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Great Gazebo Choices to make your Hot Tub Look Cool We Look at some of the Best SO WHY A POP UP GAZEBO? An enjoyable soak in a comfortable environment is why we buy a hot tub. A soft top gazebo is a great addition to your enjoyment. It not only adds a pleasing look, […]

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nflatable hot tub Chemical treatment COMP

        Guide to a Crystal Clear Sparkling Hot Tub            Top Tips on Best Chemical Treatments for a Great Spa Experience Your eyes might glaze over when you come across words like alkaline, total alkalinity, hard water, PPM, PH, test strips etc. Are you the kind of person […]

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Guide to Buying and Keeping an Inflatable Hot Tub Top tips what to look for, what to measure and what not to do    We are all going to really enjoy our new hot tub. Right? There are a lot of great reasons to buy one. It’s going to be a relaxing haven after a […]

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