An Inflatable hot tub puncture is, well, kinda deflating !! They are pretty rare, but they can happen, and when they do it’s not just the hot tub that is deflated, but the owner too.  If they are fast or slow leaks it is the same sinking feeling. Fortunately most air leaks can be fixed with […]

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All good things come to an end.  Summer doesn’t last forever and when we edge deeper into fall it’s time to prepare the garden and patio for the winter months ahead. There maybe quite a long list of things to do to get the garden and all its summer accessories ready for winter. If you […]

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PureSpa Bubble Massage

Thinking of Buying a Hot Tub in 2018 ? One or two good reasons to take the plunge You’ve probably used a hot tub before.  Could have been at a friends home, the local fitness centre, or even some holiday rentals and hotels have them installed. If you’re thinking how great it would be to have […]

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