget price. The smaller models can be found at less than $400.00, with accessories. That’s an awful lot of family fun at little cost.

Size Options and Prices:    CURRENT PRICESxxxx

14 ft x 42”  16 ft x 48”  18 ft x 52”  20 ft x 52”  22 ft x 52” 24 ft x 52”  26 ft x 52”

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