1 Best above ground pool

This comprehensive guide should assist in finding the best above ground pool to suit your backyard and your budget. Affordable and fun, buying an above ground pool for the summer is a real investment in creating memorable moments and family fun. From paddling pools through to full on swimming pools, every shape, size and build […]

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An Inflatable hot tub puncture is, well, kinda deflating !! They are pretty rare, but they can happen, and when they do it’s not just the hot tub that is deflated, but the owner too.  If they are fast or slow leaks it is the same sinking feeling. Fortunately most air leaks can be fixed with […]

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All good things come to an end.  Summer doesn’t last forever and when we edge deeper into fall it’s time to prepare the garden and patio for the winter months ahead. There maybe quite a long list of things to do to get the garden and all its summer accessories ready for winter. If you […]

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Thinking of Buying a Hot Tub in 2018 ? One or two good reasons to take the plunge You’ve probably used a hot tub before.  Could have been at a friends home, the local fitness centre, or even some holiday rentals and hotels have them installed. If you’re thinking how great it would be to have […]

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Winterise hot tub

If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a year round ambient temperature that doesn’t fall below 40º F you should be able to continue to enjoy your hot tub in the open air year round without worrying about having to bring it inside. Most of us can enjoy our hot tubs […]

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Dog Pool Featured

In the hot summer months the family’s best friend needs a break too. We’re not just talking about going on a nice summer vacation, but that’s pretty nice if you can take your family pet along. We’re actually talking about a break from the heat.  If your lucky enough to have a pool, then you’ll […]

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essential oil featured

Guide to Hot Tub Aromatherapy Oil and Crystals Top tips on choosing the right fragrance and the right product     Take your inflatable hot tub to the next level of luxury with aromatherapy oils or crystals.  As they combine with the warm water bubbles, the aromatherapy oils will infuse the air with exotic or […]

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        Guide to Hot Tub Thermal Blankets            Save on Your Energy Bills with a Solar Blanket So you’ve bought your hot tub. Set it up, got the water chemical ratio just right, and the temperature perfect.  Now all you and the family have to do is sit […]

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