In the hot summer months the family’s best friend needs a break too. We’re not just talking about going on a nice summer vacation, but that’s pretty nice if you can take your family pet along.

We’re actually talking about a break from the heat. 

If your lucky enough to have a pool, then you’ll probably be spending a lot of time cooling off in it.

Some pet owners actually invite their furry friends in with them to cool off. But most, well in fact all the people we know don’t.

You might be surprised to learn that there are pools made just for pets.

Pool might conjure up the wrong image. They are called pools, but swimming pools they’re not. But they are brilliant at cooling you pet down.  Depending on the size of the dog they should be deep enough to allow your pet to lay down and enjoy a cooling soak in its own private bath.

Put a smile on your best friends face

One Dog One Bone Dog Pool

1.1 One Dog One Bone

This is the top pick in our list of dog pools.  It’s big enough for a pair of large dogs to enjoy, or comfortable splash for three or more medium sized pooches.

What we liked was the chew resistant material that it’s made from. That’s pretty important if you’ve got young dogs in your home.

This pool is made to last through many summers of doggy dippin’ .  Ideally the pool should be out of the sun,  but if it isn’t it’s UV resistant material won’t fade over time.

Because of its generous 85 gallon capacity it is fitted with a handy drain plug when it comes time to change out the water. Overall pool measurements 11 x 44 x 66 Inches.

Finally, in case your dogs read english there is a huge “MADE IN USA” sign emblazoned  on the inside of the tub. So at least they’ll know they are sitting in a quality product.


Cool Pup Splash Dog Pool

3.1 dog pools

Made from a high strength PVC to withstand any dog it’s likely to meet.  The Cool Pup Splash pool  is a really convenient solution to cooling down your pet.

The range comes in three sizes, the largest holds an impressive 120 gallons of water, and measures 63 x 12 inches, so it’s a really generously sized pool.

They all can be easily emptied through the built in drain plug. And the real bonus point of these pools is that they can be folded down into a very small footprint for winter storage, or taking with you on a summer trip.


One Dog One Bone. Paw Shape Dog Pool

2.1 dog pool One Dog One Bone P

Just for very small dogs, this pool measures just 39 x 38 x 6 inches. But it’s made from the same very durable material as its big bone shaped brother.

This little beauty is so sturdy that owners of pot bellied pigs have bought it to let their pet have a cooling wallow.  It is chew and UV resistant. Because of its petite size no drain plug is necessary. 


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